Post a better set of thighs

Post a better set of thighs.

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I can't, it's so good I'm gonna fap right now.

Even the plumpest set of thighs can't be salvaged from being attached to a shit girl.

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Still good.

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No skindentation on thigh highs should be an automatic disqualification.

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We got a winner right here.

Delete your post right now.

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Can't find the webm for some reason, even though I know I have it.

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Look at this thigh.

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Her pubes are showing.

They'll be ready in a couple of years

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Came here to post this.

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Get that STICC bitch outta here.

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>you lived to see the day when Sup Forums finally gets good taste

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I think it's fairly obvious.

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Yeah, but it's on a shit girl so it doesn't count.

>no one posted Kanna yet
What happened to this place

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U wot?

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Just wait until the pedos finds this thread.

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This post was made by someone with shit taste so it doesn't count.

Sento may be sexy but it doesn't change the fact that she's shit and bland. Even with these pair of thighs, I wouldn't fuck nor nut inside her. It'd be the most dead fish boring fuck anyway.

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>not liking dead fish sex

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>It'd be the most dead fish boring fuck anyway.
That's japanese sex culture in general. One just lies there while other does all the work. They may alternate.

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Well, sorry I'm not about that shit. I like it better when the girl positively reacts to me fucking her or, even better, acts like a lewd semen demon and fucks me instead.

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no Aiura yet?

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I love Bibio

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Please stop. I can only get so hard.

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god rubbing and assjobs are so hot

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I'm a leg man myself but I can't fault any man who loves thighs

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Is it possible to have godly thighs but a flat ass?

Yes, just look at mid 80s to early 90s character designs. Amazing thighs but asses are flatter than a pancake.

>dem cute frills on lewd thighs

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Those chubby deformed things are not worth shit.
The anime as a whole depict some of the worst thigs/legs in anime.

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I'll see your thighs and raise you with a matching perflat chest.

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Exactly this

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My goddess yes.

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I came across this thread just after I saw some delicious thighs in manga. Coincidence? There is no such thing. There is only hitsuzen.

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Big meaty thighs are my favorite.

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