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This manga had some good moments

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>Sequel never
>New works never
>Other series he's worked on; translations never
At least this was fully translated.

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Man this was great. Finally a manga where the best girl wins.

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I loved it so much I read both the original and the translation and bought the physical volumes. The story and characters develop at a blistering rate considering the genre (until Aoi's autism brings it down to glacial levels, but thankfully her screen time is low). The ride added a lot to the enjoyment as well. It was fun to read discussions and reviews from both nips and the western side and the author's cheeky twitter posts

this and rookies are pretty cool

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don't die

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What's going on in here?

Sauce? Google and saucenao showed jackshit.


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Neko no mail

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No "one page" per se, but, oh, well. I always found funny this whole scene.

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This is the guy who eventually did Monster Musume right?

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Yep; Shame about it, the originals were way comfier.

Post more senpai

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The original designs were also better, especially the Centaur.

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Otaku something something

Is that a real page or a meme ? I don't even know the difference anymore

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Source? Yandex only gives faggot shit.

Try Google.

Why do people keep posting climactic deaths as though that's supposed to make people want to read it? You just spoiled someone dying like what the fuck

opt threas are variable either they're edgy nu Sup Forums feeding grouns full of sex and death or they're pleasant slice of life and quirky gags

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>It was fun to read discussions and reviews from both nips and the western side and the author's cheeky twitter posts
I've never been more jealous of missing out on an unknown facet of something I enjoyed in my life.

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What's this?

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I'm not sure it really could have gone anywhere, but I'm sad that series was as short as it was.

>After almost 3 years there has been a release
What the fuck

The hidden underbelly of the OPT.

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Sauce pls

Is she puking coke because she drank too much?

How many bloody spinoffs and variations does this series has?

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let me win this thread like real quick

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oh boy

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say what you want. but kubo knows how to design a charakter

Bleach is a good example of a shit manga being good for OPT threads

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What is this?

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This one is amazing, loving every chapter. Thanks for this.

is this the trap manga

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Don't bother trying to look it up, only like 2-3 other pages translated.

ch1 TL (no typeset):

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it is faggot shit

has someone named this yet? it seems like it aint groove start

I remember this from when rello dumped the first chapter. It has a kickstarter for an anime or something now right?

Used goods, don't bother.

B-but... I need it!

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Same author as Again.

please user help me

Because it's a cool looking page.

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I don't remember the name, but it's getting an anime soon.

That was a great premise but the delivery was weak.

really what season

Kill yourself.

thanks user i find it