Liz and the Blue Bird

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea??

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be advised

kinoani think they slick

This is fake right?

It's very real.

Perfect length for execution


Did Kyoani fire all of their animators and hire a bunch of students?
Even The Disappearance of HS looked better than this, and that was 2010.

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Naoko Yamada
whyyyyyy you were on your way to becoming the best anime director
Maybe the movie will still be great and the neck-thing contributes to the movies aesthetic

VEG sucked all the budget.

Reina? Is this Hibike?

Yes. A movie about the autistic oboe girl, as I understand.

I really like the pastel-esque colours or however you would refer to them. Might even grow to like it more than the style of the original series.

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she must have visited that village in Burma where they practice neck extension, is all I can guess.

perfect , this way the Argentinian Kumiko avatarfag dont spam her new art on everyboard.


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What the fuck. I like the colors and shit, and I'm sure the animation will be nice, but what is this

She's ded


Whoa, it makes the original designs look amateurish.

Why are they making a film about the worst characters in the show, that no one cares about?

Akiha? Is that you

I like it.

Copy that

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>all those necks

This is the first time I see 3DCG-looking 2D

>I'm sorry Kumiko but I'm leaving the brass band to do ballroom dancing
Nooooo, Reinaaa!!!!

I don't know how anyone thinks it looks better than the TV version, All the characters got a huge downgrade.

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>this is a downgrade
I don't understand.

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>No more bobbleheads and horse legs
The new designs are so much better it hurts.

>no thicc
>long necks
>no fuwa fuwa
>muh ribbons
Plenty of issues there.

>Longer skirts

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Lol Hibiki got NECKED

>guys have normal necks
>girls have giraffe necks

The only one who got upgraded is ribbon with the shoulder length hair, The rest are all better in the TV version, You could argue both ways for Mizore.

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It's not downgrade, it's only different and have good characterization. I like the new design, it's get a modern style and it's refreshing. It's not as if the old design had disappeared, now we have two designs for Hibike and this is cool!

>no thicc
This is my only complaint about this new design, thought.

>2 guys
Taki have giraffe neck too.

dude simplified character designs lmao aestheticXDDDD

Girls are anatomically optimized for swallowing dicks.

Those are fine though.

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But my leg shots.

Midori's neck look like it's about to snap. Rest is fine though.

Is this Giraffe Friends?

Looks like a character from 3gatsu

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>Kyoani drones shilling this hard
Did you not see what happened to violet evershit? Fuck off already with your manufactured hype cancer.

It’s called the yuri neck just like the yaoi hands.

I'm surprised a low IQ chimp like you knows how to use a computer.

Hibike is way better than veg though

No this user but user is right. Too detail = static as fuck.


As if a pure drama where most episodes consist entirely of conversations and small actions requires a heavy load of movement.

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IT: Necklets.

Yeah, brainlets don't seem to get that. There's lots of motion when it's necessary.

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