Being literally the only one that remember this

>being literally the only one that remember this
>being the only one that actually talks about it and keeps watching it

it hurt bros for me since i think is decent not good but not shit.

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sucks that the anime only had blood for the 1st arc

It was such a shit show after the Future Arc though most will argue Varia was the best arc
I mean at least the last arc had fan favorite fight bullshit but at that point I was really just going through the motions

>being literally the only one that remember this
you literally don't know what literally means

Did LHT scans translate your comment?

So what's the deal with this?
I only know about it because of jump ultimate stars, is it a comedy or battle manga?
The moves in the game were pretty fucking silly looking.

autism kid gets chosen for next mafia boss but he doesn't want to so manchild transformed in baby tries to force him while random people are allowed to stay at his home while random become his friends.

Wait so who won in the end?

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no one since mc is still a faggot kid and didn't even confess also probably both friendzoned him.


>Implying Reborn isn't the black sheep of the Jump family

The MC didn't progress one bit by the end, he was still the sam stuttering clown he was at the outset.

It started as a comedy for about 50 chapters and changed to battle shounen after that

both, but if i had to really say kyoko

Varia arc is good but afer that, the whole manga is just fujo pandering.

>worst girl won

If anything, Reborn was fujopandering from the start with Gokudera's extreme dedication to Tsuna. They just added more bishounen later.






I liked it but shit kept becoming more and more retarded to the point that even the author wanted to end it. Then she started new manga called elDLIVE, that is so shit I don't know how the fuck it got a 12 episode anime.

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No one, the manga became to so trash (more than it already was) that it suddenly decided to end, and end with Tsuna saying himself that didn't grow a bit as a person, yep, he says he hasn't changed thus he has no courage to get the girl he wants.

It was a huge gateway Anime for me back when I was a teenager. I probably wouldn't be into it if I went back and watched it but I have very fond memories of it. Never understood why the Future arc got so much shit here.

No one.

no I remember it too. Sorry for my long autistic rant but this was my anime to watch after naruto/dbz got me into anime. I loved watching every episode in high school. I realize now that most of it was total shit. Honestly I'm surprised it survived that long, jump already had enough battle series in 2010, OP, naruto, bleach, toriko, medaka, and Beelzebub.

The author knows how to hype an arc up in the beginning only to make everything shitty later. Remember when Tsuna's dad supposedly killed Enma's family, and that primo betrayed them too? NOPE it was demonspade all along! Enma was even friends with tsuna but lost all hope in him because he didn't read a fucking letter that he couldn't have even read in the first place because the dumb cow accidentally blew it out the window. The future arc was cool to see everyone 10 years in the future but then dragged on for 4 years, and included shitty discount pokemon. "Here are the funeral wreaths! Just kidding here are the REAL funeral wreaths!" And then the vindice final boss looked like a fucking retarded abomination and of course after all the shit checkerface did he got away with fucking over the previous arcobaleno. But dont worry we were told he is "Humiliated". And that fucking ending where tsuna said he didnt even grow.

I spent years on this manga only to realize later how shitty it is. Bleach and Black Clover are better written. At least Varia arc was cool.
2nd opening is the best

Ever since 'literally shaking' I really despise anyone who uses that word in a sentence.

wasted potential. It's weird how chrome was a completely different character in her appearance chapter

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Regardless of how shit the series ended up being, I must admit that rocket propelled fighting is one of the best concepts a mangaka has utilized.
Ryohei is best boy.

I acknowledge the series is kind of shit, but I still have lots of fond memories of it, since it's what got me into anime. I even reread the whole manga last year and still liked it. Tsuna's fighting style and moveset is still one of my favorites despite how simple it is.

Still, I have no idea what the fuck Amano was thinking with the horrible powercreep across the series, not to mention that shitty ending.

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I love this series and look back on it fondly, but damn if that ending wasn’t absolute shit. Was the author rushed to make an ending?

>Was the author rushed to make an ending?
I think so, yeah. IIRC it wasn't doing too good in the ratings and you could kinda tell it was going to end soon when the mangaka started doing endgame-tier fanservice fight matchups

>ywn wake up at 4am to stalk some chink thread for chinese spoilers to translate into english for the MH forums
>ywn make multiple photobucket account to share all the merch/official/fanart of KHR
>ywn sing Sakura Addiction loudly under the school'd sakura tree once a year with your other faggy friends
Shit I miss this series so much now.

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Lal Mirch >>>>>>>>>>>> Chrome > Haru > shit > your taste >>>>>>>>>> Ky*k*

user I did not know I miss this song until this. Blasting it right now, even after 7 years I can still sing this shit.

No one, they were just a tool used by the author to keep herself published on Shonen Jump, since one of their rules for battle shonen is "Gotta have one or more love interests"

Make no mistake, this was a fujoshi series. Reborn volumes are in the girls section in all bookstores, the whole fanbase is female, and almost all doujin released based on the series feature either Tsuna getting railed by Mukuro/Hibari, or baseball head and bomb boi going at it.

I try to say this in every thread but there's still a lot of people who seems to not know that they're looking at the series wrong. You just weren't the target audience anymore, that's why it seemed to go to shit.

It felt like one of the worst thing the manga suffered was the Shonen Jump syndrome.
As in, no matter what happened there was never any sense of danger or urgency, because the series established near the beginning that no one could die.

