ITT: Good shows Sup Forums almost tricked you into not watching

ITT: Good shows Sup Forums almost tricked you into not watching.

Umaru was one of the funniest, most endearing shows I've ever seen. What's your guys' problem with it?

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unironically VEG

The rebuild series
Brainlets just don't understand

I told you to be careful with the cream donuts, and now look what happened

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>cumming in your donut

They're called doughNUTS for a reason

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Is this opposite day?
Because Sup Forums tricked me into watching that trash

I can't even comprehend a series that I wouldn't watch because of Sup Forums
Guess I'll go watch boko no Pico but I'm sure it's going to be gay as hell
If I actually enjoy it I'll post a video of me eating a hat

You’re a little naive posting that thing here(implying it wasn’t your plan to get cum in umaru’s face pics), anyway here one hidden gem of the last year, the characters are trash but that’s the point they’re shitty people and laugh of them

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>enjoying literal Sup Forums tier trash

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Rule 1 about Sup Forums:

Always do the opposite of what Sup Forums tells you.
except for me... this one time

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It got popular. It's like you don't even know where you are. How can any random little kiddo hope to stand out like the unique snowflake he is when he's into the exact same things as everyone else?

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Umaru thread!

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None because I follow my own thoughts instead of depending on a bunch of shit tasting faggots. Stupid faggot.

Usually if it's popular outside of Sup Forums, the series is genuinely good. If the above holds and Sup Forums goes out of their way to say it's unredeemable shit, then it's that rare masterpiece you don't have to skip at any cost.

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Dumb kazuya posters.

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>There are people that can't just relax and enjoy Umaru's show.

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I've now watched 2 episodes of boku no Pico and I can honestly say it's gay as fuck with worse animation that I expected
Pico has a plump feminine butt and that's all
it was still better than umaru

BnP was not for me
Umaru was bad

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Literally nobody

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Back to your containment board

In the spirit of...

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Never trust Sup Forums.
Never hate Umaru, the queen of the frontpage.


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Kek, saved

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Sadly only got the original.
I requested this, then badly coloured it in.

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She belongs on the front page of

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Reminder that even other Umarufags know these threads are shit

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Usagi Drop (manga)

>mfw an ambassador from /c/ tells their faggots to stop agitating.
I'm not sure why but I always find inter-board attempts at diplomatic relations to be incredibly adorable.

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