Frieza Shooting Stuff

While shitposting on another board, I made this image.

Then, I got the idea to try and make this a new meme by spreading it and sharing my resources to see what others could produce using them.

So here is my idea for a new meme, Frieza Shooting Stuff. There are two transparent light images here, you simply put something into the third panel and then layer the lights over it to give the effect of it being Ki-blasted into oblivion.

Now, show me what you can do, you salty dogs!

(Template and ki beam resources down below.)

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Here is the template for the meme.

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Here's the first Ki resource.

(god I hate coundowns)

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And here is the second.

Now you can properly edit it to your whims.

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i like the concept but i'm too lazy to do anything with it right now

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When Frieza wins the tournament and get his wishes granted

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delet this

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1 gorilion hours in paint

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make the white transparent

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Goddamn you Frieza! First Planet Vegeta-Chan, then Namek-Chan AND NOW EARTH-CHAN?!

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do not bully fae

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last one im making

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Goku Laser Thread?

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You win the thread

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Bumping this gem

Spoilers for Super.

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Best thread in months!!!!
Can't edit anything now, bumping for laughs!!!

Already a thing.

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Never been to Sup Forums in 2 years. Is this how you guys are now?

Board is dead, but the DBS fandom is on another level of underage cancer as you can see.

Thanks doc.

Thanks doc for finding a way.

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the brraap was too strong

Thanks, Doctor Keit-Ai.

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La lagartija xd