Why can't anime show vaginas?

Why can't anime show vaginas?

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Because thats where pee and babies come from.

Why can't you show your pee pee in public??

Because they've forgotten what one looks like.

I've never seen a vagina in my life

Girls don't do things like this

How would you know?

It's kinda bizarre in a democratic nation people still havent elected a guy who wants to remove the censorship.

>Japan is literally afraid of genitalia. Even censored in porn.


No politician wants the stigma of guy who fought for porn.

Isnt it more like no politician wants to be known as the guy who cares enough about pornography to remove the censorship?
If they really cared about it, they would block western porn sites as well.

Because I actually AM a girl. (male)

Why would you even want to see a vagina? Cock is way more pleasant to look at and most of us on this board have one.

>Japan is literally afraid of genitalia

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>vote for me I'm pro consumer rights, pro creators rights, pro business rights, pro freedom of choice
Yeah what a terrible stigma.

Good thing you don't have any electoral opponents or media to put a negative spin on that.
And why do you think the Japanese electorate cares about those things?

Blame Meiji for censoring it in the first place.

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you can if you're Goku

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Gundam showed four Bageenas in tv anime.

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>and babies come from
the fuck are you talking about

You wouldn't want to corrupt the nation's youth, right?

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2d vaginas are cuter than 2d dicks.

i squatted over a mirror when i had pinworms once

never again

>you can if you're Shin-chan

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Cause retarded and obsolete japanese laws.

But they actually showed them in Gunbuster.

American SJW's ruined it.

Why the hell would you want to see this?

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Because they are aliens come to eat our souls

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Fucking chocolatiers, always overstepping their boundaries

>Today on things I shouldn't have googled
Fuck you

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Don't open until you're 30

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Is it yuri if you have sex with another girl (male)?

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