Saotome Girl

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Dump it op

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OP pic follows then flashback time.

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Seems daddy left them.

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Guess we can expect a future arc to do with her father at some point.

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Spoilered for your own protection.

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Last page.

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I dont get it is that device supposed to count their hits?

I thought Sup Forums loved tomboys? Yet here''s a cute romance series with a /fit/ tomboy without any unnecessary bullshit or dragging out like Tomo chan. Why doesn't this get more love on here?

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For some reason I looked this and remembered the series Teppu. Anyone know what happened to that? I'll probably end up reading this too anyway.

Goddamn why are fit tomboys so cute

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>Tomboy in love with a beta manlet loser

There is your problem

This is the peak female form.

I honestly don't understand too. Maybe most fags here think abs on a girl are disgusting or something. Who knows.

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>beta manlet loser
Clearly the author's considering their target audience.

That's like 99% of romance manga in general. Also he's not THAT beta. The previous chapter proves that he can hold his own in a fight.

Satoru got kinda better. I still think it's weird that he is so weak, even though he has been doing sports all this time

Thanks for the dump user
I thought he was shocked that she was a girl last chapter?

Thanks for the dump, m8

Isn't his biggest issue just his confidence?

I remember him also being physically weak. For example the fight he had at that tournament also went bad when he ran out of stamina. Which again, I can't really wrap my head around if he is supposed to have been doing sports/boxing for this long

Some people just lack talent in certain areas.
Lot's of high level boxers irl have stamina issues but they find ways to work around it.

It could be genetics problems(natural weak body)

Both of these answer are okay, but I still think it'd be better if he were at least a bit more fit. Especially at the beginning he was presented as too much of a wet noodle.
Lets hope we at least get to see Saotome breaking his nose in this flashback

Agreed, years of exercise and dedication to a sport would put a little more muscle on someone.

I think the author got cancer and had 2 end it premature

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He's fit

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Saotome Senshu is great and Saotome is cute and the guy isn't as much of a dork as he looks. But the real star IMO is the blonde (gyaru?) manager girl that acts as their matchmaker. When they were on a trip and she got ahold of a list of room arrangements and bath times and her eyes literally just lit up with ideas on how to mess with them, I thought that was the greatest thing.

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literal perfection

>desire for being an athlete
>lost the gene lottery
its not fair bros

>tfw your girlfriend has more pronounced abs than you

>desire for being an athlete
>lost the gene lottery
Are you saying that you were born with a serious medical condition that prevents you from doing sports or that you just "lack talent" or some such nonsense. Because you can still become an athlete if you "lack talent" since even if you don't make it to the world stage you can still make a reasonable living by either playing on smaller, local teams or competing in less popular sports.

On the other hand if you didn't train and focus singlemindedly since you were a kid, then you're fucked and you'll never be an athlete because you need to be complete by the time you reach your physical peak.

Satoru obviously wanted to get to olympic level
But he is barely able to beat a girl of his age

The only time Satoru's betaness has been annoying is that time under the bridge when Saotome wanted to kiss but he was caught up on not being as strong as her. Otherwise he shows a lot of traits I wish other manga would pick up. When it was shown that he trains diligently in his spare time to make up the space between them, it was really refreshing compared to your average MC who would be fine playing cheerleader on the sidelines forever.

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I like it

Alright lads, another new chapter. I'll dump soon.

Nevermind that, my mistake. Kissmanga fooled me.

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>Found Shota.png

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Not bad

god i love this manga so much

Rate newest cover

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Tomboyfags what do you think about this new manga?

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is it translated?what is the name?

Main girl is literal perfection.

not enough abs

LH scans... NO

>this thread

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I think it nails the look of "not technically cross-dressing, but it sure looks like it".


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Saotome>Tomo. Prove me wrong.

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saotome > everyone
she's literally perfect

The series or the character? Series wise yes since Tomo has been dragging on ridiculously with nearly zero progress for the main couple. I get that it's primarily a comedy series, but some progress would be nice. Character wise Saotome is my walking fetish, so I'd take her over Tomo.

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Wait, who's the white-haired goddess in the back? I don't remember her.

This autist.

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Dumb tomboys are the cutest.

Oh right, I guess the contrast between her tanned and non-tanned versions got me confused.

what's her endgame?

no, probably job overseas, dont forget he is japanese not black

To make them into a proper couple.


best tomboy

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10/10 delicious

All of them are good but the first one is still the best.

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such a heavy burden

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fuck I need to catch up

with your abs?

This girl is a treasure.

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>n-no homo

and that

A six pack on a girl is unattractive. You want to be able to see her smooth tummy.

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But I want to rub my dick on her abs.

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shut your mouth