What do they do in Avalon?

What do they do in Avalon?

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I'm still confused on how the fuck he got there.

Have sex.

Chose you Seibah

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How do they shower? What do they eat? Won't they get bored? There's only so much you can do, and talk about when it comes to anyone, even the person you love.

Neither does Nasu.

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He probably gets off watching Shirou and Saber bang

One of everything please.

In the grass

I only played the original version of the VN, can someone explain what the fuck is this Avalon bullshit everyone keeps talking about?

Yeah... I don't catch your meaning

That's what she calls her sex dungeon

Eat delicious food.

With what cooking utensils, and with what food?

breed like dogs in heat

You think fairies don't have forks and spoons?

People just randomly stumble in there. It's not exactly an impenetrable place.

Ding-Dong Diddly

Which was a better fanservice ending, EVER AFTER or LAST EPISODE?

Secret ending in the PS2 port

Shitpost using Merlini internet.

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Saber probably asks him to give her a dick again on occasion.

Ending introduced in Realta Nua which is gotten after finishing the standard Three Routes that existed in the original release, it is an extension of Fate (albeit it seems Shirou knows some of his experiences in UBW) where after some untold time period Shirou gets to breach Avalon to be together with Saber, then they expend the whatever time that place will last togeher, probably ethernity.

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Last Episode is not Canon

It's the ONLY canon.

>reward for playing three shitty routes
>not canon

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>then they expend the whatever time that place will last togeher, probably ethernity.
Avalon exists in the Other Side of the World. S, it'll likely cease to exists once Earth disappears.

It is canon. Nasu said that, for him, LE completed Fate. LE is also necessary for GoA to take place, which in turn is necessary for FGO to happen.

>necessary for GoA to take place, which in turn is necessary for FGO to happen.
Good thing they're just shitty franchise-milking spinoffs that can and should be completely ignored.

I choose this cute dork.

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Sadly for you, they're the future of the franchise.

That being said, I would like Nasu to work on the Tsukihime Remake already. It's been 10 fucking years since it was first announced.

Will the Remake end up as nothing but a meme like Tsukihime 2?

>I would like Nasu to work on the Tsukihime Remake already
But as you said yourself, FGO is too dominant. The Tsukihime remake wouldn't make as much in its lifetime as FGO does in a day.

Yeah, which is I wondered if the Remake will just end up as a joke.
Considering how much money FGO is making them (though, I'm not sure how much actually goes to TM), it's unlikely Nasu will be focusing on anything else.

It's sad, but he hasn't yet found writers good enough so that he can leave the Fate franchise on someone else's hands.

Ok, I just watched it on YouTube and it was actually kind of nice that they could finally get their happy ending, was expecting an ass-pull but guess it makes sense considering Arthur´s myth about ''sleeping'' in Avalon and stuff

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>What do they do in Avalon?

be non-cannon

CANON as it gets.

If only Rin could have joined Shrou and Saber in Avalon.

Drank with Drake

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Seigi no mikata things

Redman was the one who met Saber in avalon. Fight me.

A combination of Merlin; the fact that he had Avalon inside him for most of his life and because Artoria and Shirou maintained a link of sorts where he stayed true to his ideals like he promised her and she faithfully waited for him despite the odds being terrible.

those meaty thighs should be illegal

Mana transfers.

In the missionary position. For the sole pur- etc.

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Can I see it?

What Fate iteration are we talking about here? I can't keep up.

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Epilogue of Fate route.

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Epilogue of the VN.

Why is Type Moon chunnishit popular?

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Because it's chuuni in the right place. Takeuchi same face is real embarrassing though.

>Sadly for you, they're the future of the franchise.
What do you mean?


Not until May.

Not him, but ignoring FGO and such is like crying about how episode 4 is the only True Star Wars, not even George thought that and no one is true fan if they think that.

Wait until England needs her most, I guess.

Not really sure how having a boyfriend figures into that.

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What would Nasuverse Sir Robin be like?

>How do they shower?
>What do they eat?
they don't need to eat, but to answer yourquestion probably fruit and stuff
>Won't they get bored?
there are plenty things for them to do in avalon just like the epilogue says: "Starting here, there will be another long his and her story to continue on."
"even if the author is silenced, the performance is stopped, the story will not end."


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It's still a bit offensive. I understand this is all a work of fiction, but I don't think the Japs would like the idea of Brits being in their heaven.

I guess Arthur walks this earth again, because we sure as hell need him.