Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 44

The raws are out here:¶m=other

It's about the heat.

Also, Volume 5 will come out on June 29th. Over three months to wait from now.

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Look who's here.

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>Lanka in heat
I don't know, is that cute or hot?

Lanka's sister in lingerie must be a sight to behold.

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Dis gunna be good.

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Lanka is too cute. How can one girl be so cute.

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>We don't have estrus but...

>once one likes someone, one can only think of them...
>But that alone makes me very happy...

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>Do you... hate me?

End of chapter.

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>that size difference

Thanks OP, let's hope this ends well for the dumb dogo.

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>rapes hims
>asks him if he hates her afterwards

>>Do you... hate me?
it can't be actual progression? can I believe user

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Can't rape the willing user, you can tell Jin is letting Lanka do whatever she wants. Had she kissed him (the human way) they would be doing puppies by now.

the doujins write themself!

The eventual heat chapter that I had in my head was way lewder than what actually happened. This was just cute.

>At that moment the rape instinct awoke

Oh right, doesn't Miyubi has a crush on Lanka?

why do the males have animal heads? That's just terrible.

Its for comedy. And so there can be rapey animal face closeups when the need arises

>I don't know, is that cute or hot?

>It's about the heat.
Oh baby.

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Cute pajamas.

>It's about the heat.

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The Team Rocket has been defeated again!

probably blood stains all over her sheets and clothes

Furious mating in progress.

>It's about the heat.

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>Lemon in dogs
I'm sure he's enjoying this

>Lanka in heat
>In you room

>Do you... hate me?

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Kinda rough script here:

Panda is going to need to do something now to catch up.

damn, I'm dealing with stuffs at job, sorry man

Sorry to hear it. Hang in there, man.
Also, I just made some corrections.

I'm gonna try to catch up on the weekend. I have 43 on my drive, there was an omake thread after that?

Yeah, it's already translated.

And the thread:

Finally a Laika chapter

>It's about the heat.

Oh boy

How could I get best girl's name wrong? I can't beat this shame, I'll commit seppuku

Well, she's a dog as well. So no problem there.

Poor Sloth.

i think pastebin is dead

Huh? It's working on my side.

weird, I'll try later

Is my Pastebin link for this chapter working for you?

every time I try to enter pastebin it says: server not found


Not him, but it's working fine for me.

Do they not have locked doors or something?

Oh but they do. Jin's telling her to open the door.

Oh, while I'm at it, the girls had to call Rimu-sensei to open the door to Sloth's room in the previous chapter.

Yeah, but she's constantly telling him to stop and go back. Maybe a lapse in heat, but she could have just told him to get in quick or something.

>Book: The tale of a very tall man


>Lanka has unusually strong pheromones

Prime breeding material indeed

Mating season?

>they all smelled her
How dirty
And naughty

Why isn't he affected?


Oh shit
She wants to fug

The box says that wolves are more picky when choosing mates, but he was unable to resist the smell in the end.

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I wanna fuck that wolf

humans on heat the whole time, so there is no difference here

humans aren't braindead beasts

The same reason why you don't see cats trying to fuck dogs in heat.

Lanka has become too smol for me to ship her with Jin, it feels almost like Toddlercon at this point

Mating season for the wolves ?

It’s weird because her size fluctuates even within the chapter

She’s bigger on this page than she is on this one

Lanka best girl.
Only for mating with Jin.

Anime when?

Panda is best for everything.
Lanka is still good for that though.

it's just the chibi/comedy size

hopefully never

I want to mating press her.

Why are all the females so much bigger that the males ?

This author is going places.
Funny and cute chapter.

they're more animalistic, overall

>We don't have estrus but...

>In species with estrous cycles, females are generally only sexually active during the estrus (oestrus) phase of their cycle (see below for the estrous cycle phases). This is also referred to as being "in heat". In contrast, females of species with menstrual cycles can be sexually active at any time in their cycle, even when they are not about to ovulate.
"humans can be sexually active at any time in their cycle"

How lewd!

why is panda such a fucking pervert?

Because she knows what she wants?

>Why isn't he affected?
The secret is: humans are always in heat (always able to mate)