Beastars 73


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And that's it.

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wait, what???
did wolf girl died????
when did that happened?

It's his mom?

That's Legosi's mom. The ears are different.

It's not Juno, what are you on

Oh, so Legosi's a halfbreed, and only Jack knows this. Also seems like his mom commited suicide?

>Being a halfbreed
I feel bad for Legosi.

Does that mean wolf + another canidae or half plant eater?
Also didn't Gouhin say he left his wife and kid?

I assume he's a wolf/dog hybrid. In any case Jack is clearly surprised: He also says that Legosi's kindness is special/unusual precisely because he's not a pure-bred wolf.
>Also didn't Gouhin say he left his wife and kid?
Next chapter is about Gouhin's training, so we may learn more about that.

Its looks like im retarded, srry

Is Legosi getting anti-bear training by a Bear itself or did he just give up on it?