Hunter x Hunter

Will this arc go down in history as the most autistic in all Shonen?

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It will go down amongst the most ambitious and greatest, assuming we have no asspulls like Nanika and Togashi doesn’t die before then.

Is it too much material to read for you user?

I don't know but I love the user who makes the chart. His jokes are funny, the info is constantly updated and it has tweaked the file size limit a lot of times with weird compressions.
Saving each version with the same name and replacing the old one has been an autistic and fun hobby during these threads.

Zhang Lei is objectively the best prince

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*commandeers your table*

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I wonder who the boss is

How many more named characters will be introduced?

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meant for

will my child be safe?

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I wanna fug Alluka!!!

he has zoldyck plot armor

Their mafia group are the ones that make the mass produced rose nukes and gave V5 the bomb Netero used to nuke Meruem, they have some smuggled on the whale boat as well to use as a deterrent to claim the fake DC island as theirs

Things that will happen in this arc
>Chrollo will steal an abillity
>A troupe member will die
>Hisoka will team up with Kurapika
>The maffia will be massacred

it's a trap

>tfw Leorio will just be used as an asspull to heal Kurapika of his life shortening Emperor Time usage

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If Kurapika dies this arc we can have Leorio be the main character in later chapters.

And your point is...

That would be pretty lit actually

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If anything, he will have a subplot where he keeps a Spider alive in the nursery while trying to avoid all connections to the Yorkshin incident.

Q4. What will end up happening to Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe?

Togashi: "They will all die."

Could this is be that arc or was Togashi just joking

Ey drawfag, you still here? Oito is on the queue plz remember

>tfw we won't even get a single panel with Leorio until the DC arc if we ever get there


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You guys do realize that the predator kill the user when release?

He just mean they're mortal.

I can't believe you fags got me lusting after this bland mom.

user, the Troupe have four tiers to climb and mobsters to slaughter on the way up. We'll see Leorio again.

Fuck off and die already, you're not a real pitou poster, why don't you use one of the other characters for your sick fantasies?

It will be a BLAST from the past.
In hindsight Genthru would be a good mafia boss.
>Calm yet crazy

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So the BOAT arc will be the yorknew arc and then suddenly Gon and Killua go on their speedboat for the new continent when Gon recovers his nen or some shit like that.

So how did he ever test his ability?

3 more chapters till hiatus

Another nen user heal him before he die.

How for Basho to become invincible:
>O my rubber nen
>Bring life to my heart again

So what if I used Angel's Breath on poisoned Meruem? To begin with I still find stupid that Meruem could control his nen on molecular level but still couldn't give himself a chemo.

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He controlled his Nen on a cellular level, not molecular.

I'm confuse about something. Couldn't you use In to see Hisoka's Gum even if he use texture surprise?

Last time I'm posting this thing, added all the clowns I could think of. Do what you want with it.

She's on her way user I'm just multitasking.

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I'm still confused why he didn't let Machi heal him

Sorry not I mean Gyo

Machi would only be able to stitch him up his nose and lips would still be gone.

You probably could, unless Hisoka has added new restrictions to Texture Surprise/Bungee Gum to make it stronger. Or if Hisoka has decided to use real prosthetics to hide better.

Since Togashi will never finish HxH, I just hope the spiders outlive him.

You mean Gyo?
No. Texture Surprise is conjured. It looks identical to physical matter; there's nothing else for Gyo to see.

>Lazarus intends to target Tsubeppa first
No, he wants to side with her.

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could this posse solo the hxhverse?

>tfw half my brain is dedicated to just keeping track of this shit manga that i refuse to admit is shit

>no pedo-clown from Akame ga Kill

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Which member of the Phantom Troupe will die first, and how will he or she die?

brainlet filter

HxH isn't shit, it's pretty good. It's just Togashi is going full autism with this arc, but if it turns out to be hype then this has the potential to be the best shonen arc ever conceived.

Are you guys ready for volume 2?!

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Considering how much Togashi loves the 4 = death thing, Hisoka must be on tier 4. It's the most populated tier, so he figured the Troupe be on the ship there.
Right now he's probably killing time by trolling Mizai.

Tries to shoot Hisoka only to discover his fingers have gummed, causing the bullets to backfire and obliterate his own arms.

>Hisoka was candidate number 44 in the Hunter exam
>Kurapika was candidate number 404
>Hisoka was Spider number 4
>Tserriednich is the 4th prince of Kakin
Any other example?

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Prince Marayam has autism

prove me wrong

obviously you cant

I was fucking livid when the spoilers came out saying Kortopi and Shalnark were killed. That night, I actually wished the series had stayed on hiatus.

Once you read it all over in one sitting, it's actually not that complicated. It's harder to keep track of what's going on with each chapter because nobody ever says or does anything directly; everyone dances around ideas and things change whenever two characters come into contact. As just a synopsis, it's not complicated at all.

