Made in Abyss

Is this the anime of the decade?

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of the year, maybe

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It will make the vidya of the decade when it is inevitably developed


No. That's S2.

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For me, probably, but RE: Zero is a close second, then Steins;Gate and I'm a sucker for Noragami/Mushishi as well.

What are some other suggests of shows you faggots think are better?

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Hate to break it to you sweaty but Madoka will be AOTD for the next few years



Spelunky is basically already this minus the curse.

I want to beat the SHIT out of my son!

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Ozen please you need to learn how to handle your anger

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>speedreading mixed with burgerland pseudo-morality

That take certainly is hot.

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get that tanya edge cringe shit outta here faggot

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I non-ironically agree with this

What do you think his relic does?

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Konosuba is anime of the decade.

It is a masterpiece deconstruction of the isekai genre and fanservice/pandering in general.

As an added bonus the soundtrack is fantastic. For example, just the first ending song alone.

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Never watched it, but have it downloaded. I only got back into anime after a seven-year hiatus this fall.

>deconstruction of isekai

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Madoka without a doubt unless something really exceptional comes out in the next couple years

Makes it harder to perceive him so he can just walk past the nasties.

holy shit finally. Thank you user, i was waiting for a hi res version for a long time.

>deconstructing anything
OHOAHAHAHA kill yourself

Killing Bites is

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I feel the primary advantage that MiA has over Madoka is the subtlety. I mean more 'subtlety in development' rather than 'subtlety in presentation', which MiA obviously did not have at times.
The more I rewatch each series, the more I see that Madoka had to, by necessity, hit you with plot developments fast and hard to fit within its 12 allotted episodes, while MiA is more like peeling an onion layer by layer.
Each has a grotesque, nightmarish, fantastical world with an immense backstory, but seeing it unfold slowly is ultimately much more satisfying for me.
But that's just me. I could respect the opinion of anyone who simply preferred to have most of the mysteries laid out in a single cour.

That's one of the things that's so great about Madoka, pretty much every episode reframes the whole narrative in a great new way. MiA doesn't even tell a complete story and it still has episodes where nothing happens.

Steals shekels.

You all know what the real AOTD is, you just won't admit it.

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Decade sure why the fuck not. this decade is shit anyway aint it? who cares?

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>you share the planet with people like this
Why live?

Just go ahead and end it.

Who the FUCK is this guy and why is this tweet so popular?

It was probably AotY (probably 7/10) but Tatami Galaxy came out this decade.

thread in abyss

The fact that this board only talks about Bondrewd already tells you about the depth of this series. A great story can never be carried by just 1 character. Majority of the cast needs to have depth and be well-written. MiA is just ok, with some redeeming qualities.

No. Watch Crybaby you pleb.

>Only talks about Bonerdad
>I visited a whole of 2 threads

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>why is this tweet so popular?
Because Nanachi is cute.

You know Bondrewd only shows up for like one scene in the Anime right? There's way more to the show's success then just him.

More like the anime of reddit.

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As big Bon-Jean can seem, he is nothing compared to Nanachi

Franxx is anime of the decade.

well it's the only anime I liked in the decade, then again I don't watch anime

Ozen ran out of money!

Oh no! What should she do now?

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Gorgeous, well adapted with a damn good ost. Yes!

>then again I don't watch anime
Why are you here then?

It's the new madoka ie: overrated dogshit.

Sell that little fuccboi's tight hole

Not until they faithfully adapt bonedads wild ride.

*I don't watch anime regularly

Although I watched this show and liked it very much, also read the manga two times now.

Franxx is garbage

Anime is garbage

u r

Yuasa's outdone groundhog spring twice in this same decade though

Tatami Galaxy, Flip Flappers, and Devil Man crybaby are all the same show.

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Not even of the year and the season.

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It was enjoyable, but not even aots. Far too overhyped.

>Pleb talking about pleb

>Madokatard this threatened and insecure

Kemono friends beats it easily.
MIA anime is a failure at adapting the manga.

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This, but ironically.


I won't go so far as the anime of the decade but its a close runner.

I expected this anime to have depth like the abyss itself... but I was wrong. This was just shotacon/lolicon/trapfag/furfag pandering that pretends to be "dark". Of course, MAL and Reddit ate it up. Definitely not one of the best, despite its animation.

True, if big

yes desu
>cant pass the shota/loli/etc filter
>calls out reddit
what a coincidence

no, you easily impressionable fuck

MiA is good, but its not an AotD

Maybe AOTS, because the season was absolute shit.

Even stuff like Eromanga-sensei is more worthy of being AOTY.

And let's not compare it to true masterpieces of other years who are worthy of that title like Madoka.

But should you really have a "your penis is hard" scene right after the tragic death of Mitty? That just creates a tonal imbalance.

Well everyone has its own preferences it doesn't have to be your cup of tea but it was for almost everyone so its definitely up there.

AOTY 2017: SSR
AOTD: Penguindrum

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i watched last tour and i dont get why everyone its threads are so depressed about the ending.
yea there they are the last living people, yes they will eventually die, but its not like everything wasn't going towards it from the beginning, and at very least girls are happy with eachother

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No, it's at minimum AOTS and at most AOTY however.

>there are people on this thread who unironically think that Made in Abyss is better than Madoka Magica
Back to MAL

That’s so wrong I don’t even know how to respond
Is Eromanga Sensei really the best example you could come up with? That’s easily one of the WORST anime of 2017

Why does MiA attracts so many shitposters?

When someting is good it attracts the contrarians it has been like that forever.

Because it won AOTY over user's favorite show

Madoka Magica sucks ass, the only people who like it nowadays like it for the shitty yuri pairings and the shitposting.

Your Name is true AOTD.

and Kemono Friends is a failure at keeping the franchise from going under.

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sales we're enough to warrant a Season 2, bitch.

No Infinite Str/a/tos is.

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MiA is my favorite anime , but I won't say it is the AOTD.
Can we just look forward to the S2 and manga?

Well if it's our favorite anime, wouldn't that imply that it is AOTD for you?

One of, if not the one, only anime I've ever seen do a well paced 48 minute episode. In general, very strong ending to a season. Kinema Citrus balanced their budget well and did a great job adapting the source material outside of some of the obvious hindrances there are carrying manga over to anime. So yes, a strong contender.

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I love the idea of the abyss but why did they have to make the main characters dumb children?

Yes,but I won't SPEAK that loudly on Sup Forums

They wouldn't make dumb decisions like running away into the abyss if they weren't naive kids. Also, seeing innocent children being fucked up by nature's cruelty is different from seeing adults get fucked up.

This, nobody cares when they see the adults in the show being disemboweled

People are obviously false flagging Madokafags since they're such easy targets. Don't be so easily baited.


>Rhinofag words about quality

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