Imagine dropping the soap around Shinka

Imagine dropping the soap around Shinka

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I imagine she would kick the back of my knee when I try to reach down for it. Alternatively, if it's dropped at her feet then I might get kicked in the face if I even try to look upwards in an attempt to take advantage of the angle.

cute girl

Does shinka have a dick?

Is Shinka into giving rimjobs?

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Is it just one person starting these threads? Is this all you've got in life? I pity you.

Retard alert lol

She is into anything as long as the partner is a dog.

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Yes newfriend. So is Rinposter.

My guess is that Shinkafag and Rinfag are mods themselves. Nothing else really explains the mods' inaction.

bump for cocaine

Imagine Shinka dropping the soap around you.

guys imagine if shinka kicked your balls

I'd imagine so. Sakurafish dies but Shinka threads continue. Modcat wouldn't have allowed this to happen.

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I bet she'd be nice enough to pick it up for me.

Have you tried actually reporting these threads? Even if you do report them, an out of context single post wouldn't look like it's violating any rules.

I guess ... she would fuck me in the pooper?

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Take it like a man.

Imagine never having to interact with this annoying and aggressive bitch.

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sauce me

She has a dog.