ITT: Ideas for new Animes

What kind of anime would you guys like to see made? any genres that need more exploration?

For me, I want to see an Imouto, Slice of Life, Incest Anime with a Brown Imouto and a White or maybe Brown Onii-Chan. It would be a nice new take on the genre

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Keep out the American and Chinese fucks from Japanese anime.

Fat girls in literally anything

Fuck off.

Something that matches the quality and genre of Toradora would be perfect.

Go back.

Congratulations, all your hard work has finally paid off. I'm pleased to announce that you officially fit in now.

Hentai where the protag is a shape changing alien who is pretending to be the older male sibling in a family he brainwashed. has a younger loli idol imouto who's a total slut. hardcore sex situations ensue with lots of extreme fetishes

I'd like to see a brutal war anime that takes itself seriously, something like The Wolf of Wallstreet, and a cute girl isekai in the hood.

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I want to see a male student x female teacher romance. Except, I want it to have
>a happy ending, unlike Garden of Feet
>an MC who isn't spineless, unlike Onegai Teacher
>a tone that doesn't make you want to take a shower, unlike Kuzu no Honkai
I don't exactly love the super alpha shoujo heroes, but I'd take them any day over the losers we get in shounen and seinen.

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Why does he even need to be an alien?

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Something like ibitsu.
Fucked up damaged main characters who are not even trying to fix the mess they are in.
They just live day to day. No harem or ntr or massive drama just them been chill.

I know it won't be made because 90% of people will hate it and it's not the least bit exciting.

I do like the idea of brown girls in Anime. I think a WW2 based hentai about Jap men colonizing brown south asian pussy would be pretty nice.

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Lesbian harems and a dude desperately trying to get one of them, any of them, to be with him. So instead of a dude who gets a harem because [insert bullshit], the girl character he meets up with ends up getting all the girls for [insert bullshit]. Later on he meets other dudes who are unsuccessful at getting the girls away and the regularly come up with ways to try and get one or more of the girls. Other than that, make it a generic isekai or fantasy setting or whatever. Or I dunno, a dude is isekai'd into a world and his special power is he makes any girl he is near immediately become attracted to other girls. Have him try and break it or reverse it.

Some Napoleonic tier setting.

Monster Rancher style anime but with proper monsters and more in depth stuff like teaching and breeding and training and food and stuff. I want this mainly because Monster Rancher was one of my favourite games and I'd love the idea of going out and catching huge ass dragons and building giant caves for them to nest in and breed with another dragon and make a baby dragon. Then add fights. Wars. Stuff like that.

tags: tentacle, inflation, all the way through, mind control, incest, group sex, double penetration, big penis, bukkake

Wouldn't it be simpler just to give a regular big brother magical powers?

There's a hentai with a similar theme. It's a dude who gets given the ability to essentially warp peoples perceptions into sexual situations, which the power givers record for clients. Like, for an example, he uses his powers on a milf who had just bought an octopus for dinner and she believed the octopus came alive and raped her but in reality it was just her with an octopus corpse humping it. Or the scene where he makes a daughter put on a strap-on, which she believes is a real penis and proceeds to fuck her mom in the ass, then the vagina. Plus other stuff. Not exactly right but similar.

why are you faggots completely okay with this but get utterly assblasted when the dude is brown?

It's a natural biological impulse to be fine with mating with women of another race to assert dominance but be threatened by men of another race doing the same.

Same can be applied if you replace "race" with "tribe." It's hardwired into MOST men's instinctual mating habits.

>MC is the typical shy loser who can't talk to girls
>Mother worries about his confidence and his future
>She asks her hot friends to "date" her son so he gains confidence
>the lonely one whose husband is always working
>the VP who is too busy to have a real relationship with a man
>the perpetually drunk titty monster
>the sweet and innocent cafe owner
>MC actually grows a pair of balls at some point and the girls in his school start to notice him
>He attracts a girl his age
>the cake brigade finds out and is super jealous
>they start to sabotage his relationship with his classmate in hilarious ways
>the beach episode
>the onsen episode
>the school festival episode
>the power-outage during a typhoon episode

Doujins galore.... if only this existed.

>character designs by Oda-non

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An anime drawn exclusively in the first person point of view. Wearing VR goggles will make you the MC and you get to witness cute anime girls reaching to rub your cheeks and feed you potato chips. It will spark off a million dollar genre where lonely nerds throw insane amounts of money at studios to continue experiencing life with their favorite waifu.

That sounds terrible.

Niggers are disgusting.

