Shokugeki no Soma

Today is Tsukuda Yuto's birthday. Say something nice about this man.

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Shit author

Why do you say that?

His waifu is the MC and that's a good thing.

I love Erina.

Terrible writing is one thing. Torturing his fans with SouEri and SouMegu is unforgivable. And he sucks Soma's dick

Who doesn't?

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>And he sucks Soma's dick
He is best boy, what did you expect?

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Smart people.

Editor or Tosh, please slap Tsukuda with all your strength so he could stop writting like a retard.

I don't.

i like his friends morisaki and saeki

Fuck off

Megumi is so cute.

I only love Shun Saeki, not you Yuto

I hope he dies.

That's not nice

Can't wait to see another flashback this week

>no one cares about the author's birthday

Porn when

I hope Tsukuda Yuuto is single and lonely for the rest of his life

Same. I cannot wait to know more about Tsukasa and RIndou's past.

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He knows how to pick artists.

I can't read nip but on this scan it says CD. Does anyone know if this scan is saying there'll be another drama CD or some sort?

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Happy birthday! Thank you for creating this goddess.

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Thank you for creating my OTP.

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Looking closely, Erina has a nice wide hip with some fine legs. Missionary position is the best fit for her.


no u

Eishi a shit! Rindou is ok.

DIE shit writer

So nobody on Sup Forums?

Happy birthday to one of the best Shonen mangaka in recent times!

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Happy birthday fag and thanks for providing us sexy men.

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He's a complete hack

No he's not.

He did nothing wrong though.


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It's a CD compilation of WSJ anime OPs and EDs to celebrate the magazine's 50th anniversary.

Anal with Courage

Is the rebels versus elites over with yet? Can I pick this back up?

Nope. Come back in June or July.

Thanks Royal

It's a fact that Eishi is a shitty person.

Wait wait wait

Isn't a woman who writes this manga?

>one of the best Shonen mangaka in recent times!

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No. A man writes it, another man draws it, and a woman provides the recipes.

What the fuck is wrong with you

Damn, this manga is so good.

Only thing i can tell is

Why did you bring a ni**er in it ?

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new PV -


Will Saito finally get a VA?

Hopefully his VA is Kazuya Nakai

Why is Erina such a pig when she eats?

She likes eating all of Souma.

Would Vegeta become a good cook if he tried?

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The break they took seems to have helped the art quality, it looks much better compared to what we got last time

Shit assistant*

Yes. I also wish he got more moments like that.

Oh Shiiiiiit

Now I got what I want

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J.C Staff did alright with the Sundress

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Don't be fooled. The quality of the animation might only go up for certain episodes, not all.

Erina is gorgeous as usual. First half of the season was really lacking on her design, but this is a step up.

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Erina is the cutest and most beautiful female in the series.

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Why is she holding her boobs like that? About to give boobjob?

Not wearing any underwear underneath. What a slut.

She had no bra, fucker.

Her design is the only quality this bitch has

>No bra
This bitch is a slut

No, she is just too pure/ innocent.

Shit writer wasting the artist’s arwork. Only dumb Soma Erina shippers like him

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What is she so surprised at?

Happy birthday

Her world has been turned upside down.

He's not wrong you know. People here care more about shipping than the actual plot, and when the plot is actually mentioned, people keep saying about how bad it is.

>People here care more about shipping than the actual plot
I see literally nothing wrong with this. Because girls are good, and cooking has been shit since KETCHUP.

Now that I compare it to the manga version, it looks kinda awkward. The anime one looks like she's wearing a translucent night gown with a sunhat. It doesn't look like a sundress.

He's perfect for Saitou!

Why is she cupping her breasts?

Maybe she is comforting herself after recollecting everything she had come to an newfound understanding in that one sitting if that makes any sense.

Happy birthday! Thank you for writing this amazing series.

Who is doing the OP and ED?

The OP is by Luck Life and will be called "Symbol" and the ED by Fo'X Tails

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TOC is out. Soma ranked 4th

Which chapter?

Isshiki and Nene chapter. The one where Isshiki states he keeps cooking because of her.

Wow, nips surely like shipping.

Anyone here ever try out food made through molecular gastronomy? Is it as good as it looks?

Anal with Mea

>tfw this arc will probably last 24 fucking episodes
I hate this so much.

Nah, the ToC ranking is likely high due to the upcoming anime.