I unironically love op protags with special snowflake powers...

I unironically love op protags with special snowflake powers, especially when they try to hide it from those around them.

Go on, Sup Forums. Tell me how shit my taste is.

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I personally prefer a MC that solves everything through cleverness and wits, doesn't need to have special powers

They don't exist though

I'm with you OP, I love them if done right and not some beta fucking sissy despite being OP.

Onii-san is the best, He doesn't give a fuck. Doesn't let his emotions or others get to him he just does his thing and looks good doing it.

S2 never, fuck everything.

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People like to pretend they have taste because they "hate" things like that. I mean taste should be subjective. You like something you watch it you dont you dont watch it that simple.

my problem with this dude isn't that he's OP, it's that he's an OP piece of cardboard
he has no personality
alucard is OP but he's an interesting character

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He's literally amalgamation of all people he swallowed
>much blood
>villain respect

How does enjoying fun mean you have shit taste?

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Good man.

It's Onii-sama, you fuck.

>they don’t exist though

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But it's boring.

Actually that's the whole point of the LN/Show he actually is able to use the best of his abilities and ward off any danger not only because his powers but also because hes always the most composed the most logical thinking skills thus making him able to optimize the usage of his abilities at lowest extent needed, he only gets got blooded if his imouto is concerned, he himself think he may go crazy sometime in future.

i get shit on for enjoying how SAO MC was OP

fuck i cant help it when 15 guys are hitting him with swords and shes sitting there like god b/c there math game is shit

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I prefer OP MCs with just that much higher skill, but I also like seeing this one in particular get bullied so that might have something to do with it.

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>much higher skill

whats your thoghts on death march?

Think I read the first chapter of the manga and dropped it. I have no interest in dime a dozen ideal. By skill I mean skill, not levels.

Dime a dozen isekai* I hate posting from a phone.

>I mean taste should be subjective.
Objectively wrong. What you like shows your level of intelligence and how worthy you are to exist.
Humanity will never advance if people that like things I hate (which are objectively bad) are allowed to keep existing.

I also love those kinds of guys, but there are variations even among them. The guy you posted is fucking boring.

You like guys like a saitama :D

I just read though like the latter half of the ONE version of One Punch Man last night, man seeing Garou faced with Saitamas nonsensical strength was satisfying.

You deserves to die by a massacre

good taste

(Fuck you forever lelouch)

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I prefer the side characters that are fuck-off strong for no reason. Like Kenpachi or Jack Rakan.

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I'm okay with OP Protagonist but they at least need to be unpredictable.