Dragon Ball Super - DBS Movie 2018

DBS Episode 130 summary:
> Son Goku has fallen from the arena. It seems like Universe 7 has lost, and everyone will be annihilated. But, having broken this his limits, Goku and Jiren stare at the Omni-Kings as if the match isn’t over yet. And then, a Death Beam hits Jiren’s back. A bruised and battered Universe 7 team member is standing there!

Takami on the DBS anime ending:
> I hope people’s eyes are glued to director Nakamura’s full-force direction and the ending which Toriyama-sensei has prepared for this story. Personally I even get the feeling that Toriyama-sensei is trying to set up even more stories.

Toriyama on DBS Movie 2018:
> The Dragon Ball Super movie this time will be the next story in the series currently airing on TV. It will be an episode after catching our breath from the climax of the Tournament of Power with the universe’s existence on the line
> With content that will give a little better understanding about Freeza and the Saiyans, which I hadn’t properly depicted up till now; and leading to a mighty foe saved for the occasion, which I think has it shaping up to be a really enjoyable story.

Are you guys ready for Resurrection F 2: Electric Boogaloo?

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Resurrection of Cold

> Original Author, Script, & Character Design
Akira Toriyama

> Director
Tatsuya Nagamine

> Animation Supervisor
Naohiro Shintani

> Art Director
Kazuo Ogura

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Reminder that the manga version is the canonical one that will go ahead ToP.

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> No Yamamuro

Does that mean we can go back to this design?

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At least it wont be a lazy timeskip to EoZ or whatever.

> Announced afterwards
> Promotional magazine
> Mostly ignored by merch/games
> "Canon"

Nice try

> The manga will go ahead after the ToP
Not confirmed

Toriyama said this:
> Now then, the animated version on TV will be ending for the time being, but the very popular Dragon Ball Super comic drawn by Toyotaro (on sale now up through volume 5!) will keep on going as-is. I think there will also be story developments different from the TV show and the movie, so please look forward to that as well. I will be, too!

He could just as well be talking about the current arc developing differently than the anime, which we already knew.

Either way, even if it DID continue after the ToP...it'll just be a re-telling of the upcoming DBS Movie

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Based. We made it FreezaPatricians

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That picture is one of reasons many anons believe that Freeza will revive the Universes.

>Resurrection F 2: Electric Boogaloo

Doesn't feel like it, when Freeza has been part of the main cast for a good while now

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>Revives universes
>Revered as a savior by U6 saiyans
That'd be funny.

El Hermano

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>Not confirmed
Nice try Toeimong.
And yes, it's the only canonical version, supervised by Toriyama himself.
The only version of Super that will go ever further.

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Fanboys are gonna outrage at the ending.

Movie plot:
> Freeza will revive Universe 6, where no Saiyan Gods exist, so he can get his revenge against the Saiyans

> Vegeta keeps his promise to Cabba, and goes to Planet Sadala to defend it

How likely is this?

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>that will go ahead ToP.
What do you think the movie is?
The reason the anime is taking a break is because the manga is really fucking far behind.
The ToP ends in two weeks, meanwhile, the ToP has barely started in the manga.

Who the fuck wants more of this absolute trash?
Do we really need to kill Toriyama so that the franchise ends for good?

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>Freeza brings back all the erased universes
>everyone feels grateful (except U9 because they're gay furries)
>now Freeza has most of the multiverse's relevant fighters at his side
What's the plan?

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not quite, goku is a big guy now

Toeiretards on suicide watch jej
Natural selection i guess, fucking retards who thought that an entire series written by Toei can be canonical deserves nothing less.

Stay mad Toeicucks, today we celebrate the OFFICIAL, CANONICAL VERSION THAT WILL NOT STOP.

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>Nice try Toeimong.
I literally posted that exact interview, and again it doesn't prove that it will continue past the ToP. Read it again.

> And yes, it's the only canonical version, supervised by Toriyama himself.
The anime team works very closely to Toriyama as well.

