Weaker than any form of Buu

>Weaker than any form of Buu
>Weaker than Frieza

Golden Cell when?

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>weaker than 17 in GT and Super

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>one cell jr has been hiding, absorbing the power and energy of many, waiting for its chance to strike a z fighter


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>weaker than ANY form of Freeza now
Remember not only base Freeza and Golden Freeza are stronger, even Freeza's most restrained form is stronger than any regular SS and Cell
And of course, even 17, that was in the past part of perfect Cell, is stronger than him now

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El Hermano

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Would Cell be as well liked if he had his spots removed? Since that is the only way the animators would agree to draw him on their time limits.

Why don't they just make Cell CG?


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>Golden Cell
not canon

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December 14th, 2018

Here's the story of the movie.

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Shouldn't Cell be able to become a Super Saiyan Golden Frieza god since he's cloned from Goku and Frieza?

He could advance into a golden form, but I'm not sure if he's capable of going god without an asspull.

But user, even Begeta got god.

if you dislike jiren you have no right liking cell, the only difference is that cell has better voice acting and is a slightly different flavor of smug asshole who's only character trait is "hes the strongest"

Through a dimension Cell has no way of getting to.

Reminder that the series should have ended after the Cell saga.

Should have ended with Frieza honestly.

GT isnt canon so anything from that doesnt matter

Reminder Cell had the potential to become objectively the strongest character in the series if he had been in Super.

should have ended after Piccolo

How would Cell react to Super 13 and Super 17? Do you think he'd be mad that other androids were stealing his gimmick?

>we will never have Supersonic Warriors 3
>we live in a timeline where we got Extreme Butoden instead

It hurts.

he would probably try to vore them with his tail