Can anyone give me some pros and cons about Netflix involvement with anime?

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PROS: you're a fag
CONS: homosexuals

>Corruption of anime through Satanic iconography

Checks out.

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pro's: more money
con's: its whitu piggu money

Pros: more experimental works with minimal censorship
Cons: western standards being imposed on studios (no traps, CGDCT or panty shots) and "muh diversity" being pushed into everything

Pro: Funding
Con: Jews get their fingers into Japan, leading to a rapid collapse of culture and spirituality

What did he mean by this?

I think you mean (((whitu))) piggu money sir.

Pros: Big Money
Cons: The worst western values being injected into anime. Thanks, jews.

Good to see a majority of Sup Forums understands what actually goes on behind the scenes.

There may be hope after all.

So Sup Forumsnon, how would you save anime?

A huge ass budget for all the anime they produce so we'll see less QUALITY and more actual, well-animated good quality anime.
Expect some SJW themes in your Netflix anime. I probably won't let that turn me off though. I'm not so thin-skinned to let that shit turn me off a well crafted and animated anime but that's just me. Also animators might get paid more so that should be one of the pros too.

Get ready for "OMG are you wearing an APORON!? Why would you support the patriacy omg like I can't even right now" A lil bit exeratged but that was close to a scene in the Dragon maid dub. If they were just a tad more subtle in their propaganda crab then it wouldn't be such an annoyance


Leave it to it’s initial creators. The Japanese.
No outside influences, no story or dialect corruption.
Only foreign funding sources and platforms. Absolutely no writers, directors, or producers from anywhere else.

What are the odds of sjw shit?

Pros: Bigger budgets. Animators don't have to work for peanuts.
Cons: No weekly threads or Sup Forums livestreams.


pros: money
cons: shipost on Sup Forums and risk that studios try to pander to western audiences, not understanding that the appeal of the medium is the japanese sensibility.

An interesting talk about that:
At 40:20. This is a talk about video games from 2013 but it could apply to anime soon if the heads of anime studios start thinking the way to make western bucks is to make stuff that's aimed at us.

How's Netflix and Amazon on the no directors, writers or producers front?

I dont think its a bad thing unless they start to take down big anime companies like funimation or crunchyroll.

Pros: More money
Cons: it's ((money))

It’s already happening? Devilman was partly about MUH TOLERANCE. That demonloving whore dying a martyr’s death because she championed “love and tolerance”. She even had a retinue of pseudoniggers (rappers) to create that “Diverse good guys VS bad white guys” dichotomy except with the latter being nips.

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Japan is already one of the most americanized countries

>didn't even read original devilman or spin-offs that existed even before crybaby is a thing

Unironically this.
Except..i'm not a fag.

This too.

Tolerance is normal human compassion, not sjw shite

Can you people just fuck off back to Sup Forums once and for all?
Sup Forums doesn't need your autismo conspiracy theories.

Hope you like Dear White People: The Animation, kiddo

Make a comitte and allow small groups of animators and experienced animation creators to petition netflix for a spot.
They produce OVA Movies and "Bingeable" tv shows..

Binge series are kind of like the chaptors in a long book aren't they?

Can pick it up and drop it at certain points or just ear mark it and come back to it later.

A movie? You have to sit through it to get the story.

Minimum hollywood gay agenda and satanism pushing.

Netflix sold itself as an all inclusive and child friendly platform for years. But they had a gore and homosexuality tab and lots of fairly sexual and violent stuff that you had to wade through to get to the tiny bit of media for them
Have to get them while they are young dontcha know.

Sorry to tell you buddy, but Sup Forums is Sup Forums

What religion do you think those in charge of Netflix adhere to? Just curious.
Also remember they removed the star system after Amy's failed show, not exactly someone I would trust when it comes to not censoring wrong-think

>studios/creators funded directly by a single entity and netflix are hand off as far as production goes
>creators MAY pander to audiences outside of their domestic market

Would be great if the could negotiate it that way......

Unfortunately it works both ways in the business characteristics

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t. Jacob Greenblatt


pros: money
cons: expect more Pedowood style pandering to attract more audiences from the west. This isn't good since the terms "West" and "SJWs" are interchangeable now

>t. ignorant amerimutt
You spelt Korea wrong

>muh Sup Forums boogeyman
Kys you western scum

A rep for CR said he welcomes competition from Netflix and Amazon. Something like "People who discover anime from Netflix will eventually find their way here".