This would be fine in most shonen (as is usually the case), but the Future Arc supposedly relied completely on the sense of danger.
How is it supposed to be dangerous when I know that no one is in actual danger?
How am I supposed to feel any tension when you keep repeating "Those attacks can kill you!", pretty much telling me "They're never going to hit anything because of that!"

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>that hair style
I thought she is genderbent Mukuro at first

To be fair the Varia arc was incredibly hype and the future arc was interesting to read regardless of how good it was. The problem is the arcs in the manga after the future arc are so bad it's actually just sad. The amount of power creep that happened in the future arc wrecked any chance of anything remotely interesting happening after it

Obviously it was Gokudera.

I will never understand what the fuck the mangaka was thinking with the final arc of this manga it was one of the worst manga arcs I have ever read. The previous arc wasn't much better with Demonspade out of no where with the ability to uses every other rings power(did the mangaka just have no creativity at all, it's just down right lazy)

The nice thing about KHR was its fanbase, maybe because other series like Hetalia attracted the really obnoxious fujo at that time or something but I remember no one acting like complete spergs.

I never watched the anime but it has great OP/Ed songs, I always request them on radio

I thought future arc was okay up until they did the war games, the first generation volgola guy arc was boring but the villain was interesting, too bad he went down like a bitch to the power of friendship, the pacifista arc was the best until tsuna asspulled another victory, that aside it was pretty okay. I'm glad we didn't fight the last main villain because it would've been an even bigger asspull to win him.

>42 volumes
It doesn’t feel like it was that long


>by end of Future Arc, Tsuna and friends are basically among the strongest people in the whole universe, which happens to be the only surviving universe (and logically the strongest) since Sephiroth killed every other one
>get an asspull powerup in the last battle that makes them at least twice as strong
>return to the past and immediately get completely demolished by the Earth Flame guys, who are said to be 7x more powerful
>get Vongola Gear to put them BACK up to par with the Shimon family
>literally everyone in the next arc is somehow equal to them again anyway, with even Tsuna's dad kicking his ass
>DUDE ALIENS LMAO ramen guy effortlessly snuffs out the combined power of Tsuna and all his allies together AFTER several more powerups
How did this faggot even kill off every other universe when he was mid-high tier at best by the end?

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I got to the Future arc and just stopped. Really didn't interest me at all by that point


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Xanxus had a undercut before it was cool. Too bad the shitty mangaka decided to give him a bland fujoshi-tier haircut later on, one other reason to hate the development of this series.

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>Tsuna was still a wimp
>Still couldn't confess to the girl he liked
>Was still shit at academics and athletics
>Still refused to be apart of the mafia despite all that shit that happened
>Literally the only thing that changed was that he ended up with more friends.
I'm still mad. Fuck this series. Give me the time back a wasted on reading and watching it.

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>before it was cool
KHR was a pretty fashionable manga in general, if it came out now it would have a bunch of clothing brand collaborations for fujo

Reminder that not much is left after you take the X out of Xanxus

>They kept that REAL throughtout the story.

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Oh fuck.

Well that is the romanji transliteration by the way, nips can't see the joke

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For how mediocre the series became, they still had best chinagirl for me.

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>ywn have your ramen delivered to you by a cute assassin chinagrill working to pay for her college tuition
>ywn make her extremely shy, activating her pinzu forehead time bomb, leaving you in a yamcha pose inside a crater


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It's definitely one of the worst series I sat through. Had to watch on 2x speed just to get through. The only thing I give it credit for is that the fights felt more personal since the characters weren't throwing aroumd planet busting sized attacks.

>The only thing I give it credit for is that the fights felt more personal since the characters weren't throwing aroumd planet busting sized attacks.
It really sounds like the only anime you every watched was Dragonball.

That's when dumblr wasn't loud and moralfagging, and the fans just kept into their small groups and forums. The fujos tagged their shit so unless you go looking you won't find them. There were some shipwar between the arrangement of the numbers but that was all I remembered. I agree, most obnoxious fujos went to Hetalia. Another good song.

How can that become this

it's shit though. literally worse than Bleach, and that says something

Is the author's current manga any good? I have a very vague impression of it. It was something about space police, I think. Is it even still serialized or did it get axed?

I dropped Bleach after the first volume, I could already tell it was going to be pure shit. Reborn! started out as a fresh and funny shounen, something not too edgy or pretentious at all, but it was ruined along the way.

Hormones and chinese food.

>to keep herself published on Shonen Jump, since one of their rules for battle shonen is "Gotta have one or more love interests"
Nah, nothing to do with that. Love interests were already established back when Reborn was just a gag manga and hadn't turned battle shonen.

>Love interests were already established back when Reborn was just a gag manga and hadn't turned battle shonen.
Ironically, they both had more development in those initial 30 chapters than they've had in the entire series after that.

Yeah, it's called eldlive. I didn't read it but I kept up with news here and there. It did get serialised and published in full color (even got an anime that had a few shoutouts to Reborn because police vs mafia) but it's in its final "season" now.

Which was made even worst in the anime since they cut out so much of the first arc. Hell, all the female characters were underdeveloped and wasted potential. I know I shouldn't be expecting too much since it's shonen, but still.

Oh hi, Frieza.