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best anime
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Has anyone read the light novels?
Do you recommend it?

Yes if you liked the anime and hold even a bit of interest in continuing further in the novels, although i have no idea regarding the quality of English translations.

You are wrong.

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Please, open more threads and get banned

They are great. I am sad this thread popped up when I don't have 2 hours to lurk on it but yeah, as user-kun says, if you like the show that much you will like the novels. Intrigues is as good as Disappearance imo and would have made at least as a good a movie. Despite what you may hear, the series does not leave you hanging and does not feel incomplete. There is a pretty satisfying conclusion to what is the most major chain of events in the series and it serves as an ending despite not being called one. Not that there ever would be one that said "the end" anyway.

I have read the official English and they are very good, I have also read the fan translations and they are, well, fan translations. If you are obsessed, read both to get more overall info and nuance. It may also fuck with you because the entire series takes place in Kyon's head, the first few minutes in black and white in the show is the entire book series...he narrates it all. It's not a shocker to point out that Kyon is the main character not Haruhi and this is doubly so in the book. Luckily Kyon's snarky monologues are most of the content of the books. Haruhi herself is the same but imo less genki (due to no Aya Hirano voice plus simply the lack of animation) however she has a lot more of the serious/mysterious even frightening quality.

tldr OP is correct, best series, best girl also Nagato, second best girl. Needless to say, also best boy.

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t. nu-janitor washout

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Any news regarding the continuation of the light novel?

I've re-read it for 3 times now

thanks, I have not seen the show yet, but you convinced me to read the novels and I will start with them. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to the next thread

What else did you need to know about Haruhi and Kyon?

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Does anyone remember "Nagato Yuki's 100 books"?

Whether he has been cucked by some guy at uni or if he finally made it

Yes I'm talking that anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It fucking sucks. Now it's pretty popular among the anime circles, and yet this poor excuse for an animated feature is the worst thing ever produced by a human being if you except Plan 9 from Outer Space, and I'm being generous.

First you gotta admit you hated the first episode. It made no sense, sucked as shit, wasn't funny, edgy or new. Or original. Animation sucked dead dogs' balls. Characters sucked dead dogs' balls. Voice actiong sucked dead dogs' balls. But you managed to make it through the whole pile of steaming poo just to see the ED. BEcause that's what this anime is about. It's about the ED. Those 1 minute and a half. There's nothing else to it. You went like "OMG ANIMATION LIEK" you freaking retards and now everyone likes it. Yet it's shit. It's complete shit with no redeeming qualities. There's fucking nothing to it. Just the dance at the end. It's a dancing anime. A fucking retarded danxcing anime with no story and nothing and no characters it sucks. You shouldn't like it you morons seriously. Just download the ED and loop it on your WMP you cockass faggot asses. DAMN I wish all those threads about HARUHI OMG YEAH would go one and everyone in them die FUCK YOU for polluting my forums HARUHI FUCK YOU.


user-kun, Kyon is the one who does the cucking, if any. That's how the universe got wiped out in the first story arc after all.

I feel like if we tried hard enough, we could get a good ritual goin' with this, like Lucy Star threads do.

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I hope to see more of these threads in the future. I feel like I have still so much to understand about this series.
we can always just go to /qa/

Psst, Kyon S3 never

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Well, the series is not officially over and tanigawa actually has idea over what to write for novel 12. I guess we'll get a book in an year or two

If only

Nagato's series was such a disappointment too. The only good things that came of it were that Haruhi was better than she was in her own show, and the 3 episode brain damage arch.

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Haruhi is both pure and lewd at the same time!

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Kyon made the wrong choice.

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Well, yeah.
He should have fucked Haruhi the moment he met her.

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>mfw Haruhi created a clone of herself who is concious of her powers who splits the universe into two in order to give Kyon the resolve to stop Sasaki becoming God
How is Demonbane still meme'd as the most powerful character when motherfucking Haruhi is about

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At this point I'm looking forward to a new season because of the new porn that would follow it. It's been so long that I'm starting to forget the storyline.

Be grateful for what you have, not many girls get new art 10+ years after the fact.

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You're definitely right. Feels like I'm reading one of my posts. Surprise was top tier character development (for everyone) and Tanigawa just knows how to do his stuff. My girl Haruhi grew so much over the course of the series.

But Sasaki didn't even want it herself.

i wonder if she had a kid would the kid get her powers as well?

She probably won't have powers anymore by the time she fucks Kyon

Haruhisky's Haruhi is great
Makes you wonder if Kyon is gay

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top or bottom?

Haruhi is clear bottom.

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