Is Megumin's age prime?

Is Megumin's age prime?

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>14 (current) 13 (former) Around 17 (web novel) 15 (latest light novel)
Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

Actually, I take that back, it's half and half.

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Only two of those numbers are prime...

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no she is al dente

Yeah, 14 and 15.

Why is she so old in the web novel?

15 isn't a prime number

Meg is not for sexual.

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>not christmas cake
fucking low-test faggots


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neither of those are prime numbers

It's a little late to be starting Megumin Monday..

Envision if you would.

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Why is Yunyun so ugly

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I could write walls and walls of texts saying how much and how I'd fuck her

because you chose an unflattering picture

Obligatory. Now with color!

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>being attracted to a woman with lower fertility is high test
Uhh, I think you might be retarded user.


Sure looks like it to me.

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Megumin is for heartboner.

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hol up am I low test

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Is as109 prime?

secret roll

god yunyun bullying gets me hard


Fine, you asked for it.

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I'm going to D E L E T E you.

Even MC can only think of making babies with Megumin at the point in the LN.


easy way to get (you)s


yey, 31 is good


Why does Asymmetry fashion give me a hard-on?

Can one truly lose at rolling for succubi?


No but, when you get to prison you'll be prime for Bubba

gimme the succ

Give it to me straight doc.

not again

give me 36-37 or at least 71-72, please


Wait a minute... you look familiar.

>gets one of the flatest ones

What exactly does this look in her eyes mean?

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Check out this 49

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you shitter

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Blinding fanaticism.

a sheer disregard for life



Desire to have MC explode inside of her.

Enjoy your sloppy seconds

JC age thirst.

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here we go


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The most prime!

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Mods are fags. Still going to roll.

There is nothing primer

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Came here just to say this.

愛 can also be read as めぐみ

wew, 109 is actually prime
Also best artist

Kazuma thinks so...

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>deleted succubus

Prime for ignoring when there are two other better semen demons around, yeah. Call me when they finally confirm that Kazuma is a lolicon.

It's as confirmed as it gets yo....

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literally the perfect body type

Dare I say...imagine....what you could do that that...

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Dat flat.

Kazuma's cool with it.

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but she can't into the D.

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I had thought Guild Girl's breasts were much bigger than that.

I'm cool with it. Flat is justice.

Very cool with it...

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Anime girls hit their prime at 29.

Anime girls are already dead of old age at 29.

100% pure love.

I mostly mean the thighs, legs and hips.
Imagine! Even with slightly larger breasts she'd still be perfect! As expected from Megumin!


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1 succ please thanks

Her thighs, hips and butt are her charm point once she fills in with some friend frog legs for a year.

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She's also not supposed to be truly flat, but have a-cups when she doesn't have her chest tightly bound in wraps like she does in her normal outfit.

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Why is she menstruating in that pic?

They all fall to the D.

Budding is the best anyway.

Vol.11 Shot Iris straight up to 2nd place.

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It could be argued that 1st, 2nd, and third slots (Eris) are younger girls then him as well.

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Iris is still shit though

Eris is thousands of years old user.

I used to think that before this happened too

“Uhm… I know how hard Kazuma‑dono worked to help Princess Iris over in Elroad, how Kazuma‑dono stayed to tell Princess Iris stories every night, and how Her Highness has consequently become quite extroverted and joyful…”

Following Rain, Claire added,

“Indeed, she looks very happy everyday, and I have you to thank for that. We couldn’t imagine how restless Princess Iris must have been in secret as someone who is so young yet lives in a castle that could be under siege from Demon King’s army at any moment.”

What are Claire and Rain really trying to say?

At this moment, another knock emanated from the door.

Since the door is open, they had most likely knocked out of politeness.

Peeking around is the once lonely-looking sister of mine whose face lit up as soon as she saw me.
“‘Sup, Onii‑chan? Sleeping in this late ain’t good, yanno? The weather’s lit AF today, so let’s grab some bentos for a picnic, Kazzi!” she brightly said.
Hearing that, Claire and Rain drooped their heads and pleaded on the verge of tears,

“Kazuma‑dono, I beg you, please go back!” x2

Not how the time scales work, she's only 15 by heavens time flow, as Aqua is 16. Both heaven and earth run at fractions of the time flow of fantasy Australia, the '80s' where like 4 centuries ago there..

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