A show gets made.
A show gets made.

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The most retarded take on the subject.


The entire websites userbase has woken up.

This guy gets it.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Pros: Interesting new animation style designs
Cons: "Quality" passed off as "Quality".

It's literally the vaporwave effect: Accelerationist performance art that makes literal shit to poke fun of the fact that people like shit... and people still unironically defend it.

At least its mildly self aware.

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Pro: further expands the market for western Audiences, overall gaining more exposure and profit for the studios.
Cons: May just start the western pandering of Anime and degrade it eventually to how boring our usual TV is.

Forgot to add "Devilman" is the literal incarnation of shit anime (re)adaptation. Started out OK, but it's been adapted so many fucking times, devil girls, devil cyborgs, devil X (where X is whatever) is a meme among animators.

This is lost on many people. It's a deliberate "quality" IP (where "canon" is impossible to discern, a joke). Licensing the property is the equivalent of saying, "What's the cheapest most over done shit IP I can get nowadays? Let's do more of that." The vaporwave reference is lost on those who know nothing about Devilman's lineage.

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Now I know I'm gonna get shit on for that but : because of the new smash I couldn't help myself from going to Sup Forums for a bit and I was very surprised to see it's not nearly as bad as I remembered.
Their mods don't take half an hour to react to anything for exemple. But most importantly, people tell Sup Forumstards to fuck off way more often than here.
Now don't get me wrong, the board is still garbage, they can't shut up about that fucking soy meme and it's full of underage, but at least some people over there are willing to try to keep those Sup Forums retards away.

I can't be bothered to look up who netflix is run by so I'm gonna take your word on the fact that it's jews. The thing is though, since I don't believe in the "the (((((jews))))) are out to get us" meme, I don't really care or see the relevance. Now fuck off.

If I told you the jews already got Sup Forums, would you stay in your board?

Pros: more anime, and sometimes they'll help fund further seasons to shows that probably wouldn't get them.

Cons: shitty binge watch format.

They've mindlessly adopted your preferred worldview, doesn't mean they've become critical.
A: It's the global jewry.
B: Really?
A: Yes.
B: #redpilled

>(no traps, CGDCT or panty shots)
>expect more Pedowood style pandering to attract more audiences from the west. This isn't good since the terms "West" and "SJWs" are interchangeable now

These are my biggest concerns about all this.

Netflix is in 20 billion dollars debt. They have to save themselves first.

Netflix only started pushing social justice when the Jews got involved. Before that it was apolitical. I'm not exaggerating when I say there's a show where a Jew (Bill Nye) tells white people not to have kids to their faces.

Pros: you can actually support studios directly by watching the episodes of animu.

Or it could just be that we got flooded by retards thanks to Sup Forums deliberately attracting as many people as it could over to this site. You and that "Sup Forums is Sup Forums" retard mentality only encourages them to keep crossboarding and dragging Sup Forums's shit with them instead of learning to keep boards separated.

Pros: less censorship, better animation
Con: will probably end up more cookie cutter

I mean, there's hardly enough to gauge right now but B and Aico were pretty uninspired.

>West begins to influence anime
>no lolis, traps, CGDCT, self insert, harems, sexualized schoolgirls, monster girls, SS, yuri that doesn't involved a "realistic" bull dyke
>all appeal of anime is killed
>the entire industry dies thanks to foreign influence
>shekelsteins cackle gleefully around the world

Shit like Monogatari and Youjo Senki could never exist in the west.

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Anime has already had all those negative influences and more before Netflix etc. investment, the only thing that could grow worse would be the pushing of multiculturalism/non-Japanese characters but that's pretty much already a staple with non-black haired characters that make people insecure about themselves.

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>>no lolis, traps, CGDCT, self insert, harems, sexualized schoolgirls, monster girls, SS, yuri that doesn't involved a "realistic" bull dyke
>implying that'd be a bad thing
Cease your degeneracy.

It's ok to hate anime, but you shouldn't be here since you do.

Why'd you want a 3D bull dyke in your anime?

