Are anime characters white?

Are anime characters white?

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no, give me the source on the japanese girl on top.

Nope, unless it is stated, assume they are Japanese.

they aren't white, they're just designed to look white.

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There are no races in anime. Just people.

They're better than white, they're 2D

Nobody cares, fuck off.

dubs of truth right here.

Why does it matter?


this, they are pretty much made in a way that you can self-insert as them no matter your racial background because they don't look like anything specific

No. If they were white, their eyes would be arched differently, their chin would be poking out more, their nose would be a lot more defined and their skin would have a pink hue. I've never really understood this idea that anime characters are white. Why would they want to draw us when we're on the same level as blacks to them?

And those "people" in anime are designed, by and large, to look like white people.

Delusional white people.

>Sup Forums threads get more attention that actual anime threads

Japanese people can be just as light skinned as caucasians, sometimes more so, but nobody cares because they have to be called white people and all Asians are yellow
It’s just a different shade of white, which looks way more pale than the average amerimutt

Then there’s the eye colors
Everyone goes crazy when characters have blue or green eyes and red or blond hair, they must be white only white people have those features, but then are completely quiet when characters have red or gold eyes with purple, green, and blue hair
It couldn’t be that those two groups are the same, that the Japanese love various hair and eye colors, no. The blonde hair and green eyed characters are white because that’s how it has to work to satisfy the poor white baby

Just shut up!

>Japanese people can be just as light skinned as caucasians
Have you ever been to Japan? People like this are rare enough that they might as well not exist, and when they are like that it's largely because of makeup.

What is the word under 広い?

Just report and sage, retards will always create threads like this.

>no, give me the source on the japanese girl on top.
>no, give me

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Depends on the setting. Some anime Characters are black, some are white, and a lot are asian. I'd say a majority of the FMA cast are white, or a race most resembling white, while the ishvalans are probably something like middle easterns

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>people like this are rare
So they exist? Don’t ignore their existence then
Who cares if they are rare, the average anime doesn’t reflect actual Japanese society so why would you think that it would in this one specific example?

This silly debate has been going on since forever. It had nothing to with Sup Forums.
Which doesn't make it any less of a shit thread.

>japanese nose
>pic shows overfiltered actress photos that hide jap's wideass noses

>they are pretty much made in a way that you can self-insert as them no matter your racial background
Unless you're Japanese of course.

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>Anime doesn't reflect actual Japanese society
>but the characters are all definitely Japanese.
>please believe me!

Popeye the Sailor Man doesn't reflect actual American society, but the characters still represent the races that they were obviously intended to.

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>gaijin immigration
>implying it won't be achmeds and muhammads
Although serious talk, the character design in Final Fantasy (when it went realism) is weirdest shit. It's like japanese hate their natural look, but they don't want to be gaijin either, so they make the characters look like some glorified hafu abomination.

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>giant bug eyes
>dot noses
They're humans from the future. Not quote as advanced as greys though.

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asians are the real "whites," "white" people are actually pink

All of these. It's useless to compare anime to real-world race. They will never be real, and you'll still be an ugly, 3D fuck.

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>t. american

Are American characters Asian?

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