Darling in the FranXX

What happened to Jesus Hiro Christ?

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Is there any chance that hiro will develop feelings for ichigo?

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He already does love me

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I imagine a lot of Ichigo’s feelings for Hiro come from the things he gave her

>He gave her an identity by giving her a name,
>He’s taught her a bunch of things
>He gave her the hairclip
>He gave her first kiss too.

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Stop stealing my copypasta

Does anyone have the source for this in full? Would greatly appreciate it.

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Fatty will sell him to APE for 30 breads.
Milkman will deny any connection to him 3 times due to his resentment, only to ended up trying to save him when it's too late.
02 will reluctantly run away to save their unborn child.

Thanks bruh. Not a single search engine works with twitter.

Why do IchiHirofags even think their ship will prevail when Hir02 has been established since episode 1 and continues to be canon with each week? Not to mention the fucking opening which obviously destroys any room for interpretation. Why do you want to suffer for an already lost shipwar? Just make Ichigo your waifu and everything is resolved.

And more and more artists are moving there, fuck's sake

Probably shitposters.

Goro will betray Hiro. Ichigo will weep for him. Futoshi will go on to spread Hiro's word.

This, there are only a few of them that do actually believe in IchixHiro

Because Goro is a piece of shit cuck that doesn't deserve Ichigo. Hiro doesn't deserve Ichigo either.

What is so special about Hiro that everyone just bends over for him and spreads their ass cheeks? I do not understand.

Probably got his charisma from his genetic donor.

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That's my main problem with the show. They are trying to imply that this beta piece of shit lacking any sort of charisma or backbone could actually lead people.
By the same time even a fucking Simon started being a man.

for first cour

Read the Manga he has more of a backbone than his anime counterpart.

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buzzwords, nice bait, mitsurufag

t. mitsuru

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>Manga storyline made by one man following a guideline
>Anime storyline is being shared by two production companies and a host of creative staff

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Anyone have translations of this or the other ones?

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What happened to Mitsuru? In his childhood he seem to idolize Hiro alot. Why sudden jealousy/disdain?

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NTR soon


Now give her short hair.

>What happened to Mitsuru?

Gyaru 002 when?

Goro is a bigger man than you will ever hope to be. He saved Ichigo's life in place of his own and was completely determined to follow through with his mission even if it meant him dying too. He is completely aware of what was going on with Ichigo and Hiro and didn't act like a childish bitch about like I'm sure you would. When he learned about love he knew instantly that he had these strong feelings for Ichigo. His biggest regret was not declaring his love and when he got a second chance at life took the opportunity without hesitation. He grew as a character going from some background nice guy who is happy with the way things are and goes with the flow to a man who makes his own decisions and is willing to take responsibility for them. Ichigo is going to fall for him if you like at all the symbolism that's been slapped in your face.
Goro is too good for you. Fuck off.

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>from shit to perfection

Here's a cleaned up version with non browned eyelashes and stuff.
maybe later.

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>By the same time even a fucking Simon started being a man
if i recall correctly in ep 9 simon was just deppressed pice of shit


His personality growth can be summed up as being ichigo's damsel, back up boyfriend, and apparent creeper...because ichigo has to be less of a creeper/get a pass for being a wierd little cunt.

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Here's browner for those who want that.

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El Oniro


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Anyway done for now. Might potentially take requests later.

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The partner killer.

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Miku seem jealous.

002 get

strawberryd by captcha

based dbspics

>Miku likes Gorou
Why i never thought about this before? That explains why she seems to dislike Ichigo and keep bringing Gorou in their conversations.

Why did they kill Hiro so early in the show? What the fuck is wrong with them

Why does he wear the mask?

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so Zero Two Mary Magdalene...

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Who paid you to grab Doctor Franxx?

Wonder what was his backstory.
Was he ride with 02 because it was his command? Was he sacrificing himself for APE/Humanity? Or was he just a glory-seeker? Did he just think he would be lucky?

What does he hide under the coat?

Could a normal person from our world be able to ride with 02 without getting oniaids?


no, stop with these love triangles bullshit, the plot will never move on like this

Perhaps he's wondering why someone would consume a stamen, before throwing him out of a FRANXX

Why is Trigger so obsessed with Alchemy?

White, salt.
Yellow, sulphur.
Red, iron.
Black, negredo, carbon.

The small blue elements are Trigger's addition of water, a catalyst or vessel for reaction.

These are also the colors of 002, and Trigger's other key characters such as Shiny Chariot from Little Witches Academia, and Akko's transformation using Shiny Rod. Chariot's old bird also has the color theme.

Tracking such things will help one understand the plot to Trigger's shows, but Sup Forums DGAF. Seems like /x/ fringe wizards are their true target audience, but they're too busy being abused by tulpas.

C'est la vie.

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> white, yellow, red, black.

hmm... pure coincidence!

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>Anime storyline is being shared by two production companies and a host of creative staff
Nah, just "one" guy is telling a better story than the whole anime staff.

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>manga has more Ichigo
>is better


I have this one for this week

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He's just 2 Hiro's in a big coat


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Why is 02 so boring?

foreshadowing 02 stealing ichigo

Because she's pretty generic and one dimensional

She's cute and designed for otaku so she's popular tho

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Shes actually very complex, its hard to figure out what she is thinking most of the time

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It's not tho, are you autistic

Nice job with the TS

it is tho, are you autistic

its not my work

This series is nothing but shipping wars and that's why it's bad.

If you can't tell when 002 is happy or sad you're autistic

Nah you are

That's just because Sup Forums is too dumb to talk about anything else.

the setting is completely wasted on this show. It might as well have just been set at some generic high school

When I went to read the manga for some reason I was expecting more of a one-to-one but with some stuff cut out. Changes like your pic, where he alphas up and doesn't let some other guy ride with his girl, caught me off guard but left me pleasantly surprised. Though I did like the part in the anime where Hiro is called out to Oni when she's going to be sent out to the frontlines or whatever again, and I don't know if we'll see that in the manga.
Also, just because I'll praise Hiro doesn't mean I'll bash based Goro when he shows his open mind and big heart.

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basically this, but also there is something very strange about it. 90% of 02's fanarts are being made by FGO fans.

She's popular so people make art of her

When are we going to get to see 002 and Ichigo sharing hiro's yogurt while Goro cheers them on?

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because darling is the greatest

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Is there anything that might work with twitter?

02 is too cute, I also want more cute Ichigo scenes instead of her dramatic bullshit

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I don't think they eat yogurt. Just bread and honey.

So episode 8, surely it inspired many orgy, gangbang and footjob doujins?

please user, 02 is just a otaku pandering character to provide fanservice and waifubait, as well as being a plot device for the MC's development.

02 isn't sharing.

I love shipping wars

That's a cute webm

Watch out

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she's popular thanks to the FGO fans, FGO is a mobage about ''waifu'' for gachafags.

Anyone has the source of the (manga) image where zero two says to ichigo "we are having sex s-e-x".
(I dont even't have the image now damn it.)

It's from the only doujin that's been released for this show

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