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There's still no cover preview for volume 8? Or actually any preview at all? I'm kinda shocked. Wasn't V7.5s preview early before?

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7.5 cover was released on December 16th. That was the earliest cover release AFAIK, the other releases before that were around 27th, so it's more likely that'll be the case this time around.

Seriously, the last thread got archived before reaching bump limit. Stop making threads and let translate user start a new thread when he finishes translating something, or there are news

>in the rain
>with an umbrella
>looking deadpan
>with lighting shades and shadows

It's always that one autistic user. Redditfag/Nufag I believe.

[ Future Schedule ]

Release Date Decision: March 1st
Cover Release: The latter half of March?
Limited Edition Announcements: Late March to Early April?
Synopsis Release: The beginning of April?
Trial Reading: April 17th?
SS Announcements: April 14-18th?
Early Sale Date: April 23rd is certain, possibly April 21st
Official Release Date: April 25th

[ Past Record ]

Release Date Decision: November 30th
Cover Release: December 16th
Limited Edition Announcements: December 20th
Synopsis Release: January 1st
Trial Reading: January 17th
SS Announcements: January 18th
Early Sale Date: January 23rd
Official Release Date: January 25th

Release Date Decision: August 30th
Cover Release: September 29th
Synopsis Release: October 3rd
Limited Edition Announcements: October 5th
Trial Reading: October 17th
SS Announcements: Shiina October 14th, Chabashira is on the 16th Sakura is on the 17th and Hasebe on the 18th
Early Sale Date: October 21st
Official Release Date: October 25th

It's still to early

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Stop bumping this shit thread

Kei a best


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Agree. No other girls can compare.


Best waifu above all Horigoat

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Amazon has preorders for vol 8 up.

Already? Shit, it's coming!


Kei a best

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