Shingeki no Kyojin

What is their endgame? Would Zeke not care to be used by his brother as long as he is with him? Does Zeke have a a spot in his heart for Eren?

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Eren will eat porco to gain the jaw titan power and eat the WH titan also gaining the memories of ymir and because of this will marry historia and become king of the walls. screencap this

>At this point Eren is eating shifters just because he wants to gain some sexual memories that doesn't involve Grisha fucking Carla and Dina

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That is so awful.

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>Implying he didn't receive memories of Uri being fucked by Kenny too

How is this an improvement?

>screencap this
Done. A file was named "EHdelusions281.png".


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>Biological pseudo-mech that eats in order to grow

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He also got memories of his tiny dick being cut off.

Why did you put that trash JoJo with a top-tier manga like SNK?

>Eren will have titan sex with Carla in the manga finale
Screencap this

Pray for our waifu.

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Porco will overcome Mikasa but Girl from Trost will save her and pork-chop Porco for pottery.
Screencap this.

Will she offer her sex?

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He might not care for Eren.
Have some Annie and Pieck

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>homosexuals in this very thread will want her to die

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Would be really cute if that's really the little girl Mikasa saved back then.

Press P for Pieck Prayers!


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All that is shipping is cancer
But I want Paradis to gobble up a few titans to make things more interesting

But I like YH and think she is alright.

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Paradis is already uncannily OP.

armin is a gary stu and I officially hate his guts. how the hell can he do bertholdt’s explosion technique despite being notably physically weak? I swear if the ‘not done drawing bertholdt’ and the way his strength has been talked about so much just means bert’s spirit or memory or whatever is going to be used to make armin stronger then I so quit. armin having the colossal period makes me mad but I especially can’t stand to see my favorite character’s wasted potential used to prop up this boring ass gary stu

I could be wrong on some accounts and armin’s reappearance was going to make me mad anyway because his mere existence post rts makes me mad but idk

I want g*bi to die more desu.

>my favorite character’s
Armin a shit but it serves you right for having fucking Blort as your favorite character for no other reason other than "he might have some potential"

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>w-why can armong transform into the colossal titan i-it isn't fair guys only bortie can transform a-armong is supposed to be physically weak that's why he has a six pack so why can he do something that has never required physical strength, only mental??
>its not fair bros
Watch your blood pressure, Splortfat.

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*knocks the dildo out of your hand*

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This, fucking manlet by himself is worth like two shifters and all Eren has to do is hold hands with a titan Hisu to destroy all of his enemies.

>ctrl + V ing stuff from tumblr out of butthurt again.

>Bertfag so mad that Armong can do what literally anyone with any titan shifter power can do
Armong a shit but you're a fucking retard.

You would only know it's from tumblr if you posted it, faggot. Go bitch about your sweaty worthless soyboy somewhere else.

>responding to bait that is literally a tumblr post
Do people just not bother to check when they see something retarded?

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user, I-

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I wonder, would punching Zeke's titan work too? If so, why didn't Eren do it already? He'd just say "hey titans, just stand there and uncover your napes for us" and they'd be done for

>You would only know it's from tumblr if you posted it, faggot
Apparently ctrl c and ctrl v into google means you are from tumblr. user, are you mentally disabled?

He is more interested in having maid-chan inside of him at the moment.

>armongfat falseflagging
How pathetic can you get?

The format is obviously from tumblr.
>inb4 the perfectacker something is sperging again.

Post the superior cover, fag.

>repost your tumblr blog shit
>try to write it off as some Armongfat boogeyman
w e w

>implying there isn't samefagging involved.

Apparently pretty damn pathetic. Literally posting tumblr shit to get attention.

I posted it because I agree with it. The entire manga is nothing but an Armongrel wank fest, and there is no reason he should be allowed to transform. Every time I see that shithead my blood boils.

>toss her aside
>go punch Zeke
>activate Founding abilities
>tell maid to let herself get eaten

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Blort has fags in tumblr? I thought that only shitposters and fujos liked him.

Go falseflag elsewhere, Armongfag.