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Because it's not part of (((their))) plot to brainwash us all! No. Seriously. That's what Sup Forumseddit and Sup Forumseddit (since they're colonies of Sup Forums, I won't bother mentioning them on their own) actually believe. However 2D brown qt :333 desu ne ugu OwO is fine because (((they))) are not involved. Apparently. Or they come up with shit like this and appeal to nature and then ad hom if you go 'that's fucking stupid, who cares?'.

I can guarantee you if DuraDura came out today they'd shit on it for the black Russian.

legit horror, none of that stupid japanese shit they produce.

Or a kill of the week show but it is from the POV of a serial killer trying to evade the police.

Or a mystery show where the mysteries are neither impossible to solve or pants on head simple.

Or a romance show where the characters actually do something, none of this "OMG we just held hands this is so big" shit.

Try making more anime from western books. I have always said The Old Kingdom books by Garth Nix could be awesome, Even Shades Children.

Something with cellphones and alternate universes

I have a brown/black girl fetish and I'm not bothered about the other way around. I just like cute girls with darker skin.
I think the Sup Forums folks took the BLACKED shitposting too seriously and have started equating interacial sex to racial domination thus they've developed a non-white girl fetish.

A young girl goes on vacation to Mexico with her family during the break before she starts school. While there she falls in love with the Mexican art known as LUCHA LIBRE! When she returns home she is shocked to find out that her new school has no luchador club so she starts one and convinces some of her friends to join and makes some new ones along the way.

MC: fun and bubbly. Loves Lucha Libre and refuses to remove her mask, even in her school uniform, which is in the style of a blue phoenix
Best friend: Ditzy, isn't interested in Lucha until she puts the mask on and then she's hooked. Tries to keep her identity a secret but everyone knows it's her.
Side characters: 1. A pair of best friends that work as a tag team, one angel themed and happy the other demon themed and melancholy. 2. A chunni girl that thinks it's all dumb until she learns of the rich history of Luchadors fighting vampiric wrestlers and adopts a vampire identity in the ring.

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>In a world of android women, have the MC find, care for, and love a robot girl. But since it's the first one ever made she has wires and big computers taking up her form.

>Reverse isekai about a knight who holds a case of unlimited energy her enemies are after. She gets shelter from a very reluctant MC who is not that bad. Her world slowly seeps into the other world and causes great disorder for both worlds.

An anime girl goes on a trip to Mexico and doesn't come back pregnant with a half breed? that's weird

what the heck

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Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Self-insertion is cancerous.

A lesbian succubus who drains energy by holding hands infiltrates a girls school and tries to seduce the student council president to use her to control the school. However, the succubus is an idiot, so her attempts backfire with comedic results.

SMT reimagining.
It is the end of the world. A portal to another dimension was opened and creatures of human legend have entered our world and are at war with the military.
The dead don't stay dead for long, as demons possess fresh corpses.
More and more people report the ability to wield magic and psychic powers.
Cult leaders now hold real magical power.
Martial Law is in place and most of the world is now Police States
Ruthless scientists create human-demon hybrids to create supersoldiers and superworkers.
The Main Character is a regular human with the ability to speak with demons.

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cute christmas cakes doing cute things

The girl in the pic may be brown but she most certainly isn't black.

The dialogue is obviously implying that she's black

Like falling in love and being impregnated.

t. poorfag who can't afford VR

>there are people on this board who find black people attractive

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Reposting from other thread.
Not exactly something original, but i just want a fantastic action anime with girls. Most of that i've seen is pretty great but not exactly what i wanted.
I want an anime with 4 overpowered cute badass girls, that would have insanely good actions scenes, every episode, symphogear and flip flappers were kinda close to that, but symphogear doesn't have amazing actions scenes, they are great, especially the one from the first episodes, but not exactly what i wanted, in flip flappers i wated it to have a bit more main characters, sayaka joined too late, but it was great anime anyway.

vr is a meme

Ancient evil escapes from her celestial prison. Comes back to earth and slays the magical girl group currently defending earth. Forcing the 25 to 28 year old women that originally defeated the evil to come out of retirement.

Sailor Moon with cakes. Filler is focused on them being too old and out of shape to battle evil, or trying to maintain their normal lives between fighting monsters.

>there are people on this board who care about other people finding #xxxxxx people attractive instead of abandoning the subject on the basis that the discussion of 3d beings belongs in the shitter

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Are you okay buddy? I think you need to stop thinking about Sup Forums so much.

An anime that's basically an American sitcom. Comlplete with laugh tracks.

I feel mildly disgusted.