Black Clover Vs Boku no Hero Academia

Serious comparison. Pros and Cons for each side.

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>wow this bait sure is good I am so smart xdd


>Did't get any magic? I'll just go weight lift some more

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How is it bait?

Why did you shitheads bump this

t. MHAfag

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What's wrong with nepotism if that's how the world works?

If you aren't into networks you are nobody

Except I didn't bump it. I sage'd it while it was on page 8. This faggot here bumped it

Never watched Black Clover since most of Sup Forums said it was a generic pile of shit with no redeeming qualities, but the chart made me want to try it.

Is Sup Forums right or BC is actually good/decent but underrated for some reason?


Yes it is generic and you shouldn't expect anything you haven't seen before. If you're okay with that then I recommend the manga. Anime adaptation is fucking garbage but if you don't want to read then watch it in english dub. MC's voice in sub is utter cancer.

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Well, that's actually all true.

> Is Sup Forums right or BC is actually good/decent but underrated for some reason?
The anime is crap. The manga however is good/great at exactly three things and ok in all other fields:
Great things:
1. Art
2. Fights (includes actually USEFUL FEMALE CHARS)
3. Comedy
Story-wise its relatively bland, a revenge-story of a ancient being wanting to destroy all of humanity.
If you are just expecting a nice battle shounen you will be enjoyed a lot.
PS: Everything the meme of the OP said about the Black Clover MC is true.

Can we all agree that ochapig is the biggest cuckqueen of all time, also something something wishing energy Mei will cuck the pig

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>Kills Black Clover

Nothing personal Clover fan

Name 1 (ONE) singular thing that's wrong in the OP image. You literally cannot.
BNHA faggots on suicide watch.

I'm a BCfag but I will send my wishing energy towards your cause.

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Fucking quality thread

I cant get over the fact that her second declaration of "i want to save people" reminded me so fucking much on Sakura's "i will be strong/useful". And we all know how that ended.
So...its a battle user, who do you think is the bigger cuckqueen? Sakura or Ochaka?
Btw, Orihime is #3, so only #2 and #1 are to be discussed.

>One of the best manga/animes to come out in the last couple of years
>A literal who anime that nobody will remember in another year
Yeah next thing you’re gonna be saying UQ holder isn’t shit or something too.

It is literally impossible to be worse than Sakura so Ochaco is #2

>BNHAfags actually think that two faggots crying and shooting air pressure at each other is one fo the greatest anime fights of all time
My sides. I know that fanbase is made up mostly of 13 year olds, but it's still hilarious.

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can't we all just get along here

You can't be more shit that pink shit, ochapig may be a cuckqueen, but she's not complete shit like sakura, you didn't game me your wishing energy user, unwashed waifu must win the dekubowl

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>BC vol 15 100k(with anime)
>BnHA vol 2 165k(no anime)

Their not rival at all so nothing personal again Clover fans

BC is pure shit.
Nonetheless OP's pic is true.

But BC is the worst nekketsu i've ever read. Even worse than recca no honoo.

The way of thinking of a cuck. If there's shit on the ground remove it, don't let it mix and rot on the marble

daily reminder to pick up /ourmanga/ Kimetsu no Yaiba

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it was a great scene in the manga because it was the first time the mc did something cool without crying. People that think it's one of the greatest fights ever are actually delusional.

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>thinking it will be Mei that wins the Dekubowl and not Kacchan
We all know that it will end with Piggy getting cucked, but it won't be by the smelly tinkerer

I just watched the anime and I already have a lot of problems with it, most of them with MC, however I see some similar stuff with both of them before their power up (Deku with AllMight's broken quirk and Asta with "le antimagic sword" that fucks everyone because everyone use fucking magic).
Both MCs tried to compensate their lack of power with something else (Deku collecting data from heroes and Asta buffing his body) and honestly even when I hate his fucking voice, I can empathize with Black Clover's MC.
I still need to watch the rest of episodes and read BC manga tho so I don't know it it shits the bed later.

Make sure you watch it dubbed so his japanese voice doesn't murder your eardrums

yeah, I almost dropped it the first time I heard him shouting.
Switched to dub right after that.

Also this anime is by Studio Pierrot so don't expect the greatest animation in every situation

>Chad/Virgin meme

>crying bitch vs screaming bitch
pick your shit

The exactly kind of a meme I'd expect from someone who unironically likes black clover.

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I know.
Didn't expect much from Naruto either, but the first episodes were pretty good.

MHA is the undisputed best shonen right now. Season 3 will set this in stone.

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Forgot to ask, but since I started watching BNHA, as more episodes/chapters from the manga I watch/read, I started to care less and less about Deku and care more about the rest of the cast.
Will that shit happen with BC?

To be fair you can count the entire amount of time Deku cry on your fingers but Asta shout every goddam page his in.

You didnt get the memo? This is part of the motherfucking game. The manga/anime community NEEDS two series they can kill each other for. This prevents hell spreading all over it.
Naruto Vs Bleach and now BC vs MHA are "The Purge".

the second season of the anime is literal garbage
first season isn't that much better

I dont care who wins the Dekubowl.
But so be it than, Cuckqueen list is as follows:
1. Sakura
2. Ochaka
3. Orihime

Ok and what if I like both series

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MHAfags truly think sales say anything about the quality of writing.


