You wouldn't lose to a 126lbs high school girl, right?

You wouldn't lose to a 126lbs high school girl, right?

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She could break me in two

She can beat me up all day everyday

unless that high school girl is a man there's is no way she could weight over 120lbs and not be pretty muscular, fat or be over 6 foot tall.

I'll lose on purpose if it's Shinka

I'd let her suffocate me with those thighs.
Also sauce on anime please.

Well I'm only 120 lbs

Id fucking murder her, she wouldnt stand a chance

I would if that meant our bodies would be in close proximity, touching and writhing together in a sweaty tangle of soon to be naked love.

You fear her

The human elbow breaks with 11 lbs of over-extent force.

Temperament and training will beat weight and strength any day. The ratio of weight between combatants is only relevant for a slugging match or a grapple, both which any semi-aware combatant would avoid.

Say that again but with a proper unit of measurement, if you don't mind.


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would probably lose, technique > simple weight advantage anyday. It wwould atleast be close

Imagine Shinka saying this before you fight, the fear boner would be too much to bear.

yeah i'm pretty sure i would lose to her
and bust a nut well before i get her off

I hit 2.5pl8 squat today but can barely bench lmao1pl8. I'm sure I'd get bodied.

I could look like that if I felt like it

Please feel like it and meet me somewhere.

Lose what, my virginity? Well yeah, I'm pretty sure I won't.

126lbs? Fucking fat slut.

No. But I wouldn't fight fair to begin with. I'll see how tough she is after some mace and having her knee's kicked inwards. Afterwards having her throat punched in.

3.92 slugs.

Her legs quiver and she buckles when dealing with dogs.

What the fuck are those numbers

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she can try and fight me.

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I'd destroy her anus

Hop off SS and find a real program
>not using kips

2.5pl8= 275lbs 1pl8=135lbs

esto es el fin

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Rikka Blanca!

The one who is severally outclassed in weight is still at the disadvantage. The guy still needs to get close, and big doesn't always mean they are slow.
There's a reason the Japs never got any territory and live on an island.

I like how Sup Forums are a bunch of fighting experts now, why aren't you in the UFC?

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I'd rather not get brain damage just to entertain overweight americunts.

How can you get brain damage when you're apparently the best fighter that has ever lived? I'm going to get rich just betting on you every time.

That 126lbs schoolgirl can't even wrestle a dog off her.

She has no chance. Can't beat the knot.

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not the knot

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Of course not.

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>implying she wants the dog off her
She loves it.

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>There's a reason the Japs never got any territory
Should we tell him?

I'm 115lbs, so yes.

How emasculating.

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I'm the same height as her too, so I can't even look down on her

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How can someone this pretty manages to be so scary?

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her bagina is fanged

That would explain her canine predilections.

I swear one day Shinka is going to find out you've been talking shit about her online and come fuck you up for real.


You might think it's funny now but she would strangle you and make you choke on your own blood. Let's see how you fare when you've got 126lbs of estrogen fueled meat pinning you down with force, I bet you would not be able to escape.

i just cum, your word cant affect me

Would that really be losing, though?

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Find me a pic to caption plz

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digits of truth

She's a dyke, she wouldn't even touch you.

my gf is that and she pins me down and sticks it in me easily im just a weak little boy it sucks

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I was thinking of making a webm of this scene, just need to edit the subs.

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i will rape her

Rape is evil.


That's pretty fat for a Japanese girl

Sure, Sally.

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I respect Shinka.

Plz deliver this also consider cutting after the paper and putting (You) on it as an alternate idea.


how much is it in human measures?

If you think you can beat me 1, 2, 3, let's go.

She's a fat midget

>11 lbs of over-extent force.
>attempting to curl 11 pounds will break your elbow

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