Toshio first revealed in a tweet that "of course Master Toriyama is involved". Though we didn't know to what extent besides giving the team an outline to follow.

A recent interview reveals that Toriyama and Toei work a lot closer than we thought, even to the point of making additions to outline draft that even Toyotaro has to follow

Source: kanzenshuu.com/translations/dragon-ball-official-site-the-artisans-who-made-the-universe-survival-arc/

> The only version of Super that will go ever further
That's assuming the manga will go past the ToP.

And either way, Toei IS continuing DBS through movies (which is 100% better than a weekly shounen anime in my opinion)

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what went right?

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>What do you think the movie is?
Certainly not the anime.

God of Destruction Freeza is more likely

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>this shitshow not ending is something good
>the one featuring unironical Goku Blanco

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Who needs a King of All when you could have an Emperor?

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lmao the hair shading is identical to the actual thing.
DBS is a fucking joke.

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Well it's certainly Toei

>Toeipablos are already crying because they have finally understood which version is the canonical one
How can a single person be so fucking autistic and think that something entirily written by Toei could be canon? kek
It's a great day for us, Toyochads.

>post yfw Frieza wins just so he can serve as a gateway to introduce a new villain, to whom he will job to in order to set them up
Have lizardfags seriously not learned yet?

Jesus toyocucks are so childish and pathetic

I'm actually laughing at the fact that this shitshow is going to continue.
I wonder what haircut will Toriyama pull out of his senile ass to defeat whoever makes Ultra Asspull Goku job in the next arc.

Reminder Cabba is stronger than Gohan.

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Yup since being an emperor has many opportunities

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But it's not the anime. Same case as BoG and RoF.

Goku will probably start out by learning to go SS in UI.

>Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct Super Saiyan

They are insecure about the fact that it's been revealed that the anime team works closely with Toriyama; the manga may end or go to a movie re-telling after the ToP; that games mostly ignore the manga; and that the anime is always stealing the manga's thunder

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>Again it doesn't prove that it will continue past the ToP. Read it again.
Toyotaro fucking retwitted the movie announce saying: "the manga will continue as a manga"
Toeipablos are really THIS retard?
Plus, you may want to read that again, Pedro.
>I'd have time to think about the anime with which I used to not have enough time to be involved.(laugh)
Directly from Toriyama's movie announcement.
So yeah, the manga is the canonical one.

Well obviously, it's a movie. By Toei.

Got my first tat today. What you guys reckon? Cost me $580.

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>mfw people think Toriyama gives a single fuck about DB
Dude's just milking this as hard as he can to have enough money to spend for the 15 or so years he has left.

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Do you think Toriyama remembers that Goku had a brother?

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>Toyotaro fucking retwitted the movie announce saying: "the manga will continue as a manga"
Well no fucking duh, the manga is far behind. Again, it's possible that the manga will continue after the ToP...but this isn't a confirmation.

Not that a DBS Movie 2018 re-telling is exciting anyway.

> I'd have time to think about the anime with which I used to not have enough time to be involved.(laugh)
Obviously talking about DBZ, since this completely contradicts last week's interview

Key word: "USED to"

Which is better: Goku using hakai or Trunks using spirit bomb sword?

You know it

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Look like fucking shit. Go to a real tattoo artist and have them cover that up with a well drawn tattoo unless you want to proudly walk around with what essentially looks like a child's doodle on your wrist for the rest of your life.

So who's the "long-awaited" opponent we will see in the movie ?

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So we are going to see for the 9th gorillion time frieza destroying planet vegeta?

Yeah thanks for being an asshole, piece of shit. I like the tattoo and I'm perfectly comfortable with how it is so fuck your opinion.

Kale's great great grand father.

Trunks using genki sword

1) it's cooler as a move in video games
2) future trunks left, so it's not like he'll be using it again anytime soon

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Yeah, but the point is that the anime itself is over and the movie is a different thing even though it's also produced by Toei, since Toriyama is actually involved with it and it has much higher quality than the Super anime ever had.