But the greatest anime shows have none of these things.

Ok, without those I can live.

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Pros: More money = more anime = more good anime
Cons: newfags on Sup Forums

This shit again? Go away.

Did you know that not all boards are complete “hivemind” circlejerks like Sup Forums is?

Why is this fucking cancer thread still up?

>But the greatest anime shows have none of these things.
>posts a show filled with yuri between cute girls

Will we get sjw shit in anime, I wonder

Not as long as based Abe is in power

Hopefully never

Don't fearmonger

Don't jinx it

>This thread
Jesus fucking Christ I hate post 2014 nu-pol-chan. So fucking unironically edgy

What do you expect on a Korean conservative bird watching forum?

Stop. Fucking. Bumping. This. Tumor.

Report it and, if you must post, sage.

Aico had a pantyshot on the first episode and some fanservice with the girls changing

Personally, I found the conversations on this thread both enlightened and entertaining

It'll be like all hollywood shows.
They'll propagate same jew agenda they've done for decades. 1 black person per 4 white people or it's racist. Women must be shown to be physically superior to men and better at melee combat or its exist. MC has to be a progressive left wing academic in a medieval setting etc.

>Also animators might get paid more
One of the main complains about Netflix until now is that they still treat the animators like shit. The only difference is that they can freely draw tits

Netflix is fucking awful, everything they make has good potential but often is ruined with awful acting or diversity riders or asspulls for the sake of "inclusion".

>Cease your degeneracy
>Posts Utena
You are not making any sense

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>Women must be shown to be physically superior to men and better at melee combat or its exist.
I mean, that one depends entirely on how it's being portrayed. It's only annoying when it's blatantly a political agenda.

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Every other industry that westerners mess with has, why would anime be different.

Research the facts yourself. Ignorant people like you are the type that CNN loves.

How many fucking posts do I have to report - or how many times do I have to report the OP - for this thread to even be fucking noticed by the goddamn motherfucking moderators, janitors, administrator, developer, or anyone else with power?

>Being this retarded.

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netflix wasn't involved with devilman though

>someone disagrees with you on a cultural issue pertaining to anime
>durr gb2 Sup Forums stormweenie!!!!1

Lurk moar.

Sup Forums does literally nothing but talk about the jews and blame everything wrong with the world on jewery
Don't get asshurt that you got called out on it

except this discussion is irrelevant because netflix is just a streaming channel. they have no say on actual productions like this retard here is implying.

Devilman was entirely produced / funded by Aniplex and Dynamic Planning, all Netflix did was cop up the rights.

The original manga from 1972 preached the same message and had the same story. You're just retarded.

Netflix appeals to americans.

They're already starting to push sluts and used goods, unfortunately. Just look at the recent explosion of gal anime that we're forced to endure. First it's a loose high school slut, then every show is filled with loose, Western styled women.

The values that Netflix promotes in its productions are bad irrespective of why they are present. If you can't extract that much from what others have said because of triple bracket memes, then you should post less and lurk moar.

Netflix causes problems through their platform. They destroy discussion and interest by releasing everything at once or making you wait six months. That doesn't affect us, but it affects normalfags and their money is important. Netflix has the same negative effect on fansubs as cr/fakku/jast/mg/sp and all these other official institutions and groups.

Also, considering it costs money and takes longer to release content, you would think that Netflix could sub better than they currently do.

Sup Forums doesn't need your autismo conspiracy "facts" either. It's a board to discuss anime, fuck off.

No more moe. Whether this is a pro or a con is up to you.

Do you think anime committees make shows and Then they think about where the rights go?

Moe =/= moeshit. Moeshit is bad, but just moe is justice. Every show needs moe, no matter how serious or edgy it is.

Reminder to fight the Sup Forums menace. Sage and report all offending nu-fag Sup Forums bullshit

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What's the difference between moe and moeshit then?

Shekels for starving slave animators

Anime becoming more and more like (((western))) media.

Think of moe like black pepper; when added to a good stew, it can take it from bland, to superb. However, if you just boil water and toss a few handfuls of black pepper into it, you'll get shit. The former, would be moe; a dash of love for a cute female character or two. The latter would be moeshit, where the only substance the show has are the cute girls.