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PV new episode when?

Also Mihono a best

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Hiyoyon is sex

It's pretty weird to have a delay in the Omote PV. Last episode was up as early as seven hours ago.


I have bad feeling about animation of this episode.

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Are these masks really necessary?



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I wonder if this is something new or just one of the powers they've mentioned but haven't used yet.

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>smiling and laughing psycho-dyke

Has she finally seen the errors of her ways? Is she ready to redeem herself?

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Looks like Myougan, heat vision.

It's Myougan, heat-vision.

Nah she find out Sayaka beat Yomi and still happy for that.

She's not going to be redeemed. I hope Yomi sets her bugs loose on that bitch.

Hiyori going lightspeed when?

That's what people thought last week. She's too far gone.

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Doc, turn off my toji inhibitors.

Other than seeing Yukikaze waving around a katana what is the appeal of this show?


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Saratoga and Iowa waving around katanas.


The most volleyball toji.

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>even the lolicon bait has a bigger rack than Hiyoyon
How will she ever recover?

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She can do that by molesting Sayaka.

No more homewrecking.

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I still believe in her, anyone who wore twintails and was that cute as a teenager can't be that evil at her core. Yukari is just a bad influence on her, tear her away and she'll change.

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But Mai-chan is the official homewrecker.

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I can't believe Yomi is fucking dead.

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>no stars in her eyes


Could have sworn this was the same production crew as Frame Arms Girls but no? They have similar camerawork, Toji makes FAGirls feel like a proof-of-concept.

No, this is by Gokumi who work on walmart madoka.

Yukari-sama is God.

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Best team

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God's gonna get raped by a bunch of little girls.

Ok, let me phrase this question another way: what is the plot about? I came for Yukikaze but after episode 1 I find that the plot is boring. Will it improve later on?

Which is quite hot actually.

The plot is satisfying but more importantly it doesn't get on the way of the stellar character work. None of the girls in the OP are flat.

Enemy of the State but with cute girls and a scheming 2hu.

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Hiyonyon's ludicrously flat though.

So Yomi and Yume are in on Yukari's plans right? People frequently said Yume was in the dark but she knew about the aradama juice and now this.

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Her circumstances and her actions demonstrate depth of character.

Best frame from last episode, poor girl can't catch a break.

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Yume isn't in the dark, she is in the tank.

symphogear but no singing

She was the only one who wasn't surprised, so yeah, I assume she knows Origami's plan

>he skips the OP and ED

>So Yomi and Yume are in on Yukari's plans right?
Of course.

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What a nice family. Yukari-sama is simply trying to make a home for outcasts like those two and these CIA puppets keep interfering.

Weren't they cast out by that striving stage-mom? For being insufficient demonstrations of her love ... for their adoptive parent?
Family is complicated.

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>blood on Kanami's shoulder
Nice. I hope tojis get actually killed in the second cour.

Mutated Birbs

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That's probably just Yume coughing up.

Yume ;_;

you got your memes mixed up

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>Yume coughing blood right into Kanami's face in the middle of the fight
How would everyone react?

>exposure to aradama AIDS
Maximum shun, better hope Hiyoyon is at hand for the coup de grace.

So when is the fucking game coming out?

Never, it's been canceled.

After the next two episodes so they don't spoil the twist that aradama are people.

Ok, let me try it one more time: do I need to switch off my brain when I watch this?

Just watch the show and think for yourself.

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You should try switching it on first.

So what's the worst case scenario, anons?

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Switch it on and decide for yourself.

What if the MCs die and the mobage MCs become the MCs for the second cour?


Have you guys heard character songs? Whose do you think is bestest?

>what if we kill the original cast and replace them with literally whos from a game that's hasn't even been released yet
That would be stupid.

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He said worst.

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The chinese getting aradamaed?

Go ahead and switch off, you seem to be most comfortable being a total fucking moron.

This is gonna get violent.

everyone got 2 ghosts but Yomi only one
Why is she so shit?


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Some "elite" guards they are, being that out of the loop.

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I doubt there would be any particular differences for you.

Yes, use a gun.

no bully, they are trying their best

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Their "best" can't even be called sufficient.

Those two spends too much time around each other.

She's the one negatively affecting Yukari. She's been told to fuck off so many times already

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So will Yume dominate them despite having their cheater suits on?

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sure, until her heart gives out

All 4 fighting at once

Looks like Maki and Hiyori have a rematch. Hiyori a smug cheating shit in her S-Equipment, who's the villain now huh

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What's wrong with a married couple staying together?

>who's the villain now huh

No it's the CIA puppet Hiyori who broke the rules of batoru

Take off those bandages Maki and show that you don't have any Aradama track marks.

Yukina is the one doing the human experiments on her own accord. Yukari went the tech route and invented S-Equipment.

Fucking jobbers, just because you joke about it doesn't make it okay.

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They end up not doing any actual work at all. There is a reason why some companies banning/discourage their employees from dating each other.

Can it be considered nothing when it's all part of Yukari's keikaku?

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