What would you do to improve Apocrypha?

What would you do to improve Apocrypha?

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Make it a hentai.
It already has the shitty plot and attractive character designs.

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Make Astolfo less gay like he was in the LN, for a start.

Remove Sieg and make Mordred and her Master the main characters.

Take away the main character status from Sieg and Jeanne

More Astolfo.

Make the story told from Shirou’s side.

Have Fran not die.

More tomgirls.

I got absolutely bored to death around episode 18, can I get a run down of how hard time train wrecked in the end?

cancel before production, and invest in pachinko machines

Not killing Siegfried right off the bat, Avicebron not betraying the rest, Karna using up Vasavi Shakti to kill Golem Adam, Vlad actually uses Legend of Dracula out of his own free will to protect Romania etc.

Astolfo becomes female(female)

Astolfo doujins is the only good thing to have come out of this shitshow.

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come on user, we also got an increase in mordred doujins

Why are Nero and Mordred the only Arturia clones I can actually fap too?

Needed more Spartacus. Whenever Spartacus wasn't on screen the characters should ask "Where's Spartacus?", Spartacus should've also had access to a time machine.

mordred pegging astolfo where?

I haven't watch any of the fate series, and I want to watch Apocrypha just because of Astolfo. Do I have to watch any of the others fates before?

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How strong is berserker kintoki?he seems pretty high tier

More screen time for Jack.

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Marry Mo-san! She's cute cute CUTE


No it's an alternate timeline due to Nazi fuckery. You might be lost on some key concepts about the war but all you really need to know is instead of a 7 servant free for all its now a 7v7 team death match.

make astolfo a girl


More Astolfo and Jack. Less everything else.


Hire a better writer, improve Seig dramatically or remove him and add more Astolfo.

I would leave everything exactly the same. I wouldn't change a single thing. Not for the world.

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Seriously why has no one done this, at least scanned anyway.

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What was the point of Jack? And why was she so weak? It wasn't even a fight.

Delete Jeanne and Sieg. Make it a Team Death match with lots of backstabbing resulting in an Battle Royal again. Everything is narrated by Shakes

big ass loli and what do you expect from a bunch of aborted fetuses?

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I wish there were more older Jack images.

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>older Jack
Fucking gay

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Remove Sieg and Astolfo, make Mordred and Kairi the MCs.

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No. The good thing is after you watch it, every other Fate anime will look like masterpieces if you ever decide to watch them

Too battle themed, I would add more fanservice.

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>make Mordred and Kairi the MCs.
Seriously, I don't understand people taht say this. There isn't much for them to have a series focusing its entirety on the pair. They are nice and all, but it's the same deal of Kiritsugu and Arthuria: they needed Waver and Iskandar to balance it out

He's an idiot and her very existence is creepy and wrong.

Go back to you fucking idiot

More ass-chan.

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Make it like Prisma Illya except with Astolfo

Make Astolfo in couple with Modren or Jeannie

Such cute girls

You don`t need to know too much about the fate franchise to watch it apocrypha which is good since fate fandom is cancer.

Y'see I would do the exact opposite. Make Astolfo and Sieg go full homo. Jeanne gets frustrated for losing and goes Jalter. Final fight is AstolfoxSieg vs Jeanne.

>Jeanne gets frustrated for losing and goes Jalter.
She can't. Even the grail can't taint her. Jeanne Alter is a complete new existence based on Jeanne and created by the Grail, unlike Saber Alter.

>Lewding the protagonist of the most important Indian poem

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Have a normal grail war for once with a focus on characterisation.

the single most worrying thing about threads like these is that some people actually think there are, at all, things that were good about this show
the future is being incinerated

>every other Fate anime will look like masterpieces
About that...

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>Apo doujins
Their quality is too low to be used as a fap material

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They both have interesting personalities unlike the mc's.


Make it a battle harem where everyone is fighting for Sieg's dick. Make Sieg a demi ultra instinct servant with kino powers but let him keep his bland personality. Remove the rest of the characters.

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I wish it followed through what it said in the first episode. I want a team by team battle, that ends with the last team fighting themselves. Not some bullshit rehash of Fate where servants i couldn't care less about have been around waiting for 50 years for their revenge.

