New BOOGIEPOP PHANTOM Anime From OPM Director Announced For 2018

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Heard good things about the light novels
And the Madhouse is bringing all their top talent for this

Why is it so blurry.

2018 is shaping up to be a great year for anime

>Why is it so blurry.
Watch Boogiepop Phantom.

Time to watch the original again.

Can someone explain this? I never thought Boogiepop was that popular but is it really well known in Japan? Why are they remaking it?

It's not Phantom, it's based on the light novels. Read the past threads will you.

It might not be a fucking garbage after all

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Honestly I don't think I knew there was a BP anime already until five minutes ago.

How can the new one's soundtrack even compete with the original's?

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Boogiepop was at the forefront of a LN boom in Japan. It's significant enough that people separate Dengeki Bunko into "pre-Boogiepop" and "post-Boogiepop" eras.
Sigsawa (Kino's Journey), Nisio (Monogatari), and Nasu (Fate) all cite it as influences, with the former two specifically citing it as the reason they started writing LNs.

I don't believe the popularity has withstood the test of time though. Its sales are 5 million total, which has been far surpassed by more recent hits.

More recent titles come packed with all the crap the current audience is looking for like harems and isekai bullshit. Those brainlets eat that shit up like it's mana from heaven.

>Nasu (Fate)
At least point to the actual LNs he wrote, Kara no Kyoukai.
That and Tsukihime are more similar to Boogiepop than anything else he's done.

DDD is probably the most Boogiepopy thing Nasu has written

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Oh yeah, that's also a thing. Though Rakkyo was much closer time-wise, DDD does seem more similar with all the different characters and their powers. And Canaan.
Wish it was translated and that he finished it.

I hope they keep the same OP.

Lol, you're a moron.

Honest thoughts on KnK and Tsukihime?


The new one is way too flashy and action orientated. I liked the spooky atmosphere of the old one.

Dude opm? Its going to be legit more memes and epic than pop team epic can't wait my obscure facebook anime group is going to love this.

Imagine being so devoid of humanity that you make a post like this

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The old one wasn't based on the novel, this one is

>OPM director

well time to end myself
potential good animes dying out every day

how do they go from this to just "modern action anime"

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Finally got Phantom out of my backlog after seeing these threads and pretty sure I don't get whatever the fuck is going on but I dig it.

something something ironic shit posting something something

ACCA13 was pretty good too but felt too stretched out and with not enough happening. If I had two mini climaxes similar to the one in the last episodes it would be great.

Did you get to watch the new show already?
Have you at least read the novels?

Because you're jumping into the story from the sequel

Hopefully by staying true to the novels this time.

>And remember, if you are unsure about your anime project breaking even or making a profit, just make sure to have Yuuki Aoi voicing the lead

Wow, they're using a popular VA, that must mean they're unsure about sales, right?
Because every fucking anime doesn't do that instead of hiring literally whos, especially one with an amazing staff like this.

There is no need to be upset. I am just making an observation about recent Kadokawa/Dengeki adaptations(and others( hiring her to voice the MC. She is a good actress, good at PR and has an established fanbase so it makes sense but I still find it funny.