Reminder that Eri Sawachika is the best Tsundere of All Time. No one can compete her Tsundereness

Reminder that Eri Sawachika is the best Tsundere of All Time. No one can compete her Tsundereness.

Thats all.

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Not sure if the very best, there's a lot of good tsundere in anime, but she's definitely in a top tier one.

I can name several off the top of my head whoare b etter. Hina, Shana, Taiga, Kurisu, Kirino, Erina.

Probably #2

I love Kirino and I love Taiga, but they're more over the top tsunderes, Taiga a little less, but whacking her practice sword over her love is a bit extreme.

I don't want to make another thread but does chtholly count as a tsundere? I'm having the most difficult time trying to classify her.

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Eri is nice, but she isn't close to being in the top 25 cutest tsundere. Younger tsunderes, in particular lolis, tend to be naturally cuter.

Sorta, yes.

Tell me more

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reminder she won the harima bowl and she deserves it.

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>tfw no more School Rumble

Eri is great, but Akiha is still better.

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Not really it's never resolved that's just a daydream of some gangster who's in love with Eri. That's him thinking about her being truly happy, because that's what he wants to see. But it's never shown who actually wins.

Its Eri, user.

>abusive thots
>good tsunderes


Kill yourself crossboarder vermin.

I hear the mangaka actually has yet to have a successful manga since the pies.

>there's a lot of good tsundere in anime
Has there ever been a statement that is less true?

Have you even seen School Rumble?
Have you even seen anime?

Kirino is better. And most kawaii.

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2/10, Try Again

10/10, you all can go home now.

Kirino is a cutie who loves her onii-chan.

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Eri is a pretty mild tsundere if anything. She works well because most of her aggressive behavior is justified and not forced.

Harima is a complete dick to her 9/10, so it makes sense when she gets back at him. But at the same time, he always says and does the right thing at critical moments to woo her inadvertently.

Don't forget about her new series next month

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Yeah Eri and Kaname are both god tier. Nothing you all can do about it.

Oh same VA, nice to know that!


Way to invalidate your own argument.

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Eri is pretty good. But Kyou is superior.

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>Shana, Taiga

Ah yes two of the three most generic as fuck archetypal tsunderes imaginable, yeah totally better than Eri.

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Idiotic. That's like saying Eri is most generic as fuck because tsunderes like Chitoge, Eriri, Narumi exists thus Eri = bad. Generic doesn't mean automatically bad. Tsundere is one of the most popularly recurring archetype in anime and manga; it's a moot one.

I want to say he deserves that for the fucking pie ending but I can't. I still really liked school rumble and hoped he would do well in his future endeavors, it's a damn shame he isn't doing as well anymore.

I'm sorry, but greatest tsundere of all time is Emi. Honorable mention goes to Taiga and Biribiri.

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>no marked new IP
Where's your first post? Guessing you're who's UIP 16.

Who ?

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Literally No one.
Eri is the Original Modern Tsundere
No one can beat the Original.

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Post more cute Eri user.

In your dreams OP.

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Who ?

Bitchrino a shit

she is the best because she's not even a tsundere


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And she won in an anime with the best MC ever.
What a nice anime.

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t. not a pedo

Hina, Kurisu, Shana
>Shit (You)
Kirino, Taiga

Incest Fag

Kirino is the most biggest shit in the multiverse

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>permanently menstruating

I'm going to have to disagree.

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>Tsundere who can compete with Eri Sawachika
Yui Kotegawa, Tohsaka Rin, Katsura Hinagiku, Kunieda Aoi, Senjougahara Hitagi, Kyou Fujibayashi, Shinonono Houki, Misumi Rin, Lisesharte Atismata, Silvia Lautremont,

no idea who that is
i never really got much of the tsun vibe from her, probably because she's really basic at the core as it's either her desire to fulfill her objective or her bottled up interest in EH NANDATTE only that define her entire charcter, she is not much outside of that
too primitive of the idea
i like kurisu b-but s-she makes it t-too obv-vious that she's trying t-to fit the m-mold of ts-tsundere even when it comes to posting on not2chan
give me a break you sis-con
no idea who that is
i'm surprised you didn't list the remaining basic starter pack rin tohsaka though even though i do like her too
most of Sup Forums just gives me the impression that they like something only if it has some pandering elements like loli, sis, harem-feeding, whatever
too predictabo you guys are
next you're gonna react with nuh-uh statements and how these characters are actually deep and i'm missing the point

oh yeah, i forgot asuka in the basic starter pack list too
also surely you'll be incredulous on how i don't know who erina and hina are, and that would be some kind of newfag callout

Hina is pic related newfag

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never watched ...hayate the combat butler?
no interest

oh yeah, did noone even mention haruhi? i'm surprised, usually i see her name all over these threads but i think she's overrated, as is any kyoani feature in general

also noticed i accidentally put kurisu's name twice in my reply when one was meant to be kirino, but it should be obvious from the sis-con message attached to one of them


>misinterpreting obvious referential jokes as the entirety of her personality and ignoring context on top of that

so, i'm missing the point and she's actually really deep?!

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Why shit on a series is the only way to get replies today?

Should i read the manga or watch the anime? don't say it's always the manga because that's obviously not true.

Read the manga. San Gakki was a sad excuse for finishing it up. Maybe watch the OVAs

Thanks user

>even though she started the entire loli-tsundere sub archetype

i hate what san gakki did to condense the material that it showed
the eri harima bandaid scene was supposed to be one of the more dramatic exchanges and it removes a good chunk of it that's just as important as what they did include in it

there is actually two tsunderes in that show, the other one won even though she was way younger than the MC.

The correct choice would be to watch both full seasons, then read the manga, and then finish with the OVAs.

Agreed. Best girl, best taste.

the only new thing san gakki has is meaningless filler material, but the pie ending is straight from the manga
no reason to watch it except to see the dramatic scenes animated


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You don't get legendary gets this time.

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Eri is top-tier. Superb. Bred to be a perfection, have achieved goddesshood among the tsundere world.

But she still isn't the original tsundere. That title goes to Asuka Langley.

Also the cutest

tsunderes existed before asuka langley though.