Mashiro is the dumbest loli

Mashiro is the dumbest loli.

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Go away Mokele-Mbembe. Nobody likes you.

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I want to tease Mashiro!

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Benio is for me

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Why would she actually have trouble doing that when she can jump a hundred feet in the air and has magical mind control powers?


also maybe that's the joke

Forgive me Sup Forums, but her legs are incredibly molestable.

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She has other appeals.

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Dumb? No.

Naive as bricks? Yes.

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That's a weird way to say best.


Google gives the right result.

You mean the sexiest.
Mashiro is the sexiest loli.

No way.

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and she ruined the show

Zombfags that were created by aliens count as UMAs, right?

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>Studio Tar makes one cute non-NTR/rape/mindbreak doujin
>it's Mashiro

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I want to mindbreak a loli!

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I think it's "I am a Hero".


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No. They're zombies.

No way so many different series and movies decided to make Mashiro cameos. They are paying them, right?


Why the hell would they interrupt cute and sexy Mashiro-tan to talk about some unimportant nonsense that everyone can see if they look out of their windows?

But Konbini got NTRed.

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If anything, they should be paying her.

not NTR, Mashiro and lolimom are just preparing Hakuya for Kobini

Loli...liek pizza?

It may look like a loli, but that's actually a dog.

But I’m taking good care of her

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With a name like Mashiro, I'd love it if she were an ermine.