Would you marry her?

Would you marry her?

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Sure. It'd all turn out to be a scam though.

I want to lick her muscles

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No, she's Rock's.

No way fag, she'd beat the shit out of me in front the kids and go on alcohol fueled rampages.

No because she's stuck in a hiatus void from which she can never escape and that would make a relationship awkward.

I'd marry the superior girl instead.

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I don't like used goods

In a heartbeat. Would get drunk with then wake up to train after sleeping all morning cuddling. She is best waifu

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You dare talking about superior?

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Tattoos can be cute. She could tattoo your name on her body, so you'll be together forever.

Everybody who would not is gay

my life insurance policy forbids such a union

I'm gay and I still would.


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Go away bacon eater

I'd marry this girl.

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I don't think she believes in such things

Yeaaaah good mother and housewife her for sure.