Once you go so many episodes in and notice that they never once actually introduce the "good guy" team beyond Moedred and her Master, while the "bad Guy" team gets all the screen time. Makes it it obvious that they aint the real good guys. So the betrayal and twist you see from a mile away.

I want to get rid of all the bullshit filler. "We need 3 days to get ready" "Now we need three more days".

Make traps master, hell, make all the masters more dimensional. They are all walking tropes. I couldn't tell you any of their names.

Make the fights actually good.

Make Jeanne less thirsty.

Make Sieg interesting.

Make it good.

Even if this is just a thinly veiled Moedred and Astolfo thread, I'm actually gonna air my grievances with the show.
Exposition was ass. Zero dedicated the first 40 minutes to making sure we knew who everyone was and what their motivations were, so it was clear who was affecting whom and you could piece together what was going on even if you were unfamiliar with the Nasuverse. Apocrypha assumes you know some stuff, but also obscures stupid information all for a pointless mid-season twist, meaning it frequently has to stop for some long-winded infodumps before and after characters I didn't care about died.
Characters were flatter than Astolfo. Siegfried wants to die. Celinke's practically a dominatrix. Shakespeare's lol so randumb XD. So many characters are only in it for revenge. Haven't read it, but it really sells the fact that it was basically somebody's fanfiction.
Ass pacing and terrible battles. I liked a few of the fights, but for the most part none of them felt very interesting. How many times did Jeanne go "let's all stop fighting each other and face this monster of the week?" I think it was at least 3. Then the guys with the Grail just hang back until their opponents counterattack. That makes sense.
There's never a point where the Ruler class gets explained. The Grail summons Jeanne, but what rules does she abide by? And Shirou's a Ruler by accident? They seem to be able/unable to arbitrarily interfere when the plot pleases. Everyone gets ordered to kill Vlad because vampires are a threat to humanity, but she can't order them to fight Jack when her poison gas floods a town? She can't just recruit the entire Red team to turn against Shirou? Vlad was pretty strong willed, but even he wasn't a match for all of Darnic's commands.

Wich poem?

>fix the exposition, explain it all or don't
>flesh out the paper thin characters or kill them early
>throw out superfluous fights
>delete filler
>clearly outline what Rulers can/cannot do
Also, unpopular opinion, I didn't think Astolfo wanted the dick. I don't think he's straight either.

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>that midriff
Love it

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>Karna using up Vasavi Shakti to kill Golem Adam
Definitely this. Hell, Karna using it against a huge demon who suddenly became a threat and ending up not having it before his destined fight is part of his story.
That would've been a perfect way to write in his Lancer luck too.


Ramayana and Mahabharata are the most important epics in Hinduism.

This. Making Astolfo a trap was unnecessecary, did nothing to advance the plot or his characterization, and did not provide any useful humor. It just made everything all gay and awkward when it didn't need to be.

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I thought the whole point was that because Astolfo had lost his wits to the moon, his Servant incarnation was a trap, the thing stupid otaku lose their wits to all the damn time.

No, I don't see that at all. I could see it as he's effeminate BECAUSE he's batshit insane.


Remove Astolfo, he's so fucking annoying and all he does is cry about the shitty Homonculus.
Literally the sole reason why Apoc went to shit.
>inb4 b-but le traps lol!
Fuck off ironic weeb.

Did that not come across? I meant that, but I also threw in the dig at Sup Forums. I don't actually think Apocrypha's capable of meta-commentary given how hard it seems to pander to its target audience.

>Also, unpopular opinion, I didn't think Astolfo wanted the dick. I don't think he's straight either.

Not ayrt but I agree.

Are you saying what I think you are?

The rightmost one is pretty suspicious but I'm not sure.

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Make Astolfo a cock sleeve

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Mordred is too cute

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a better animation and more min per fight, soundtrack was pretty good for me.

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She/he is weak


Unironically this

>It just made everything all gay and awkward when it didn't need to be.
>Finding gays awkward
You gotta be 18+ to post here user.

Better than almost all other Fate anime out there. Only UBW and Heaven's Feel beat it

Shut up asshole. He's right.