Are monster girls better than human girls?

Are monster girls better than human girls?

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This chapter really tested me




Did the group translating 12 Beast just drop it or something?

Human girl can become any monster you like, but Lamia will never grow legs and cowgirl will always have horns. They wouldn't be able to cosplay mermaid or catgirl for you. But human girl can and will, if you choose them.

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The two satires bullying the sheep while milking... MUH DICK

>Lamia will never grow legs
You never read Horitomo's Lamia of Love.


He need to release more stuff asap. I need vanilla couples for the sole purpose of impregnation.

these chapters are getting pretty good.
wasn't the manga afraid to show nipples for awhile?

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You couldn't point out bigger faggot than the main character of this manga. The levels of cringe were surpassed so far that no one for a while would be able to go higher. Why is this trope even used?

Dense guys don't deserve gfs, monsters or not. I want a smooth protagonist that beds her whole harem.

It's taken a strange route. I very much appreciate it's exploring other area with different monster species. Was kind of getting tired of the standard crew honestly.

>draw a kemonomimi
>call it a monster girl

Rachnera clearly went to the government's new host selection training course.

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I want to find out how Cathyl's been doing. Surely she has to play some part in the next chapter if things get really heated up.

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So, anyone else notice a major problem with the farm? Like the fact that there is no other males.

>that pic
somebody post the cinnamon bun, you know the one

human girls are jack of all trades, master of none

They can jack all my trades. If you know what I mean.

clearly you've never seen a shapeshifter monster girl who can literally turn into anything you want. checkmate, atheist.

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They've tried assigning guys to help out there before this, but after having to hide the 10'th desiccated corpse in a row, with associated death benefit payments, the higher-ups gave up for a while.

How lewd is too lewd?

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You are cornered by a herd of lewd goats.
What do?

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Well send more than one dummies. Of course one guy is going to get wrung dry in a environment like that.

Oh lord, grant me strength. These anons are testing me again.

Is the new chapter out?

You were too slow to respond.
The goats are upon you.

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Teleport behind them and run.

Last month's chapter just got translated. The new one comes out in a few days, but will probably take a while to get translated.

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It is really hard to come by a good manly and righteous protagonist nowadays. These''dense/faggot'' type characters are supposed to show how japanese men act around girls? Why are men showed as spineless in this type of manga? I really don't see any practical reason for that type of character.

What did crab have more fun drawing: all the bouncy brown boobies and butts, or all the horn variants?

>Putting a limit on something that's limitless

demonstrate the multiple ways you can skin a goat

The man Rachnera interviewed is a man of taste indeed.

Purity is important. A caring protagonist that's righteous and doesn't just give into carnal desire is appropriate for a series like this otherwise it just belongs on exhentai. The protagonist isn't a degenerate, and I appreciate that.

The protagonist is pure because purity is a huge thing within Japanese culture and the general anime audience. It’s why waifus are called waifus and not just sluts or hot bitches.

What can human girls do to defeat the monsters stealing their men?

Which one? There's like 5.

Become lesbians for monster girls.

>Choosing lame cosplay over the real thing.

>Purity is important
>a huge thing within Japanese culture
Damn, I'd love to have a slut who is just a slut for once, not one of those slut (pure) girls. Are Japanese men afraid of sexually active women?

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Cute wife > Hot whore

i want more of this qt

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He isn't dense at least. He damn well knows when they're hitting on him and what the various girls want. The faggot issue is the fault of the plot. Its locked him into a situation where if he touches any of the girls hes going to piss off all the others and forced into a marriage, so the plot needs to keep him pure. That said he's come very close with to banging them a couple of times before something shows up and cockblocks him.

I swear these new milking chapters are way too much holy shit my dick

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They can steal the monster guys right back. These two are clearly up for it.

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But those are not mutually exclusive. The hot whore can make a perfectly fine cute wife.

>actually wanting used goods when given the choice
The japs are absolutely right in this case.

What is she planning, Sup Forums?

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>Are monster girls better than human girls?
>built in thigh highs and heels
>sexy carapace
>emotive antennae
God yes.

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Purity is indeed important but not to the level of a complete goody two shoes or complete debauchery. A balance can be achieved.

>monster guys
Was there monster guys?

A very big orgy

lewd things hopefully.

>he isn't a gentleman who waits for marriage
Fucking heathen.

Sometimes it's not about what you want, but about who you are. Don't promiscuous Japanese girls like manga about sluts like themselves?

Given that he still hasn't milked any of the goats yet its pretty obvious she's going to try and corner him for a private session and try to turn it into something more only to melt like butter and turn submissive once his magic fingers are done with her chest.

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If things start getting REAL saucy next chapter, would Cathyl be willing to cuck her boyfriend for Kimihito?

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Not monster girl
but animal girl like neko is the best!!!!

>all this propaganda to make human women look bad
what’s their endgame?

>The goats were after the fauns all along


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Sell the human women to the manly centaurs.

Mummy, Kobold, and Oni guys right here, plus, in an earlier chapter, a couple of troll bros holding human cuties.

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oh yeah forgot about that. You rarely see any of the males.

Not these ones, they are just as whorish and disloyal.

Its keeping with their mythical origin then. Satyrs were horny drunks who would chase down nymphs and fauns and women and rape them.

you mean cuck him gain?

This comic make me want to worship Illias.

would you Sup Forums ?

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This arc has been trash

>Not being able to satisfy goat girl
>Not wanting a goat girl who brings home other cute monster girls for you to share together.


when did she cuck him?

> Insect
> With tits
I would rather a titless insect monstergirl.

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>Implying the goats aren't just confident virgins who are going to break next chapter.

Its going to be great.


Not only he fucks his harem, he gets raped by them too.

When she was milked before.

well that doesn't really count as cucking since she didn't get fucked, more like a massage.


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Unfortunately mythical satyrs were all men. The reason he really keeps running from and is nervous around them is they all have dicks.

Make human women realize they're thots.

I'm down for some futa satyr orgies

yeah mate, when you girl sucked on another dudes cock it wasan't cheating they didn't fuck. Neither was that time she was fingered, that was just a massage. And when he was paying with her boobs, that's just some friendly play. No cucking here....

>tfw the whole farm lusts for kimihito's cock
>he runs into cathyl and explains the situation
>she understands and takes him to a hiding place
>kimihito starts thanking her with his back turned, talking about how she really saved him
>he notices that she's breathing heavily
>he turns to see her with her tits out, blushing cheeks, and steamy breath
>"i have a bigger work order this time, noobie..."

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Don't make me stab you

>breast massage to help lactate a girl from a species who has problems doing that on their own
>the same as a human girl having oral sex with a dude
>or having her genitals penetrated by a dude's fingers

Why are monster musume threads so rare?


Come on mate she needed to relive some stress, she tough you were seeing some else, she was lonely if anything it's your fault. Having another guy grope your girl is totally understandable. It doesn't matter if she came they didn't fuck no, cucking here, end of hsitoy.

Hate brigade really hates them. A monthly thread, or two, for a monthly manga seems about right to me.

Massive purge during the peak of the anime and threads getting spammed constantly. After that, secondaries left when the show ended and all that were left were translation threads which Mods are still hard on for varying reasons.

Holy hell...

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Can't wait for season 2, then.