Eating a single-stack burger with a fork and knife

>Eating a single-stack burger with a fork and knife

Are Japs retarded?

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You're the one getting burger grease all over your hands, retard.

I've seen it done. It doesn't make sense, but then again people eat pizza with a knife and fork too.

Because anything western there is prestigious.Japan is the king of processed foods so a mcdonalds hamburger for them is as organic as a cow's shit.

>grease all over your hands
>LITERALLY the point of the buns

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There are five star restaurants that you are EXPECTED to do the same as, in their words, "Don't serve heathens here, show some table manners and consideration for your fellow diners."

It's harder if they use chopstick

t. soyboy

I do this, I really don't like getting food on my hands.

>McDonald's will never put together your burger as beautifully as in the McDonald's anime.

Guess I'll have to settle with a slapped together mess.

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>Anime food ever being real
When are we getting the otaku version of Falling Down? (Ajin is closest at the moment)

>are Japs retarded?

Have you ever played Monster Hunter with them?

What are you an animal? I eat everything with a knife and fork. It's less messy and I can eat my meal more slowly, which of course helps me enjoy the meal and the company of those I dine with much, much more. Look how content she is. That is the look of a cute girl who knows she's right. And as for me, I'm at least 150% more interested in marrying her.

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This bikini autist is a real treasure that goes ignored.

The Muricans believe that eating like animals, touching everything you eat with dirty, smelly fingers, gives them a connection to their Jesus God. Eating with fork and knife - a skill many of them never master - is a great way to drive them screeching, shit-flinging mad. Works best with burgers, pizza, poultry, maize, steaks, tacos, sandwiches, cake, ice-cream and chips.

Fun fact: Muricans don't wash their butt after shitting. They just scratch the shit off with their fingers and a piece of paper. The same fingers they touch their food with 10 seconds later. It's their culture. Don't let them touch you or your food. Ever. Insist that they bow instead.

I eat like this, no way when I'm out I'd pick up a burger with dirty hands.

>Eating with fork and knife - a skill many of them never master - is a great way to drive them screeching

Well thankfully I didn't grow up in trailer trash and not a nigger since I eat properly with my knife and fork thanks to my upbringing to the point where I'd be punished if I didn't eat with them properly.

I also love the smell of my own flatulence

/ack/ thread? /ack/ thread.

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>five star restaurant
>serving burgers

Tripfags gonna fag.

Hey, do you also open up your burger after you get it and rearrange the bacon and such because of how the chief never puts it together right?

you guys will argue about anything xd

The whole point of the scene is how unusual it is. How can you miss it and think that eating with a fork applies to all Japanese?

they do, I have eaten them; and it's namefag to you, I don't want to be associated with the dayglow dancing class that is tripfags any more than the average user.

Nah, they're just copying Batman.

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Ever heard of napkins, soap and water, or those burger-sized paper bags?

You should be using napkins, soap, and water regardless of how you eat.

All ground meat contains trace amounts of feces. Might as well use a knife and fork on a pile of dog shit.

>All ground meat contains trace amounts of feces.
Is there credible proof for this? I can't fathom every country getting away with it.

>how to spot a vegan

You should leave if you don't even know what a fucking trip fag is you stupid piece of shit.

Why didn't you just Google it up first, to begin with 5 stars means it's not even Michelin meaning it's most likely just a restaurant in a 5 star hotel.

>being this butthurt after getting called out

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hey at least they're using forks and knives this time, that's a start

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This. Eating like a fucking pig doesn't do the delicious burgers true justice. Fork&knife makes it a cultured and delicious experience.

What kind of a weak knee faggot are you?

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This is the difference between a Cultured NEET and a Pleb NEET, only a barbarian would use his bear hands to eat food.

thats actually a thing some americans do anyway, literally pour pig grease all over their burger

i saw it on man vs food one time, looked pretty good desu

bear hands are top tier taste tho

That, Rika's beetle plush, and Mika's horn hat are among the top of things I want to buy but I'll never buy.

Germans invented the hamburger, I'm not surprised they'd eat it with fork and knife since they're all autistic anyways.

fuck now I want burguer

>being this new
Where is the tripcode at?

