Hunter X Hunter

When will /ourdoc/ finally make his triumphant return?

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Chrollo Lucilfer

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How many chapters are left for Leorio and Shizuku to get married?

Will they fuck?

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Spoilers when !

Will Cammy kill Ben before the hiatus?

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Imagine fucking something like that

Kalluto not being able to find Hisoka will be the O MY RUBBER NUN of the arc.

Just came here to say he looks like Max Stirner.

Where's drawanon? What's his next masterpiece gonna be?

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My negro, I just came for the same reason.

I love Cammy!

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Cammy fags are cancer, hope she gets raped and killed so you just shut up.


Kalluto doesn't actually give a fuck about the Troupe. Illumi is secretly working with Hisoka and will get his little bro off the hook

>Cammy fags are cancer, hope she gets raped and killed so you just shut up.

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Why couldn't Kite just reincarnate as himself but with ant joints?
Why the genderbend?

Wanting to be a cute girl is the ultimate male fantasy.

>i dont want to be a dude again
>i want to be a girl with MASSIVE tits
>bloody hell Kite, you are a fucking genius!


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Gon have Noko, Kitefags on suicide watch.

>Whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap.
What did Leorio mean by this?

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>shitposters get called on it
>shitpost harder
I don't know what else did you people expect. This is always what happens.

>tfw they should have just ended it at the tree when he meets his dad, but wrapped up the 3-4 loose plot threads

Now the manga will never finish.

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I prefer this over abandoning Kurapika's story for no reason.

>literal who girl

Oh come on, it isn’t that hard to follow

Already popular

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Leo was a visionary and most of his works are beyond fault. The few refutations that do exist don't dismantle the concepts either, but instead add to and refine them into the most robust philosophical approach to an individuals experience that has ever existed.

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As good as HxH is, I doubt it'll be regarded as an immortal "classic" and still be read 500 years from now.

Is Nen a spook?

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No it is tangable, observable and can directly effect and be affected by an individual in their lives. Leorio certifies: Nen is real and not a spook.

Nothing will be read 500 years from now because nobody will be around.

Hopefully posting in tumblr instead.

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Of course it will be read in 500 years from now. That's when they finally hit DC mainland.

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How the fuck is a baby supposed to rule a kingdom anyway

This is pretty gay.

Having a strong mother and a gentle father with powerful chain abilities.

He'll die in the next chapter.

he is gay, why do you think he has an all male guard & spends his days in the work-out room?

Tserriednich a cute

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If you ask me, all of the princes seem gay. Are any of them even married? It's pathetic considering how old some of them already are, sucks to be of Kakin royalty.

Based Sale Sale definitely isn't gay

Cammy definitely sucks dick

What the hell is wrong with Machi's head!?

Don't be lewd. Cammy is pure

>Wanting to be a cute girl is the ultimate male fantasy.
Keep telling yourself that

Tse, Sale Sale = closet gays
Tse hates women, Sale just trying too hard.

A hiatus or three from now, I guess, so two years approximately?

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do you like shooto?

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Shoot is amazing who doesn't like him

Hello. I'm Illumi.

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Hey Hisoka, I mean Illumi.

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Hello, Illumi. How are you?

So was there a period of time when both berserk and hxh were on a boat, or did hxh get on one right as berserk got off? It seems too perfect.


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>Hisoka's penis is this small

Getting on our boat happened about a year after Guts got off his.

Is that an alien from XCOM?

If illumi helps hisoka kill all the spiders and then the final chapter is juxtaposing hisoka and illumi having post murderspree orgasm buttsex double orgasm while kurapika sits there with bittersweet expressions (spiders dead but not with his hands) wud it still be the best manga of all time?

Something you thought about would never make a good manga.

Did Kalluto also get the Needle of Love when he was a toddler? Will he manipulate his lil' bro into helping him?

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What killed the hype?


Got any more hiatus panels?

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I’d give kalluto my needle of love which is a euphemism for my penis

... Annie?

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Is this the last generation of Zoldycks? They're all gaybois except that fat faggot milluki

They can kidnap some surrogate mothers.

Lets rank Princes by who would be the best ruler:
The Leviathan Tier Has principles but knows to be ruthless when it is necessary. Looks for alliances, but pressures his/her allies to be useful rather than parasites shielding behind him/her. Leaves personal feuds to destroy his enemies, has no personal foes herself/himself.

Ok Tier: Intelligent, but stubborn, hotheaded or flawed in other ways. Let emotions guide them to suboptimal choices. Make allies and enemies based on what they feel like at the moment.

Mediocre Tier: Lacking in ruthlessness, mental fortitude or foresight. Have personal flaws that would be easily exploited by their foes.
Zhang Lei

Bad Tier: Incapable of leadership due to delusions or young age. Both friends and enemies would take advantage of them if they were to ever exert power of any kind.

Dystopia Tier: Rather than ignoring morals when necessary, they completely lack a moral compass to guide them. They have nothing but their own ego and self-satisfaction in mind, with little care to the lives of others. They are hated by everyone who comes into contact with them.

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I still miss Ponzu.

>willing to dedicate his life to helping others by becoming a doctor
>will do anything to save his friends
>easily over 190cm
>punches one of the world's most renown hunters because he's a shit dad
>put his life on the line so he could finger a death row convict
>down to earth and no problem talking about jacking off and shitposting online in front of hundreds of others
>pragmatic in knowing the world revolves around money
>balls to fight hisoka without any rubber nen
>knows how to kick back and get drunk with his buddies
>infinite father potential

when will our protagonist return

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My wife Kacho is cute!

When the top tier is a war zone and a Prince is somehow taken down to the lower tier. Maybe when the lower tiers become a slaughter fest as well, he will be shown. Don’t worry

Leorio has probably already fathered a few bastard children. Shit deadbeat dad

All these virtues and he's gonna die in vain because the Spiders will think he's Hisoka in disguise


>They recognize him from York New
>Realize that Kurapika is on the ship and try to take Leorio hostage

he truly is the most /ourguy/ of the main 4


Leorio could 1v1 any spider ez

Leviathan works better for Zhang Lei because it might be his name's origin.

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he'll just teleport his knife into their heart

That scene with the convict is one of the hottest scenes in any work