You can choose only one

You can choose only one.

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Bottom right

you are actually gay if you don't pick puniya

Bottom right if she is both a girl and not a loli.

If she is, then bottom middle.


Bottom middle for being the only one not on the verge of death

What is even your criteria for loli? You have her appearance right there.


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I choose her Imperial equivalent.

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Where do people get this idea that anybody without rolls of fat are starving?

all of them, it's a harem

Bottom right obviously

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Misa-nee is the patrician choice.

I agree, Raita agrees, everyone with taste (by definition) agrees.

I hate her crying and her stupid fucking pouty face.

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Those tears are love. Her body is so full of it she can't keep it all inside.

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I'm fine with anybody other than Misa.

Is she autistic?