Coordinate apparently doesn't work on shifters

Bumblr is literally filled with Armongfats and it's obvious their fags are here trying to falseflag or whatever. It's beyond pathetic but hey, that's Armongfats for ya.

>calling me an Armongfag
Kill yourself. I never want to see that fags' face again.

It is really sad to see. Trying this hard to get (You)s is embarrassing.

>reposts it
>tries to blame it on Arminfags
Sasuga Bortwhales.

It's a really shit try, you should put in more effort next time but I guess it worked. Last (you) for you pathetic-kun.

>this thread

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>using the word repost
Arminfags aren't even hiding the fact that they are from tumblr and reddit.

>still trying to deflect from being caught posting dumblrshit
Bortwhales are truly pathetic.

Literally what other word could I use there, retard?

The usual suspects are to blame, of course. Armongfags shit up so many threads.

>still trying to deflect
KEK keep going, this is hilarious

The usual.

Was there ever a doubt? They must have some kind of mental retardation but it helps in their persistence in shitting up /snk/ though.

>They must have some kind of mental retardation
Well, they're from tumblr to begin with.

>Bortfag still trying this hard to act like xe isn't falseflagging as an Arminfag to try and give them a worse reputation
Just stop. We can see through your bullshit already.

At this point of Mikasa's transition they would make almost straight couple.


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Do you think she's Mikasa's new friend?

Bort and Armong are both cancer and so are their fags. Not sure why you are trying to save face, because everyone thinks you Armongfags are cancer anyway.

I wonder what enjoyment you get from shitposting, pathetic Armongfag. Literally no fags here like you yet you're so determined to shit up the place. What kind of mental disease do you have?

>I love Eremilia

>timeloop will never be canon
Just fuck my shit up

>accusing me of being an Armongfag when you have no proof
Take your boogeyman, tumblr posts, and other shit the fuck out of these threads. Don't think that because we hate Armong, Bort is allowed here. You're not welcome here. Fuck off already.

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But it already is

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That's just P A T H S

I swear to god if Isayama doesnt draw a detailed version of colossal Armin for the next chapter i am going to do absolutely nothing because i am a poor millenial that cant afford to ever fly to japan, let alone find a probably not that highly secured international taiwanese caricature drawer just to threaten him into showing me his design of a giant fleshless coconut homo lad.

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I already said Armong and Bort are both cancer, braindead Armongfag.

>Still dragging it out
Here's your last (You), attention whoring bumblrina.

>being a poorfag
Just stop being poor, user.

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>spend your limited time inside the walls porking a hot piece of ass and playing house instead of carrying on with your mission
What the fuck was Kruger thinking?

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Will the season 3 tralier come out this month?

An Armongfag calling someone a dumblrina is ironic. Not to mention you calling me a Bortfag, while whining when people call you an Armongwhale. Braindead as usual.

I don't get fanart. That person is clearly a decent artist, why draw armin looking not at all like armin? The shape of the face, the bulgy eyebrows, the big lips.

I wonder if she is Mikasa's Mikasa.
It gives us potential for a multi-level cuckening.

I think so.

So you are that Armongwhale from dumblr, who whined here about shitletfags on dumblr calling Armong a Gary Stu.

Spoof was so fun. Why did they chose Chuugakou to animate if spoof was way better?


Because chuugakkou was easier to make an anime out of since it had story arcs rather than just a bunch of unrelated gags.

Spoof might have worked as some bonus shorts just like those chibi ones that came with S1.

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Not an Armongfag or Blortfag but it's pretty obvious the manga turned to shit when Armong got the CT.

Floch pls.

I, for one, was surprised to learn that zekefags still exist.

Of course we do!

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>turned to shit
>almost all the chapters after that were way more entertaining than the political arc
If it's so shit, why do you read it? Why do you post here? Really activates me almonds. I think it was dumb he got the serum but there is literally zero reason to blame him for whatever happened between the serumbowl and right before Armong came back and exploded the ships in this chapter.
He had nothing to do with those chapters.

post cuckasa's ass, please

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I'm still kinda one because he is still the only thing that might make for a good final boss at this point in the series.

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Porco will kill Mikasa.