ITT unsolved mysteries in anime

ITT unsolved mysteries in anime

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To this day we still don't know what she actually said.

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They are all over the place!

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Wait a second, that rabbit.

is gxvai an acronym for something?
by the way I don't mean to toot my own flute here but I didn't have to look up a chart because I know all the wingdings characters. Maybe, what it actually means is "I want to wingdings with Konata", an obscure internet slang for wing wanging their futa ding dongs on eachother

Well, rotate symbol and you get 69.

i saw two purple haired twins in the second season of Slayers, but they both had long hair

Fraternal twins a shit.

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What happened to humanity in Kemono Friends?

gattai - as in mech fusion.

Which one even came first? Clannad VN, right? That would make sense.

Who are they eating? It's cannibalism.

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Who the hell is this doggo and why did it dig up the hat?

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I remember how her sister reacted and it was pretty bad. Whatever she said must have been something really graphic.

I still can’t decide which ones are cuter.

It stinks.

Another season of Lucky Star would actually be incredible. I didn’t realize how bad I wanted it until just now.

What does tho

The anus

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Where the twins in Black Lagoon boys or girls, and what kind of genital mutilations had they gone through?

Did the guy Yukari was talking to give a shit about Bigfoot? Apparently nobody gives a shit about Bigfoot, so fuck him.

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It will never happen because hirano