Trivialize an character's motivation using "muh"

trivialize an character's motivation using "muh"

>Muh Headband

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>mud doka

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>Muh nigga

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>muh name

had to save this one
luckily i had this pic

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>Muh ocean

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>muh dead weight loss

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>muh dream

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Muh Rinne

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>muh country

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muh decency

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>muh strong a.i.

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>muh ideal

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>muh da

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>being this new

>muh shishi

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>Muh daughter

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>muh milk

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>muh danchou

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>muh dick

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>muh promise

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>Muh da

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I'll admit, I didn't notice you posted this already.
>Muh bad

>Muh tta

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>muh sashi

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>muh rape

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>muh data

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>muh wind

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>muh darling

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>muh kyoani
>muh animation
>muh sales
Don't have an actual image of kyoanusfags, so this will have to do.

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>muh sic

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>muh seishun

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>Muh yuri

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>muh muh muh muh

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>muh shitposting

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>muh Chi-chan

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muh bun

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>muh gravity

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> muh wings

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>muh mom

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>muh rubber nen

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>muh Being X

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>muh staying alive

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>muh cockona

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>muh gold

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>muh demons

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>Muh "gee wiz, what school to pick"

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>Muh subculture

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> muh Terra Formars

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>muh D

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>muh kidnapper

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>muh waifu

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>muh leg

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>muh prophecy

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>muh sneeze

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It's actually
>Muh revenge

>muh food

>muh deka

>muh teddy bears

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>Muh truth

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Isn't that more Fairy Tail?

>muh furenzu

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More like
>muh zetsubou

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muh bushi

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Muh dick

muh queen

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thank u my brudda

fucking cancer go kys you and your dead memes you absolute scum

>muh pool

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>muh social darwinism

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Muh explosions.

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I wish Junketsu had a personality, thought that would've been interesting


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Dumb-ass doesn't think he's scum like us, despite being here in the filth with us.
Does it feel windy up there in that moral high ground?

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>Muh drill

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>go kys

You're a part of the problem. Also
>Muh yaka

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>scum like us
>moral high ground
>Sup Forums is your safespace
>Muh war

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>Muh homolust

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came to post this

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Spit on him

How could you do this

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>muh loyalty to muh king

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>muh god

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Muh loli protection agency
Muh demon semen
Muh merchant

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>muh major

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>Muh hole

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>muh hands

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>Muh body

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