I just got done with the first episode of the first season of Prisma Illya, and before I moved on...

I just got done with the first episode of the first season of Prisma Illya, and before I moved on, I felt it was appropriate to do some analysis.
To that end, I went through the episode and recorded timestamps of when Illya appears and what she is wearing when she does.
These are the results.
(These results discounting the OP and ED)
>Illya has about 697 seconds of time on screen, vs 754 seconds offscreen. I find this somewhat disappointing, though it's offset a bit by the fact that you can hear her even when she's not visible sometimes.

>Illya most frequently appears in her magical girl outfit, and then in her schoolgirl outfit. These come to 200 / 190 seconds, which represent 29% / 27% of her on-screen time.

>Illya spends more time unclothed than wearing anything else, at 244 seconds, or about 35% of her on-screen time, completely naked. Including off-screen cuts, a full 17% of the show is naked Illya. She spends more time unclothed than in any particular outfit, which shows that the studio knows how to make a magical girl show. I look forward to future episodes working to push the boundaries of this figure.

Clearly, these results warrant further study, to which I will be committing myself immediately following the publication of this post.

Thank you for your time.

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Nice to see that the Prisma Illya fanbase has plenty of scholars

I think 2wei had an entire episode where they were in the bath.

Stop studying (masturbating to) anime TV shows that primarily features little girls.

Very nice. I look forward to your analysis of episode 2.

Simply epic.

How interesting user, please enlighten us with your analysis of episode 2 when you finish that.

Oh boy I can't wait for the movie analysis of Illya's screentime. That's going to be a laugh.


Probably won't see an episode with more naked Illya screentime before 2wei where they have a lot of time spent in the bath in one episode.

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Why don't they have nipples?

Nice analysis, autism-kun. I haven't watches the show yet, but it's made some FANTASTIC hentai so I love it for that alone.

There'd be little reason to living if we did that.

I look forward to seeing the results of your research.

I bet Illya takes a lot of baths because she's stinky

You're a true scholar, user.

She probably stinks of semen all the time.

I binged 4 eps today and when is this series going to get good? By good i mean where is my promised quality erololiservice.

┬┤Hidden by their hair, surely you're not saying you want to see their cute little nipples?

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Little girls don't have nipples you dingus they get them after puberty gosh how do you not know this.

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Thank you autism.

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It's not listed as an ecchi series for a reason, if you've been in these threads you have probably already seen most of those scenes. The shows real strength is how cute and lovable the cups are, the lewdness is just a bonus.

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where the hell do you think you are?

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Ilya made Miyu's butt wet

Thanks for the indepth review.

I really liked this page in the last chapter. I've been waiting for a reference like this. So sweet.

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That's hilarious. Thank you for taking the time to do this user.

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Yeah that was pretty amazing, great chapter as a whole as well, magical girl power succeeding and more of Herc install with references to him. As cool as the medusa install was It felt like berserker was dropped too early so glad she got to be in it a bit more.

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I agree however you shouldn't strain yourself. I'll take over your research from here.

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You need to be an old hag to get those.

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Goodnight cute cups.

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To be more accurate, she is for adults and Miyu only.

I have concluded my analysis of episode two. The results are mixed.

>In episode two, Illya has 670 seconds of screen time, vs 556 seconds off-screen. This makes up about 55% of the episode. This is a generally positive result, and while I am reluctant to extrapolate from two points I believe I will be seeing more of Illya in the future, and I am happy to report that we have more Illya than not-Illya.

>Illya spends the plurality of this episode in her magical girl outfit, constituting 42% of the on-screen time. The remainder is roughly split between pajamas, her school outfit, and a new casual tank-top / skirt combination that was not seen outside of the OP in episode 1. This is a fourfold increase in the proportion of pajama time, which I wholeheartedly support. A purple casual outfit that was present for 22 seconds in episode 1, is entirely absent from this episode.

>Sadly, Illya spends a mere 4 seconds naked in this episode, which was entirely composed of flashbacks to episode 1. While troubling, I believe this result stems from the more fight-oriented plot development in this episode.

In additional notes, I would like to acknowledge the colleagues who have suggested the next season. I believe that in the future, a comparison of Illya's attire across episodes would be appropriate.

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Great job, user. You deserve a cookie.

Oh boy this thread is going to go places.

Interesting findings, user. The scientific loli community is pleased with your work

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>42 episodes
>2 OVAs
>21 BD specials
>1 movie

I wish you the best of luck OP.

Will this result in graphs?

I might just make some...

Are you up for the challenge, OP?

I would like to interrupt my research to remark that I like this girl

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Hmm, quite. However, you must admit that, from best to not as best but still great, the order goes strawberry>vanilla>chocolate

Yes, Miyu is cute. It's also scientifically proven that, as the show goes on, your desire to protect rises proportionately to your desire to inseminate.

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quality post

Oh god it's time for that massive drought of Prisma again for the next few months. The slow ass chapters break my balls and I doubt there's even any info on the new anime in AnimeJapan.



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Picked up

nice analysis time well spent

Have you watched the third episode yet?