ITT: Characters you unironically try to imitate in real life

ITT: Characters you unironically try to imitate in real life

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IIT: why won’t people invite me to things

Based redman

disdain for ningen

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>not strifing happyness for aniki

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are you GAR?

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This nigga is cringe personified. Do better OP.

>wanting to imitate a massive fuck up

if you want to imitate someone in fate at least pick Shirou or Kuzuki

I got a few of them

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I don't even try to imitate him,he's just like me: intelligent,nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

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For me, its Nunnally - Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

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He's a Marty Stu, but then again, don't we all want to be one?

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What the hell is this ?

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>tfw got into law because I wanted to do justice in the world and help prove peoples innocence and defend them.
>Got older and saw the harshness in reality.
>tfw I want be a prosecutor now.
Archer has never been more real.

Calm down Edgeworth

Do you also please old men for money?

what does GAR mean!?

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Based Kirei.
I feel better when I try to be like him.

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For me it's Miki.

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newfags everyone

Except I'm 5'7

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And I don't even have autism

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S3 when? Fuck Kyoani and their recent shitty adaptations.

In what way? Be careful, there is a wrong answer.

Me too because I'm pretty close already minus the good parts of her life. So I feel good about just going full Gab because maybe that will help with getting better friends. Makes sense, right?

Mine is pic related though. I've been lifting weights and learning cqc to help.

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Christ. Is this what Sup Forums has fallen to?

Including my love life T_T

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trips of pain

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Either Eikichi Onizuka or Spike Spiegel because i have great tastes.

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I love him so much

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not that cute th0

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>faggot clown

fucking kek

Every maneirism

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That looks like Kazuma in high school.

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Don't use emoticons on Sup Forums.


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How can I make myself look like Redman without hitting the gym desu?

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Have you tried killing yourself yet?

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your eyebrow muscles must be very strong by now.

I'm teaching myself how to cook

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How can you imitate a character ''ironically''?

I like the genki, can-do anything, adventurous, not giving a damn about what society thinks attitude.

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You still need to go to the gym. Steroids just help you to get greater gains out of training (with side effects, of course).

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Can you get fit with bodyweight training?

Im just too carefree but at the same time hellbent to accomplish my dreams.

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>Imitating a cartoon when you're over the age of 14
You all are embarrassing to be around.

>try to help people to hide the emptiness inside
Figuratively me.

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That's a common process for many idealistic lawyers, isn't it?

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inb4 generic harem MCs

Excellence incarnate

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Sup Forums's problem is generals, newfags are a site-wide thing

Don't even know what that is. Go ask

Ok how

Yes calisthenics will make you stronger and in better shape, but you won't have the size and shape that a volume oriented free weight program will give you.

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What about weight machines?

Thanks user, could you recommend anything?

Machines are fuckin gay. Machines take out the instability aspect of free weights. You will get the best results with just the bar and a power rack. Stick to the big 6 (OHP, bench press, dead lift, squat, clean, pullups). Go for a strength workout for the first 6 - 12 months (heavy weight low reps) and then switch to volume (medium weight high reps) and you will look like Redman in no time.

I recommend looking at a Starting Strength routine for the first 6 months, then switching to volume or more advanced workouts.

You can also look into Strong Lifts.

Remember to eat fucking big, as long as you're working out it'll go to the right places. Unless you need to lose weight, then eat consistently and healthily and the weight will redistribute naturally.

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>being a cuck...


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you didn't understand the message of the VN at all, did you?

Was it that people die when they are killed?


> Shirou
Shirou is a fucking retard. Dude dedicates his life to half-baked ideals he got from another man, and refuses to think and change his mind even when confronted by HIMSELF. Shirou should be the last person you want to imitate.

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The message is dumb. Redman did nothing wrong, except not trying to kill Shirou harder.

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>I wanted to do justice in the world and help prove peoples innocence and defend them.
Go to family court and defend only men almost all of them are innocent and undeserving of the treatment they're getting from the system

>tfw I want be a prosecutor now.
Why do you think we need more people in prison for victimless crimes?