Is this the most popular gary stu at the time?

Is this the most popular gary stu at the time?

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So shitposting aside, why do people like him? He seemed blamed to me from the start and the tacked on backstory contributed nothing to that perception.


>le edgy and sad backstory meant to create "depth"
And that's how you appeal to fangirls

>gary stu

I see we continue to use words that we don't understand. Got me to take the bait tho

Never fails and when it does is never his own fault, is enough to me
Adding his power, sad past, unidimensional

speak english you dumb fuck

His autism is pretty fun.

Oniisama is. He shits on every other Gary Stu. Hell even they will fall for him.

> Cant refute argument
> Tries to discredit by accusing him of having shitty grammer
Nice try, but next time come up with something more original.

>tacked on backstory contributed nothing to that perception.
How does it "contribute nothing"? It literally explains everything about his character.
I don't even like Todoroki btw.

>Never fails and when it does is never his own fault
He lost to Bakugou and him spacing out due to daddy problems is 100% his fault and no one else's.

I'm being subjective there as I said I started off thinking he was bland and ended thinking he was bland after his backstory.
But to try hard to explain why I'm indifferent to him without coming off as condescending, I suppose it's because I generally believe a character should be interesting without a backstory. The backstory should just be a spice that adds another dimension. What ideals does Todoroki represent? What drives him in his goals? Honestly, that his motivations are reactionary and external by being caused by family drama is a bit off putting. And really, besides that aspect of his character, there's not much else to him.
But I'm open to someone explaining a layer of him I haven't considered. At the moment, I just don't get it.

Even if you don't count him losing to Bakugo; he got slapped around by Stain, couldn't do anything against teeth villain and failed his license test.
He actually fails more than he succeds.

>gary stu
>couldn't even freeze Twice

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You realized what you wrote is retarded and moved goalposts I see. I didn't ask for justification of your opinion because I do not care about it.

>moved the goalposts
From the outset I said my perception of him was that he's bland, and that his backstory did nothing to change my mind on him being bland. So I don't see what you mean.

>Mother burns off his face and scars him for life
>blames dad instead and goes to mom
>tumblrites and spics think this is good writing

The absolute state of bnha fans.

You're overthinking because you don't understand something simple. Having layers of character doesn't automatically make you not bland. You can be a well written complex character, and you can still be bland at the same time. That's all up to the writer and the reader. I'm not saying MHA is well written or complex, but you're clearly just refusing to recognize shit because you dislike it on a personal level.

Gary stu is kind of a weird term for him. He didnt' start as a gary stu, but became like that after the tournament arc.
By the way, how much of a hack writer do you have to be to have the entire tournament arc centered around a character, and then have the character become the blandest motherfucker there is? I don't understand who like this crap.

>but became like that after the tournament arc.
He literally jobs fight after fight after the tournament arc. He even jobs the damn test because he couldn't keep his daddy issues in check.

Don't post retarded shit just because you hate him, there's plenty of ammo to use why the fuck do you have to make shit up?

I'll admit it's subjective. I'm not beyond liking simple characters. Iida is pretty cool in my book, after all. I suppose I was just interested in seeing what people would put as their stated reason even if they didn't make him out as some deep Shakespearean tragedy of a character.

After doesn't mean immediately after user.
Learn how to read.

I don't like him much, so I can't help you there. What I can say is that he's been given a lot of development and goes back and forth instead of simply straight ahead in maturing, which is something I credit to Hori even if it's basic writing.

Ah yes because him getting into a pissing contest with Inasa was IMMEDIATELY AFTER the tournament arc. Right.

Fuck off nigger, you haven't even graduated high yet so stop projecting.

His abs are nice though.

You state his backstory is 'tacked on' to which I reply that it literally defines the character (to a ridiculous degree, which is a flaw in itself).
Then you say it's irrelevant and you don't care anyway:
>I generally believe a character should be interesting without a backstory

Animeonly here. This series isn't worth reading past the school trip arc. No need to get so angry just because someone doesn't like your shitty self-insert. You are the one that is acting like a nigger getting angry at a retarded character.

He should interact more with Momo.

Sasuga onii-sama.

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Was careless with my words there, so a fair thing to point out. I stated it with some cynicism on the creative process around Todoroki's character. I.e. his backstory being an after thought or post hoc. But I realize now how I was being presumptive in this. Your phrasing, that the backstory is a bit too defining, is more accurate to what I had in mind.