Tenchi Muyo! C93 Onsen

Released December 2017, and was just scanned a week or so ago.
Saw no thread in the Catalog & Archive so dumping now.

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Tenchi has gotten fitter with age. I remember hum being more lanky in his early years.

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>Ryoko's pants
I don't even know.

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Mihoshi's perfect final form? (Post-Washu fixing her)

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I still preferred long-hair Noike.

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Kakijima actually wrote a story this time, or is it yet another glorified character glossary?

How is that fit? Only Tenchi's face looks more mature.

Mostly the more defined neck and collar-bone area.

Character glossary essentially.

Here's a younger Airi (possibly from when she was a guide at GP Academy?)

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Color-hair Tennyo,

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I miss her purple hair.

I gotta say, twintails doesn't look good on her anymore when she's older.

I think anyway..

Also have you made your peace with Kiyone Sup Forums? Even all the years later, I haven't. She didn't deserve Tenchi, or honestly even Nobuyuki for that matter (Tennyo agreed in one of the doujins).

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Is it passion that keeps Kakijima "continuing" the Tenchi universe, or his inability to let it go?

Casual dress Tokimi-sama.

Word is he was theorizing the Tenchi Universe back when he was in high-school years to a decade+ before OVA 1 was produced.

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There are other pinups of various character that I won't post but here's a rare original character design for Keyne Aqua form Photon. It was said she got a redesign for the OVA prior to animation because everyone thought she was going to be the series villain and I can see why.

Complete full size gallery

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Nice, checking it out.

There are several onsens that were just finished getting scanlated in the past few weeks that might interest you and others if missed. This one is from C83 and deals with the giant floating onsen itself wrapped around a slice-of-life tenchi story.

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How the fuck did we go from pic related to this:

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Nothing on the lovely ladies of Geminar?

Multiverses are a hell of a drug.

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This trash was a poor attempt to "modernize" the style and failed miserably.

C93's work was mostly Tenchi/GXP-focused, but watch the thread, and we'll get to them in new(er) material.

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Looks like a completely different person.

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Those seem to be contraceptive pants, aiming to make the man go limp on sight. Poor Ryoko, who made you wear these?

I like her natural look. Why didn't we get the story animated where she goes back to that to cure Sasami's homesickness, instead of that inane wedding preparation arc?

Agreed, she needs to go see a stylist. And maybe wear something more flattering than that school uniform. Unless Tenchi's into that.

Yeah, long hair was better. Or at least a different hairstyle would be nice.

Washuu and Mihoshi look great. No complaints there. Ryo-Ohki too. Speaking of her, I'd love to see her animated in adult or at least teenage mode, so I can finally hear her hold a normal conversation.

Any reason why she's in the same section as Tenchi's core harem?

I think it's the lack of hanging side-bangs and more volume in the back. The first time I learned that Aeka has messed with her DNA to give herself a dye job I was floored. I had always assumed she got her hair from her father Azusa (I mean she already had purple hair when she was Sasami's age during the OVA flashbacks).

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>Also have you made your peace with Kiyone Sup Forums?

It seems I'm not up to date on my Tenchi trivia. Who is the Kiyone in the picture and why would or wouldn't I have made my peace with her?

Oh man, to this day I still can't get the Ryuh-Oki ED theme out of my head.

>Any reason why she's in the same section as Tenchi's core harem?
I wouldn't read too much into it (maybe just to save paper space?). The C93 doujin also placed Rea in the same section as Naja.

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I'm glad she got redesigned then. That old concept kinda looks like she's Papacha's daughter.

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I'm one of the few who didn't really mind the redesigns. They were an interesting take on the classic designs. My problem was that Ai simply wasn't all that good and the 5 minute episode format was should have been aborted in the conceptual phase.

So Mihoshi's personality really was drastically altered post-accident. I wonder if her original base personality was more serious like her Grandmother/Brother or still ditzy and air-headed like her mother?

>Oh man, to this day I still can't get the Ryuh-Oki ED theme out of my head.
Which one? They're all very good. I'm actually working on as-complete-as-possible Tenchi Music collection that when done I'll put on Nyaa. (It's already so big I have to organize everything in a spreadsheet). Ren'ai no Sainou is still my personal favorite of all time.

Oh you poor, poor thing... Where do I start, do you really want to know?

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Not going to lie. The first part of the final episode really fucked me up. The tone & direction shift was so unlike anything before or after it.

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>hundreds of years old Nene is no longer a loli just because
I hate it.

>Where do I start, do you really want to know?

