Kalafina is going to be split up

>Kalafina is going to be split up
>After Yuki Kajiura leave the agency, conflicts emerged among member of Kalafina, and there are members who have decided to leave Kalafina because of doubts on the unit's future.

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Good on them/

I could really use a Kalafina remix of Komm Süsser Tod right about now.

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Well shit, this really sucks. I wasn't a fan of all of their songs, but they've done some really good stuff over the years. I remember first hearing them from the Kara no Kyoukai movies; they were so different and unique compared to the generic anime OPs/EDs at the time.

Well, what do we do now?

What anime is this?


All OPs will now be done by Ali Project

its called real life anime some people discover it after blinking

Who's going to make the music for the 2nd season of Madoka then?


Damn, really? Shit. I haven't been following them as closely as I once did but this is really sad. Though Kajiura is really Kalafina's lifeblood. Kalafina would never sound the same without her, so it's probably for the best they split up. I'm glad I managed to catch them live once.

Hans Zimmer

Yuki Kajiura can go wherever she wants and she'll get hired.
Kalafina was so dependent on her though.

Shame to the people who made her leave.


The dead members of The Beatles will revive and then they'll do it



Can they go back to their White Alice days?
St. Luminous Mission HS was their last good anime work.

Why did Kajura leave in the first place? Didn't fuck the bassist?

Disagreements with a new (female) manager. Kinda crazy that it's spiraled into a total meltdown.

Wouldn't mind.

This article mentions a handful of things.
As always, take everything with a grain of salt. This is gossip and should be treated as such!

For one, it says that this spring Kalafina’s activities as a three-person unit will end (something they have alluded to before, it’s the usual stuff about their empty schedule). There’s also talk about certain members of Kalafina leaving the talent agency (although it doesn’t say “which members”, there’s some brief speculation regarding possible activities of the “remaining members” whatever that’s supposed to mean…) Apparently there are members who do not want to continue without Yuki Kajiura and there are others that are willing to try. They keep it really vague. Finally the article states that by the end of the month Kalafina’s regular radio program “Kalafina Club” will come to its end.

>The news about the composer's (Kajiura's) future on the agency has been circulated before on December 2017. Sponichi Annex said that (the rumor) is based on the disagreements Kajiura had with her new manager in regard to her musical direction. It began when the agency appointed a new manager for Kajiura after Kalafina's concert in September 2016, replacing her previous manager who has been by her side ever since her debut.
Kajiura is rumored to have a different opinion/view on her musical direction with her new manager. At the same time, Kajiura was also involved in a negotiation with her agency about the copyright of her musical compositions. After her old manager finally decided to leave the agency in July 2017 and the disagreements and misunderstanding between Kajiura and her new manager kept going, finally Kajiura decided to leave the agency.

>Who's going to make the music for the 2nd season of Madoka then?

Kajiura can still do it. Aniplex doesn't hire exclusively from SpaceCraft. Kalafina only sang the EDs and INS. By the time a new Madoka series airs either Kalafina will have moved to a new label, or Kajiura will have started a new band/project.

How fucked is the new manager in this situation?

Even Paul? Will we see both Pauls together?

Not quite but they did lost a major talent, whom would offer great money to whatever rival company takes her in

Because of her the company lost Kajiura, FictionJunction, and Kalafina, and, according to the first report from December, Kalafina is their top earner. I'd say she's pretty fucked.

Aniplex is a Sony Music subsidiary.

Who's gonna make the music for the next Mai-Hime series?

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Its not like Kajiura is dead.

I wouldn't be surprised if they re-assembled around her once again, but at different company and with different name.


Spacecraft agency fucked up big time now Kaijura and rest of FictionJuntion like Yuuki Nanri are going to rebound from this big time.

>Because of her the company lost Kajiura, FictionJunction, and Kalafina
How can one person fuck up so badly? I'd be more willing to believe this person was a mole paid by a rival company or some shit. Hell how did this person even get hired?

Greed, i guess.

Worse user, everything came crashing down just because Kajiura—the one who's actually fucking composing shit—was asked to change her musical direction to suit this new manager. It's a different level of stupidity to still push this.

I wonder what kind of direction the new manager wanted. It would be pretty shitty if the new bitch wanted to choose Kajiura's anime projects.

>composer working around the manager
That's, that's actually amazing how retarded it is. I cannot fathom how that would work in other industries other than perhaps sports, except a coach/manager in sports would naturally have a lot more influence in the final result than a mere manager would.

You know how Kathleen Kennedy fucked Star Wars in the ass and left it to rot? It's like that.

I was almost disappointed until I realized Kajiura is already gone, Kalafina is pretty pointless without her.

Did she listen to Kajiura's previous works and ask her to try hip hop or something for a change?

You have absolutely no idea how creative work is done, right?

I bet it's livetune-tier bubbly pop songs.

Now all we have is Fhana.

She's a composer. You can literally compose anything by yourself. While composers can create a song for a specific individual they are also independent enough to make songs on their own and simply gather those they deem fit for the piece.

If said composer is making bank they have more than enough leeway to call the shots, only an idiot would argue back. Only the failures have to abide by their manager.

Finally this shit group is dead.

>"Yuki, stop making self rehashing crap! Do some actual original scores!"
>"No! I want to rearrange my old stuff for 1000ths time and get paid for it!"
>"You arent getting paid for crap!"
>Kajiura quits
good riddance. I hope she marries Sawano and then they die in a plane crash on their wedding trip to hawaii.

