Yu-Gi-Oh! is more bizarre than JoJo's Bizarre Adventures

Yu-Gi-Oh! is more bizarre than JoJo's Bizarre Adventures.

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Well duh, everything is solved by a children's card game.

I guess its not that bizarre then.

Depending of the perspective, everything can be children's game.

Decks > Stands

what stand can beat exodia

anything that can top this?

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Kaiba's autism. Especially in the last movie

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It wasn't even that weird for the standards of late GX

>Those muscles

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I've watched it a thousand times and this scene still makes me cum

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I forgot that Kaiba's basically the king of the Earth and that duel monsters is played by literally everyone

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>Tfw Kaiba's Jap VA also voices Zeke in Xenoblade 2

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a toonamifag on Sup Forums did have a point on Jojo being Yu-Gi-Oh, and its asspulls, but with stands

I can smell the DN trolling coming