Raildex Kamachi

Meet Magic side girl name Itsuwa:

>Itsuwa (五和i)
Itsuwa was given name, Kamachi still not reveal her Family name yet
"Itsuwa" is derived from the real world town of Itsuwa in Kyūshū, which was later merged with other towns to form Amakusa City in 2006.

>She was the same age as Touma = 16yo (OT14 Chapter 3 Part 3)
>Her Hair was Black (LN), and Purple (Anime)
>Her tits were perfect, not too big as Misaki and not too small as Mikoto.

Itsuwa is generally very friendly and warm, though modest. The narrative of the novel has described Itsuwa as "a totally ordinary girl" and she seems to be unintentionally very humble about herself not only in personality but also in appearance, referring herself as "who is only charming with a hint of maturity," apparently allowing her to go to a bar without being interrogated.

>Amakusa spell to destroy ley lines needs her white panties
Itsuwa has an international driving license and she can pilot cars, motorcycles, tank, mini-boats and a helicopter

Her chant:
"This is the story of paradise before it was corrupted by sin."
"God created man and arranged to give everything to him, but the perfectness left the man feeling uneasy. The man could not live in solitude and the animals living in paradise were not enough to fill his heart."
"God, being generous, was willing to use his power to fill the man’s heart, but the man did not choose that method."
"That one man should have been enough of a beginning in paradise. Two starting points are not needed. Each subsequent man created from then one should have been a single point."
"God pitied the lonely man and created a partner from his rib. That partner’s name was Eve. That is the name of the starting point and model for all women!"
"All women come from the missing rib and must join with their lifelong partner through marriage!!"

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Can Estelle put sheeny curses on people?

More Itsuwa in NT soon!

I hope she gets punched by Touma

>implying she won't rape Touma on site at their reunion in front of everyone

Confirmed, looking forward to seeing Touma getting choked out by these massive thighs.

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That outfit is incredibly lewd


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These thighs are far from massive though

She could probably perform some sort of magic ritual to make them even bigger.

Because Itsuwa is a whore
This one is just useless.

This is now Amakusa thread!!

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Lying piece of shit. How could you!?

What is fingering Kazakiri like?


RIP Tatemiya-san, he will forever be known as the coolest and best Raildex wingman.

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Wait, Tatemiya's dead?!

But would she enjoy or even feel it?

She would say she felt it but in reality she wouldn't even notice if you stuck your whole hand in there.

Kuroko will do it first. Itsuwa should forget about him.

Purple Jail Blacked

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Attractive design wasted on a long-abandoned Touma drone.

When Kuroko and Touma do make love it'll be completely consensual, though it'll still be in public in front of everyone.

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Literally the same kind of skirt Kanzaki has on in her singing card. They’re starting to get lazy.

A drunk Itsuwa murdered him in a comedic angle after being egged on by sister Angelene. Why do you think Itsuwa is in prison?

Fuck, I had no idea. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at Itsuwa the same way again.

Probably the only actually funny thing to come out from the whole Kamikuro stuff

Jailbreak soon though. It's just a meme though, Tatemiya is probably still alive and Itsuwa isn't in prison.

Knowing her character I fugured she’d have been caught giving blumpkins to people for money and avoiding taxes.


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>Raildex Kamachi
Are you ok?

Once S3 has aired, Itsuwa will be the season's meme girl due to her spotlight in most of the cour.

Where do you think you are?

Itsuwa doesn't have the personality or relevance to be the meme girl of the season.


She had her time to be relevant 10 years ago. She hasn't appeared since.

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Go on

In one of the worst shitholes on Sup Forums


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Too boring.

Can’t today user. I’m going on an adventure but I’ll leave a good picture for you.

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Most girls who debuted in the first half of OT are shit by default.

>This is now Amakusa thread!!
Is it?

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All girls who debuted later are shit too.

Made me laugh. Good edit.

All girls are shit by default. If they weren't shit they would've been men.

Fair point

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t. insecure manlet who thinks he's been "victimized" by women all his life despite his privileges of being male and white.

>sneaks into the windowless building without "the greatest magician of all time" noticing

How can other factions compete?

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>Implying she won't get overshadowed by Fre, Nda, Lessar, Aqua, Accelerator, Mikoto's few minutes of screentime and other powerlevel characters
8 years ago, maybe. But the current Sup Forums is too far down the rabbit hole to give a damn about a relatively plain girl like her.

Hey buddy you got the wrong door, tumblr is 2 blocks down.

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A future meme girl would be Toga, Itsuwa is too boring compared

She wouldn't though. She's already relatively popular and there's pretty much quite a big portion looking forward to seeing her. Plus Kayonon is a massive seiyuu now and seiyuufags are plentiful. She can easily end up overshadowing them on these factors alone and that's legitimate. So no, not 8 years ago, now.

Junko is an uglier, dumber and more boring Oriana.

Fuck you!

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>Gets called out
>Tries to deflect to the Tumblr bogeyman
You need to leave.

Oh yeah?

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I want people who post Billy to leave.

Is Mikoto a selfinsert?


Yeah sure, her few minutes of screentime in S2 made her into a "towel girl".
Sure, she'll get a boost in S3.
But to the point of being a memegirl? You need something particular about her for that. And if it didn't work the first time, I doubt it will later (unless they decide kill Tatemiya in OT).
She does have the yandere parts in the Aqua arc, but it gets put down by Aqua so hard most have forgotten about it.

Meamwhile, Frenda's popularity within the board exploded with just an episode of Railgun S, in comparison. And you bet there's gotta be a massive shitstorm in the battle royale arc depending on how it's handled.

Fair enough. I woke up and missed memegirl so that was my own mistake. You're right about that.

We need more punching bitches.

Mikothor when?

I want to insert myself in Himegami, so does she count?




Sure thing, buddy.

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Perfect self insert


Not really no.

Hime=Dengeki Hime>Himegi>Himegami

Post Meesaakaa

Mikoto screeching and throwing her own shit at people!

Nice try self inserting, autist

Which one is the original?

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The second one.


I don't care, I'll take both.

You'll only get one chance to get a misaka, since the original is taken, so if you fuck it up you piss off both and leave with nothing.


I don't care but I'll take the one with the hat and hope it's the superior Misaka, the clone.

> hope it's the superior Misaka, the clone.
So the superior Misaka or the clone? Damn you're confusing.

I wish jap fashion would come overseas

I wish baggy socks were more popular.

Seek your heart for only then you can begin to grasp the answer.

Worst > LO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> original

This is considered a girl these days.

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What a shame.

Meus socius patricius

I can't believe Uiharu is fucking dead.

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