>2nd season of Madoka then?
Look at this faggot.

> Sawano x Kajiura colab
I wanna hear that.

Higher ups apparently cant keep their egos down huh, the Highschool DxD bullshit with the director thinking he could do better plot than author, that one guy who thought ending all the current running series of a magazine(Kenichi included) to introduce "fresh" ones was a good idea, and now this

Well, they have some pretty pop-ish, upbeat songs, but they're still very Kajiura.

Don't forget those guys who took away control from the director of Kemeno Friends or whatever after it got red hot despite being given garbage budget cause the old geezers thought it would be a wash.


Oh wait Mayu also quit

What happened there? Didn't they do Overlord S2?

Considering the animation company that hires her would be the one that pays, I seriously doubt that's what happened, user.

It's a new singer

Since we are on the topic of singers, I just want to say that Aimer has the best voice.

Or the guy from Passione who badmouthed the author of Rail Wars.

Nah, too breathy and sounds like she slurs words. Kalafina's Keiko and her smooth, delicious bass voice shits on Aimer.

But Kalafina just had their 10th anniversary ;_;

Is this the absolute worse time to be in the Japanese music industry right now?

What went wrong really

and all EDs will be

Manager has to sell her. Do you belive all animation companies (also its mostly A-1 anyway, since sony owns her) explicitely want her to "make soundtrack exactly like X with no originality and anythingi fresh. I am sure fans of anime will love to hear it for the 100th time!" ?

In case of Sawano that might be actually the case, but not Kajiura. She has a very defining own style she developed, but downside is it is quite generic with the way she uses strings and orchestral tunes and pretty much rehaches melodies she uses. It works as a "score", but it is awfuly generic. Even the praised Madoka ost is nothing more than Mai Hime ost remake. One can barely remember any of the tracks in her recent works since they are pretty much all the same

Fate/Zero,Sword Art Online,Sword Art Online II ,Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, Zaregoto, Princess Principal

I hate her because i liked her. Back in Noir, My Hime, Hack times.

Friend Shitai and KKN's OP were top notch.

Selling Kajiura is as easy as plastering her name on the next anime project.

Good riddance

Slurring is what makes her best.

Except Kaijura's name is extremely marketable no matter how much you complain about her being uncreative.

I think she is on par with the guys who composed for Gundam Unicorn and AoT.

Not a bad choice

People seems to not understand that no matter how repetitive a singer is, people just want to hear them sing.

I for one want to listen to Egoist for eternity but lately her songs sucks. Eiyuu song is barely mediocre.

Sunrise has to snag in the next Mai-Hime project and they have the money. I hope Kalafina is added there in the mix to work on the ED's.

>Do you belive all animation companies (also its mostly A-1 anyway, since sony owns her) explicitely want her to "make soundtrack exactly like X with no originality and anythingi fresh. I am sure fans of anime will love to hear it for the 100th time!" ?

Yes? Specially since most of her recent shows have the same producers, and they have said they enjoy working with her.
You really think a producer wouldn't ask "hey, remember what you did for this other anime? Well do something like that, except add X think". Kajiura herself has said that producers sometimes just ask for cool music.

>Even the praised Madoka ost is nothing more than Mai Hime ost remake.

Other than the over dramatic, sad strings pieces, not really.

>One can barely remember any of the tracks in her recent works since they are pretty much all the same
Fate/Zero,Sword Art Online,Sword Art Online II ,Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, Zaregoto, Princess Principal

You're deaf if you think Zaregoto sounds like all the other anime you listed.

They haven’t made a good song since blaze

Why would the manager care if the shit she makes is rehashed if she's still being hired and making $$$?

That was two singles ago, and Marchen is better.

So we just wait on Kajiura's new group? I'm down.

Ali Project

>marries Sawano and then they die in a plane crash on their wedding trip to hawaii.
I too hate really good music.

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JAM Project, get Kageyama to go full Dragon Ball mode to mock DBS.

I wish I had seen them live, I really loved their work on Kara no Kyoukai

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>Kalafina's Keiko and her smooth, delicious bass voice
Good taste user.

The Requiem that would play in their funeral, composed by their peers would be better music than either of them ever made.

Now I really want to see this happen, just to give a big fuck you to that manager and Spacecraft.

Memes aside, it is Toji no Miko

Mah nigga

Why don't you enlighten us filthy plebs with your superior anime music taste?

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Fuck. Hydra's good but it's no Styx Helix and could've been a fluke

Sure. Best anime composer is Shinkichi Mitsumune

Literally nothing memorable about any of the tv anime OSTs he's done. The only thing I can even remember about Rozen Maiden's music was Ali Project.

That says much about you.

He's okay but there's nothing special about him over the people you are shitting on, they just make different songs. I doubt you'd ever be able to accept that though considering you feel the need to pretend to be superior.

Just like your shit taste exposed you to everyone else. Now fuck off.

Hideki Taniuchi

Tatsuya Katou

Wew lad. Rozen Maiden (2004) is one of my favourite soundtracks. You're all right m8

>Butcher isn't interested
>still thinking there will be any more Madoka

>he thinks they need butcher for more Madoka
Look at how involved is Nasu on those fucking endless Fate spin-offs.

My favorite from him, aside Utena and FLCL as he did not play the main role there, is Asatte no Houkou. Probably my favorite ost of all anime.


Recent Amagi one wasnt bad either.

Had been playing his melodies ever since Utena's Moonlit Garden