I do it too, but it's because my underbite gives me a huge gap on my incisors and my dentist told me to stop using my side teeth to cut food.

>otaku version of Falling Down
I didn't know how badly I need that to exist.

> weak knee faggot
Amerifat lardball, with greasy fingers detected. Do you like greasing up your hands so much, that using a fork and knife takes away the pleasure of devouring the food before you? This is the epitime of being a literal piglet.


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>eating a burger with utensils
You would if eating pic related. Yes,
someone thought it was a good idea.

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What do you suggest?
>eating a burger with chopsticks
>eating a meal without using utensils
Both are more retarded options than fork and knife.

You will also need this to eat that burger.

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>Burgers are finger food
>Finger food is food suppose to be eaten with your hands
>Eat with a utensil anyways
The human races deserves to go extinct.

I eat chips with chopsticks, what are you gonna do about it, you filthy animal?

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Do you at least make it a dramatic affair, where you twist your head away violently as you eat it?

>>Eating a single-stack burger with a fork and knife

Depends where you eat it.
In a McDonalds or Burger King by all means use the hands.
If you're eating in a real restaurant though, fork and knife unless you want everyone to consider you an animal.

>being a flip
Sounds to me you've got bigger issues.

>Finger food is food suppose to be eaten with your hands
>Not eat with your waifu´s feet

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>There are five star restaurants
>five star restaurants
Don't even exist, Michelin only gives up to 3 stars.

Are you really this dumb?

>but then again people eat pizza with a knife and fork too.

Damn to say something like this means you live in some god forsaken place with no civilization in sight. Try eating pizza with your hands in any restaurant in Italy (and not even a 5 star, just any normal restaurant) and you'd be ridiculed at the least.
Eating pizza with your hands is acceptable when at home, and when you're buying a slice to eat on the go. But for a whole pizza ? No no no no.

>Do you at least make it a dramatic affair, where you twist your head away violently as you eat it?

And don't forget, user needs to say in an aggressive manner that they are going to eat the chip!

Why is the first post always a retarded weeb subhuman defending every retarded shit that happens in anime


Well, the drug lords and pushers are being driven and killed off in my city. So, one less thing to worry about I guess.

>Try eating pizza with your hands in any restaurant in Italy
Why the hell would I go to there to eat pizza? Rather go to Chicago or New York for my extreme real pizza needs.

>When are we getting the otaku version of Falling Down?

I haven't heard anybody mention that movie ever. One of the bests. Wish I was a billionaire to fund that idea.

>Korean calling anyone a filthy animal.
Got a good laugh out of me.

>being racist

Racism doesn't belong on Sup Forums!

Go back to your containment board, Sup Forums

Figlia di puttana, traditora dela patria.

is your grandmother okay?

>Why the hell would I go to there to eat pizza? Rather go to Chicago or New York for my extreme real pizza needs.

Lol american pizza. It may look like pizza, even taste somewhat like pizza but Pizza it ain't and never will be.
How fucking deluded can Americans be ?
Next you'll say that American beef trumps Argentinian beef. Americans really are ignorant about the world and what good food is. But it ain't surprising in the least since the whole shit-food (is fast-food) comes from the land of stars and stripes.

British Propaganda. Jap media is controlled by GCHQ after WWII, see: "War Guilt Information Program".

It's a Conspiracy!

What the fuck are you talking about? America is best at everything, including beef, you mongrel.

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>Someone does it in anime
>therefor all Japanese people do it


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What if you eat some things like pizza, burgers and chicken wings with hands but everything else with fork and knife because you're not an autist? Maybe try washing your hands.


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post burg

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>survive two nukes
>eat burgers
Japs are cucks

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jesus fucking christ who runs that list?

But some girls don't give a fuck.

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ITT: Americans

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No idea but it almost has to be somebody from Sup Forums.

>bread in soup
>sandwich in ramen
The concept is fine but the execution leaves a lot more desired.

he is totally living the dream and immersed in his food.
Like he was set to commit suicide tonight and wanted to express his desire for food in the most childlike and fulfilling way possible one last time.

>America is best at everything
Show me your best anime, American.

Reminds me of that website for anime bath scenes and that other one for anime cicadas.

Literally not even a contest.

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is he ok?

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