The worst chapters were the pre-boat ones. One chapter is literally just Kurapika and his friends going over who he might potentially get hired by and which he'd prefer, and then he sees who it is, and she explains her position. Although it ends with a great page, it could have - and I think most mangaka would have - just avoided 75% of that. It's interesting when the characters mull over possible outcomes, only to see which one turns out to be true, and what that means, it can be pretty dramatic, but here it was a bunch of names that didn't mean shit to us and there was no build-up to it or anything.

I found the Ging/Pariston flirting painful, too. I get that Ging's awesome. Watching several chapters of him winning over these people - who we don't know - one by one was testing my patience. I think my problem was that I didn't think Togashi has to sell Ging to us of all people. We know he's godlike, we knew since 1998, so his pissing contest to impress characters we have zero attachment to was just too much to me.

He's a toddler.


Autism doesn't exist.

You have a sharp mind. I'm sure that's exactly what Togashi planned, not baiting.

Benjamin has a vagina

prove me wrong

obviously you cant

Man viz will never get over being late to volume releases. I want 35 now damnit

Nips don't think about anime characters as having a race or anything like that. At best you could say that one guy's Jamie Hyneman.

Reminder that #9 exists, but the Troupe is keeping them a secret for information warfare's sake.

Am pretty sure this Hisoka dude will be the villain of the week

I would love a medical themed subplot as it would filter a good portion of the remaining shonentards.

how confirmed is it that Togashi is going back on hiatus after 10 chaps?

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the manga is great mate, but the pace they release it at makes it hard to follow. if you read it all in 1 sitting it's not that complicated

1000000000% confirmed. Not enough wishing energy will change it user. You should be getting your hibernation chamber ready. It’s gonna be a long time till 2019...

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This is #1 of the top 5 nen users in the world.

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>no belmod
>no nu-joker

Even Hisoka doesn't want to mess with the best transmuter in the world.

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There is actually a chance he is within the top 5

Ok here are my all time top Hunter X Hunter theories. here we go:

1. Kurapika ain't got shit on Komugi. Kurapika made himself strong by vowing that his ability can only be used against the Spiders. Meanwhile, Komugi's vow is to die if she ever loses a game of Gungi. And that's what makes her such a powerful player and nen user. Ironically, she has placed a "vow" on herself that even the King could not fathom. A fantastic subtle demonstration of this concept.


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i am very much enjoying this arc but i sure do miss gon and killua. they're sure to be on the dark continent when the ship makes it there, right?

Someone post the Genthru Meteor City theory.

Chrollo Lucilfer

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People keep saying that, but I don't see why they would be. I see Kacho and Fugetsu as their surrogates to play out what happened in Yorkshin, meaning they're going to worm their way into the Troupe's hands.

2. Sale Sale will went up being a pathetic jobber. He will activate his disco ball at the banquet, at which point Rihan will jump in and use h is "predator" to counter and destroy Sale SAle's beast and life. During this, Sale Sale will be drawn back into a fat slob, rather than the chad, and people will comment on how Sale Sale's visage adjusts to the situation he's in

theory goes that genthru is from meteor city

They're cute!

Nanika/Alluka was in the Zoldyck family photo that was in the guidebook. It was planned for a long-ass time supposedly, it's just that the hint was incredibly obscure and makes it seem like an asspull unless you're dick-deep in the lore already

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>They become the hostages of the spider this arc after leaving the banquet
Togashi please don’t do it, I don’t want them to ponzu

I love the idea some anons pointed out in these threads lately that the Bomber was/is related to those guys with the Roses.
>what about the tattoo? They didn't have them
Some of them don't wear any on the panel that was shown. It could be hidden by their clothes, or that the Roses are branded on people of a certain strength level/authority. Anyway can't wait to see more of these guys, especially the one who bear a ressemblance to Gin from Bleach.

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it's bad writing regardless

I'm really under the impression that Ging, Pariston and Beyond Netero's gang alongside a lot of
other characters aren't actually in the whale-boat with all these people.

I think they are on another secret boat.

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But Pitou is the only one with potential kittens she could potentially tortuously devour

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I wanna fucking know where Ging, Pariston, Curly & all those cool fellows are lol

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did illumi really had to join the troupe? i mean he is only for the hisoka job right?

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The gayest quasi lore is the idea that Gotoh, Canary, and Killua's mom are from Meteor City.

Like what fucking faggot no-talent hack decided to make up these retarded "facts" when writing the guide book? just fucking follow the canon manga

worst of all is of course pic faggot related

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Prince Tyson leads a rich and fulfilling sex life.

Prove me wrong.

For your own sanity.

So since the Phantom Troupe is on level 5 and the level 5 mafia is Cha-r. Does this mean Luzurus will find out about the Phantom Troupe and try to recruit them or stupidly try to kill them?

Hisoka's love for cheeky banter rubbed on Ilumi.

Recruit. If he can strike a deal involving some treasure, I’m sure the troupe could help the prince take care of the competition.

based user