The Light of Tsukimi Manor

Anime adaptation when?

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What are we going to do on the bed?

I remember when I read this as a kid, I thought my ass was gonna go to jail for cp
Lol I was retarded

Inuboshi is still the King in my eyes

You still are.


pomf =3

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Same here. For me, he'll always be the best.

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Is it strange to be nostalgic about his work?

I can't believe inuboshi is dead

Pedos should be gassed

>not wanting to impregnate a prime, innocent, loli
What are you, gay?

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People like you should be hanged in Nuremberg Trials.

Being called a pedo arouses me.

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It will find a way.

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>You will never fuck your imouto in a mall bathroom stall

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Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

Yes Loli, no touch. Actual pedophiles need to die a fiery death.

Pedophile != child molester.

>no touch
Good job proving the point.


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wew lad

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Is the guy dead for real now? When's the last time he made something?

Don't lust after 3d children. That's immoral.

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What about 3DCG children?

Why would he be dead?
He made enough. Now he's living comfortably.

Not that long ago.

>He made enough
Not enough for my heart.

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Just realized I haven't masturbated to a Inuboshi work in years. What's he doing nowadays?

Didn't he get serialized in a magazine?

He still releases loli ero manga, just not as frequent as before.

Isn't this a little too lewd? Young girls aren't for that kinda stuff desu

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What a hag.

The Light of Tsukimi Manor is the epitome of lolicon manga, this comes from a lolicon connoisseur with decades of knowledge. Prove me wrong.

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Sack Keit-Ai

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It may be the epitome, but it is not flawless. That wimpy onii-chan dragged the quality of the work down.

Those are cuter, but still inferior to JS.

You aren't some kind of masochist pedophile, are you user?

>what the fuck is /an/?
Why the fuck do they have a truck and a cellphone as players?

Sack Accel.

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Keit-ai actually bothered trying to keep that goal from entering.

Accel got out of the way like a jackass.

Look closer, user. Truck-kun and Keit-ai are Sup Forums players.

*scores the winning goal for the other team in your way*

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I know it's confusing how Keit-ai scored a goal for /an/, but Keit-ai is actually an Sup Forums player.

Oh, alright. That makes more sense. And the truck is the rape truck I guess?

You should lurk a little bit more.