Was Miyazaki wrong here?

Was Miyazaki wrong here?

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Yeah, especially to be so callous as to not even take it as inspiration instead of dragging and dropping it into a movie, which seems to be what he was thinking of.

What the fuck is his problem? I could see that things movements and general body being used in horror video game/movie and shit.

Yes, we understand its hard for certain sick people to do shit, but that isn't the point of the animation or model.

I don't like him, but I completely agree if it comes to 3DCG.

Yeah, he's basically saying the same as that "SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN" line.
By that logic we shouldn't have anime about sports or adventure because some people can't enjoy that.

Yeah, he's being an irrational idiot. Which is the norm for him, really.

Why is he so angry all the time? Miyazaki seems like an egotistical prick with his head up his own ass.

>It's an insult on life

Would that not be a good thing for most horror or zombie type games and animations?

Dehumanizing and hell, delifing it to make it nothing more then a monster.

He's old and artsy, therefore foverer bitter

Yes. What a pussy.

who is pitching zombie games to miyazaki?

looks like a student presentation at an art school.

Worse, he's only using that as an excuse to reject technology.

He is. At best he's a mediocre director with a half decent eye for cinematography. Otherwise he's just a hack with a large ego.

In this particular case?
He was absolutely correct.

Why are all old people such assholes?

Not really? He told the guys to do what they wanted but that he would personally not do so because of his view on life and art. I don't know why a bunch of computer animators and technicians sought out Miyazaki for his opinion on their stuff because it's not even a secret he doesn't like certain aspects of technology and modernization.

That being said, these guys claim you could use those animations for zombie games but we've already seen inhuman animations like that in video games for years prior to this.

Literally everything he said here is correct, Sup Forums is just assmad at Miya-san because he insults their moeshit tastes constantly and it hurts their paper-thin egos.

I agree Miyazaki was being over-dramatic
but i don't think he was referring to the content of the video but how it was made, replacing human skill with computers

I don't want great character designers replaced with computers

It still takes skill to program the computer to be unnerving. This same argument was made for synth machines in the 70s. Musicians were freaking out about the lack of human touch but really it was overblown dramatics, the musician programs the synth machine to play in a manner that is sometimes impossible for a human to achieve which had the effect of pushing the music medium forward.

I don't mind him not personally using it and sticking to how he wants his movies to be made. His choice.

But he should fucking at least see it from the perspective of others and how they could use it as a good thing. Someone could take this technology and use it as help or as a guide when drawing/making a new character.

I tried watching a Ghibli film once. During my watch I kept getting reminded of my deceased best friend who got run over by a steamroller. Such arrogance to even THINK of using 2D animation capable of evoking such painful imagery should be purged as an insult to humanity and its problems desu