Hey user, could you help me to cure my constipation?

Hey user, could you help me to cure my constipation?

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Only if you let me have sex with your daughter.

Do I have to pee or cum in order to help you?

Despite her
>dude constipation lmao
I find her the hottest starless.

>the fucking brown snake

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I'd gladly eat Marie's shit if it meant I could marry Marika.

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IsnĀ“t anal sex the reason of why she is constipated? She shoul stop that shit

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Sure, I usually eat dried plums to help with that.

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I'd glady eat marie's shit if it meant I could eat Marie's shit.

I think she is expecting you to use your dick

I'm not proud to admit it, but I've probably fapped to Marie over 100 times.

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Pushing it inward is not going to make it better

Is that from a fucking mobage?

It's using your baby batter to lubricate her rectum. Man, you're denser than the MC

starless is trash desu

Its not the dick that dislodges the shit, its her ass-orgasms.

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Maybe my memory is failing me, but I'm pretty sure it was a pee enema.


>Play Starless
>Ending is called "worst end"
>It's actually the best end.
Why is this allowed?

Imagine doing this every day

Browser game.

Are you refering to the dick guillotine?

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Scat disgusts me to not end. What the fuck is wrong with all of you?

im not even a scat fetishist but this is awesome

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>I don't want to watch
Why is he even there if he doesn't want to do it?

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It's warm.

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he's a servant, he has to do it if he doesn't want to lose his job

More the part that comes after that. But yes, that ending.

Well, the game have a less hardcore version with scat and beast removed.

Best girl

Sawatari is badly written. You can say you prefer girls with dicks when you first bone Marika, but her ending has him whining about how much it sucks having to fuck a girl with a wiener for the rest of his life.

you were forced to eat shit curry early on. you just have to accept it if you want to go through with the game.
i love marie and marika

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I don't remember them looking like that.

Best girl coming through.

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>you were forced to eat shit curry

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This, i fucking hate how marika only has few scenes

you remembered right. it's just a shop, but damn do i love slutty makeup.

>could you help me to cure my constipation?
Sure, just come eat breakfast at this breakfast place close to here. Their coffee always sends me to the john within the hour. It's never failed, it's like magic.

It's funny, she's actually pretty much the most normal/adjusted of the family. She's really cute and the piss femdom was top-notch too.

How painful would be to have that fucking long log of shit and all the cum and pee of Sawatari inside you? This fucking woman is a disgusting masochist

Where is my Sachie?

Honestly, I'd be down for most of the stuff that happened in that house except for eating shit and getting cum re-funnelled into my balls.

Dick guillotine is the only thing I would not want.

Made me drop the VN


She love it that way, she also loves to drink stinky cum as if were fancy wine

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Have the creators or atleast the artist have made a game without scat or futa?

What happens after that? Doesn't the blue haired bitch die too?

>eat her shit curry
what's wrong?

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I have this on hold for a few months now. Convince me to get back to it.

You become her personal toilet.

I dunno. Maybe the games he did before Bible Black. Potential Ability, compared to the others, is the most vanilla Empress game and it still has scat and futa.

I wish Empress/Sei Shoujo didn't fall for the gacha meme.
Still waiting on another VN from them.
Closed Game wasn't depraved enough.

They literally have not taken anything out in 2 years, sad

Just play Clockup games instead.

oniyome when?

What is so good about scat anyway?

>stop that shit
thats what shes doing

Aside from the scat fetish, she's by far my favorite. I busted so many nuts to the shower scene

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So he doesn't have to do it, but he chooses to do it for money and then cries about being shit-whore? That's stupid. I'd love nice servant job.

Does the game give an explanation to Marika having a dick?

>I don't want to watch, but it's like a train wreck. I can't pull my eyes away.

Exactly my reaction

Yeah, she just does

Any other depraved VN in english like Starless?

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Nature's self replicating dildo exclusively made for your anus

Euphoria is pretty good.

I don't like scat but I played the game wishing for all of them to shit on my face.
2D is truly magical.

best girl

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So do I!
Post more!


It didn't have best girl, so it's shit.

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Marika is a cute girl!

I read from before that Discipline was rushed as shit and she had a route of her own.

Right, and this is a maid simulator

>21st century
>still hasn't accepted that some girls have dicks

Girls can have cute feminine cocks

What a wasted set of trips


I wish the old men made her eat shit after they fucked her. Hated that bitch.

How can you hate marisa? What? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Lurk 2 centuries before posting.

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>hating Marisa
check out this faggot

Discipline was supposed to be as depraved as Starless but Sei ran out of time and had to rush it.

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>muh spoiled tsundere cunt
Fuck her.

I want to breed with Saori

There's something about empress style that just screams "this art was done in the 80s".

They do art like the SVGA era PC-98 games. Its charming to me.

You are my nigga.

Lots of inbreeding.
Pic related is a >girl

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>constantly teases you about getting her pregnant
>even says she would carry your child
>no pregnant ending

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