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> MHA best shounen
> during the time OP and HxH are running
Your argument destroys itself.

On some extent yes because if it actually good or even decent the people will buy it.

One Piece is garbage but I agree with HxH. Now if only it can finish in our lifetime.

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OP still hasn't fully recovered from the post-TS quality drop completely.

HxH is the real series MHA should be getting compared to. BC is flat-out shit and OP lost its legs a long time ago.

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>MC can't use magic
>he can summon an antimagic sword
what the fuck? isn't summoning some kind of magic?


This thread justt seems like one dude screaming MHAfag/BNHAfag at anything that moves.

Did they ever fire the voice actor for the sub version, or at least get him to turn it down?

no matter which side you fall on, surely there's not a single person itt who will defend this, right?


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it's his first costume, of course it's going to be shit

>HxH is the real series MHA should be getting compared to
Not it shouldn't Hero Academia is nowhere near HxH. It's generic by the books shonen trash just like BC, and it deserves to be compared to it.

Well first thing's first, Asta's grimoire does not belong to him. It used to belong to an elf named Licht who used sword magic. It isn't clear how yet, but somewhere down the line a demon was sealed inside of Licht's 4 leaf grimoire, turning it into a 5 leaf and converting the the swords he keeps in his grimoire for his sword magic, into anti-magic swords as anti-magic is demonic in nature. The swords now being anti-magic nullify all forms of magic so Asta having no magic is the only person who can wield them to their full extent. He can only pull them out of the grimoire because he has no magic

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he got a bit better but sadly no just watch it dubbed.

Okay yeah, accurate.


Not bait, retard
Also NOT an argument

It is generic af and the mc is the most annoying character of the whole series. (at least as far as i read) I really wanted to like it but i guess it wasn't for me.

His mum made it, be nice.

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Why is asta without magic?
Is the nigga crippled or something?

Osamu is better than both Deku and Asta.

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Not currently known why but I guess he has some gay genetic defect like Deku
Is WT good? I've been thinking of watching then reading it but I heard its on an indefinite hiatus.

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>OP lost its legs a long time ago.
Don't say things you don't mean user

>Both MC's are defective shit
>Both use alien powers
like pottery

The only good thing about Asta is his design looks better than Deku in his mother's suit.

I love the fact that this retard tries so hard to hate on Ochako like she's the worst of the worst

>overweight gold diggers

Ok, first of all, Ochako isn't fat, she's healthy. Second of all, she's not a gold digger when Deku is the son of a broke ass single mom.

Where did you get that OP image, you braindead faggot? Facebook?

This is your MC

Now you realize the image is bullshit

WT starts off pretty slow but its pretty good if you stick with it. Read the manga instead of watching the anime.

How the fuck is Orihime a cuck? Don't use words you don't understand lmao

You realize Asta screaming does not refute a single point on that image, correct?

WT been on hiatus since November 2016.

Actually it does.


>Has no indoor voice
>this somehow makes him a chad

Haven't read BC in a while, but didn't Asta get rekt by some beast magic user, saying he was shit even with his antimagic swords?

explain how when every single point on Asta's side is true

WT had a slow start, but atsome point I got really into it. Probably cause it had a fuck ton of episodes to drag me in. By the time the anime ended, I was ready for another 52 episodes. And then it went on hiatus.

Vetto fucking murdered Asta's arms then Yami crapped on him

>beast magic user
how the fuck does that works? Was Asta defeated by some wild animal summoner?

>this thread again

Are we trying to turn into Sup Forums or something?

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I'm so sorry for his VA

>every single point on Asta's side is true

Has never heard of an indoor voice
How is this a positive when its the main reason people don't like him?
>Cool ass headband
It looks gay as shit
>Didn't get any magic? I'll just go weight lift some more
Which didn't amount to anything since he got the fifth clover by random so his "hard work" isn't the reason why he's where he's at now which undermines the entire premise
?Healthy rivalr y with bro based on mutaula respect
Except nobody gives a shit about Yuno or their relationship.

The rest is just bullshit Niggalovers put in order to make Asta look good

>broke ass single mom
isn't his father working overseas?

Then whenever you don't like one aspect of one series you go full retard mode and act like a hater of that series while praising the things you like about the other series.

>dragging based four eyes into one of these threads
Stop making him suffer more than he has to.

Has a slow start, a gigantic cast, and everyone's facial expressions need work. But if you're into MCs who have to start from absolute zero and work their way up to the top and prefer strategy based fights over power ups then give it a try.

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>It looks gay as shit
That's just your opinion, the headband is fucking rad

Black Clover had a good concept but poor execution and an overuse of cliches.

BHA has the same problem but better execution also girls.

desu I haven't watched BHA and dropped BC after 2 episodes

It allows the user to manifest their mana into different animal-like traits on their body like turning their arm into a giant bear claw. Pic related is the beast magic user
Ok I'll agree with the voice but the headband is cool af you brainlet. Also it did amount to something because Asta is one of the only few people on the planet who is actually strong enough to even lift the anti-magic swords. If you don't like Yuno that's okay but their rivalry actually is based on respect and is more brotherly than anything. Don't act like you not giving a shit makes the point moot because its completely true.

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>proclaims his romantic intentions to his crush loudly and proud
How far away is the anime from that, anyway?

If it gets a good anime adaptation, it would become the next big thing.

episode 1