I mean since it's Toei, the movie will continue the anime continuity

Today In The Not So News News

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Frost prob

I bet south americans will celebrate a lot while the rest will keep waiting for AF's cancellation.

You yuri are cancer so leave you ass tumor and go stink up /lgbtqrsxweevxztt/

>since Toriyama is actually involved with it
He's involved with the anime too, given from the information we got in a recent interview

But yeah, Toriyama is generally MORE involved with the canon movies (BoG, RoF, etc)


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What are you talking about, both the movie and anime versions of BoG and Resurrection F were boring as fuck.
The movies had much better animation, but they are movies, those are a given.

Doesnt really contradict last weeks interview when last week nothing really showed he was incredibly involved anyway

>ask people for their opinion
>get assblasted when someone gives you one
Are you 12 years old or something? Also yes, that tattoo does look like shit. If you spent $580 for that you got scammed.

> suicide watch

I know you're just shit-posting like the immature fag you are, but Toei continuing DBS through movies instead of weekly anime is a godsend to me


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Cool. Got the memo already, jackass.

Then you obviously didn't read it user

>types in dragon ball super news
>comicbook.com/anime are the first of multiple links appearing
>spots still not relevant

No, I don't watch moeshit, I simply like Dragon Ball, so obviously, i'll be celebrating any hint that DBS is dying.
The anime is cancelled, now lets just hope the manga follows after whatever turd they plan to shit out on cinemas, or that Toriyama dies or whatever.

Not bad. Though I can see a particular group of people hating it due to SSB KK alone.


>long awaited opponent
What if yamoshi turns out to be evil?

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>literally who
>long awaited opponent

Considering DBS is always as underwhelming as possible, I bet it's Frieza again.

Wasn't El Grande Padre said to be one of the top 5 in the multiverse? Makes me wonder who the other four are. Also if Jiren ever found the guy who destroyed his village, assuming it wasn't El Payaso.

> Jaco the Galactic Patrolman + DB Minus
> Dragon Ball
> Dragon Ball Z/Kai
> Yo! Son Goku Returns!
> Dragon Ball Super

Contains canon content, but mostly not canon
> Bardock the Father of Goku
> History of Trunks
> Dragon Ball Online (and Xenoverse to a much lesser extent)

Not canon
> DBZ Movies 1 -13
> Dragon Ball GT
> Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans
> Episode of Bardock
> Dragon Ball Heroes
> Dragon Ball FighterZ

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>more frieza
No thanks.

What was this guy's name again?

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>Dragon Ball
>Dragon Ball Z

>everything else


If Frieza were a legit threat then it wouldn't be underwhelming, but we all know Toei will never show him any respect.

> Ignoring Toriyama's own writing

Literally this.

DBZ movie 1 is canon you retard

I did and literally NOTHING stood out or was any different from shit we already knew and nothing showed he was heavily involved

He gives them the basic outline and they'll tweak and change it. We already knew this. They created Kale and he created Caulifla after seeing what they were doing...something alot of people already knew about so getting a confirmation wasnt surprising unless you're retarded.
There was literally nothing showing he is heavily involved, it was basically them reiterating the same shit as always..he gives them occasional pointers.

stop bringing reddit shit over here

Dead Zone? Are you retarded?


Jiren's personal onahole

Toriyama nowadays is a senile bastard who doesn't even remember Launch or Super Saiyan 2 and who made Goku Blanco and a blue SS recolor a canon thing.


Power Up Goki

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>a canon thing.
No, Super isn't canon.

El Hermano

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>hey guise look I can edit the site code

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You're going to regret this so much when you become an adult lol

So long stupid highlights
So long stupid noses
So long tiny hair
Goodbye pseudo Buu Saga, welcome new Dragon Ball

I'm calling it now, demon realm arc.

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