Sure, if you don't mind. Or point me in the right direction to where I might read up on it. It's been a while since I went deep into Tenchi lore.

>Which one?
It's "Renai no Sainou", the first ED.


I haven't gotten deep into novel-GXP verse yet, but it could be some science-magic like Tokimi & Washu use.

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The final episode did give us sexiest Keyne though. As for the tone shift, I'd say it fits into Kajishima's storytelling MO. First 3-4 episodes are fluff and SOL, then shit goes down in the final 2 episodes.

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Tenchi is just waiting for her to grow, as a teen she already mastubates to the sight of Tenchi doing with the other girls.

Pretty sure Asami is one of the women who gives Tenchi his dozen offsprings, you have nothing to worry about.

The whole soundtrack is burned into my mind to this day. My personal favs would be Renai No Sainou, followed by I'm a Pioneer. Both of which are lovely in English and Japanese. Either song easily sends me into nostalgia overdrive.

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Essentially, Tenchi's real mother is a woman named Kiyone (no, not THAT Kiyone with the blue hair and hairband) and is a polar-opposite bitch of the representation nearly all older series fans knew in the west from the flashbacks in the OVA when OVA3 was release which showed that they were all a carefully constructed joke made at Tenchi's expense growing up. She's also a polar opposite of the depiction in the Negishi-verse called Achika who many saw as a more fitting version. It really left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of fans, myself included.

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I heard the new anime sucked

Oh, I was aware of that story. I was just wondering about the girl in and whether that was another "Kiyone" I didn't know, since I wasn't familiar with that character design. Thanks for the link though, it's a nice write up on how things went down.

As for making my peace, I'll never not be mad that AIC/Pioneer, back in the day, put the OAV on indefinite hold to churn out Negishi's TV spin offs. Always waiting for new droplets of info on the OAV timeline and always ending up disappointed movie after movie, series after series, until no one gave a fuck anymore.

Full-size gallery: e-hentai.org/g/1194479/0bf2900c70/

He better. I just get worried at times that his GXP-fixation is going to causes him forget about giving her the prize.

For your information, here's the project spreadsheet that I mentioned in ethercalc.org/o9jskth7yq.html
Pushing 20+ GB ATM.

Outside the OVAs, I'm partial to Manatsu no Eve:

Here for you, I'll dump the newly scanlated Geminar-related doujins.

At least we're finally getting the True Tenchi Novels published in English starting in June. They're only, what, 10-15 years late?

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I've often wondered where on the Spectrum Kajishima falls (because you know he does).

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Would you believe Wahanly's mom is even thicker than her (as you'll see later)?

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This might be the most active Tenchi thread I've seen in months.

The bassline in the first OVA OP is still amazing. I wish more shows would do instrumentals.

>At least we're finally getting the True Tenchi Novels published in English starting in June.

Whoa, that's great news.

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I wish we'd someday get a continuation of Isekai no Seikishi. I rather liked the whole thought Kajishima put into the society and how it would work based on the whole mechamaster concept. Kenshi was a likable lead, the girls were all awesome tier and the world had that vast adventure feel, full of forgotten mysteries, kinda like El Hazard. Sadly, the marketing scheme from hell more or less sabotaged and murdered any success the series could have had.

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Already up for preorder:
If we're lucky they'll start on the GXP novels next (Vol. 16 is about to be published in Japan on the 20th and is outselling preorders for High School DxD that goes on the sale the same day).

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That's pretty damn neat, didn't think the west still believed in investing on Tenchi's brand.

>The bassline in the first OVA OP is still amazing. I wish more shows would do instrumentals.
I know right? The sound engineers at then-Pioneer really put a lot of love into the production and not just just on the OP/EDs, the BGM was also fantastic:

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Full-size gallery: e-hentai.org/g/1192869/31412a2f95/

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This doujin explains more about the Geminar pilot uniforms so it's not (entirely) cheesecake pinups.

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I felt bad for Yukine throughout Seikishi. She always looked as if she was about to cry but couldn't, or wanted to hug Kenshi but couldn't.

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Uniforms for the proles.

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Full size gallery: e-hentai.org/g/1194471/4e9ea4fba3/

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Gotta love the Seikishi uniform designs.

Here's the final recently scanlated onsen (part 3 of this series). Don't let the cover be deceiving, it's the MILF edition!

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>Pettanko okaasan
It's surprisingly cute, no?

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and yes I'm aware that's not what a petanko is really defined as, but give me a break okay?

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Told ya about Wahanly's mom in didn't I?

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